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Using a laptop on unsecured public Wi-Fi networks can be disastrous for your data and private information. From data theft to unwanted snooping, using the internet without a VPN can cause more headaches than you can imagine. We have reviewed numerous VPN’s over several platforms to determine the best VPN for laptop users. Of the VPN’s reviewed, ExpressVPN is by far our top choice when considering its strong emphasis on security, fast connections, and great customer service. Learn more about which VPN’s will work best for your laptop needs with our VPN for laptop reviews.

For the fastest, and most secure, web surfing on your laptop, get ExpressVPN.

Laptop Security – What Are the Data Privacy Risks

When you use your computer on the internet unprotected, you are at risk of a wide range of security issues. Laptops, due to their mobile nature, are particularly susceptible to data breaches, privacy issues, and activity tracking. Laptop users tend to connect their laptops on unsecured public Wi-Fi connections, making them an easy target for hackers and data trackers.

Public Wi-Fi networks such as those found at city hotspots, cafes, restaurants, and airports, make it simple to stay connected on-the-go. However, these unsecured connections come with a risk. Unsecured networks are available to anyone and your laptop cannot always distinguish the good from the bad. Any hacker can easily sit and wait for someone who isn’t up to date with their security and take anything they want without being detected.

Fortunately, increasing your laptop security can be very straightforward. One common and increasingly easy way to fight back against hackers and protect your data when using public Wi-Fi is to encrypt your laptop connection with a Virtual Private Network, or VPN for short.

Why Use a VPN for Laptop?

Using a VPN on your laptop can be the difference between safe surfing and becoming a data breach victim. When accessing the internet unprotected on an unsecured Wi-Fi network, everything from your bank passwords, credit card details, and browsing history are at risk of being stolen by hackers. Even your laptop camera is at risk of being compromised.

Using a VPN will protect your laptop when accessing public Wi-Fi by creating a secured, encrypted online connection. The VPN creates a new IP address for your laptop, and you will be connected to the Wi-Fi via a 3rd party server located in a different geographical location.

Another common use case for VPNs is to access geo-restricted content. For example, if you are a Netflix subscriber and a frequent traveler, you will often be blocked from accessing their website due to geo-specific copyright issues. This is similar for other streaming websites. When using a VPN, you can access the site through a US-based server, thus allowing you to access all geo-restricted content. If you are an American traveling abroad, you can access US Netflix, no matter where in the world you are, with a VPN.

Best VPN for Laptops in 2018

The VPN market is constantly changing. To make sure our best VPN for laptop reviews are up to date, we constantly test a selection of VPNs based on privacy standards, security and encryption protocols, ability to overcome geo-restrictions, and customer service. Based on these characteristics, we determined that ExpressVPN is the top VPN for laptop users.

#1 ExpressVPN – Best VPN for Laptop

Our top pick for best VPN for laptop is ExpressVPN. It has extra security features which put it leagues ahead of the competition and make it more than worth the price.

ExpressVPN offers a wide variety of browsing options, with servers available in over 94 countries. This gives you a variety of fast and secure connections, no matter which geo-location you wish to access the internet through.

Unlike much of the competition, ExpressVPN also goes the extra mile with functions such as a kill switch, which prevent unsecured access should there be a server malfunction. Additionally, the service provides extremely strong encryption protocols and prevent DNS leaking, keeping your laptop extra secure.

Most notably, we found that ExpressVPN’s customer service is top notch. They offer around-the-clock support via live chat, which is not always the case with competitors.

You can subscribe to ExpressVPN for $12.95 a month, take a 6-month package for $59.95, or opt for 15 months at $99.95. ExpressVPN has a free 30-day trial and earned the distinction as our top choice for best VPN for laptop users.

Sign up with ExpressVPN here.

#2 PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN is geared more towards users who just want to access geo-restricted content and are less concerned with privacy and security. For that, PrivateVPN is a bit simplified and attractive to the everyday customer, as it is easy to use but lacks some advanced features which competitors offer.

Apart from providing for 6 simultaneous connections, which is higher than most VPN services, PrivateVPN also permits P2P torrenting, which is a plus considering some competitors prohibit these activities.

They provide OpenVPN encryption, which is considered a standard for VPNs, and do prevent DNS leakage. Simply put, this is an attractive laptop VPN for customers who just want to access content that is otherwise not available in the geographical location.

PrivateVPN offers subscriptions monthly for $8.21, a 3-month package for $16.88, or $54.00 for 13 months. They also include a free 30-day trial to help prospective users evaluate their solution.

Sign up with PrivateVPN here.

#3 NordVPN

NordVPN is an excellent alternative for the privacy-oriented internet surfer. Unlike other services, NordVPN does not keep any logs of user activities to ensure better security for its customers. They offer strong encryption protocols and increase user privacy by “double hopping”, a method of running your connection through multiple servers instead of one. One small downside is that double hopping does tend to slow down the connection speed.

Thanks to a user-friendly experience for those less experienced with operating a VPN, NordVPN is quite simple to install and operate.

Prospective subscribers can choose the monthly plan for $11.95, a standard 6-month plan for $42.00, or the year plan for just $69.00. NordVPN offers a 30-day money back guarantee and is one of the more affordable options for browsing the internet with more assurances.

Sign up with NordVPN here.

Get the Best VPN to Stay Safe on Your Laptop

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are popping up everywhere as the years go by, giving laptop users more and more freedom and mobility. However, this mobility can also be a vulnerability. Protect yourself and your data when using your laptop with a VPN. Using a VPN for laptop browsing has never been easier and is a growing necessity for all daily laptop users.

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ExpressVPN is an awesome VPN that is the best pick for laptops, with an excellent service that offers fast speeds, beautiful apps, and an impressive amount of server locations. Users also have the ability to share the VPN across three devices simultaneously, or even purchase a pre-configured VPN router to cover their whole house or office!
The details behind this VPN has been a bit intimidating, but ExpressVPN had me covered, with 24/7 customer service through live chat and email.
Hands down, ExpressVPN is the ideal VPN for laptops in my opinion.

Paul Dan says:

I have no need for VPN except to access Skype to talk to my family. NordVPN is the best choice to me. I’ve had no issues or whatsoever with it. Thanks for the information.

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Your article stated ExpressVPN as the best for laptops. I currently don’t have a VPN but I want to know if Express is only good for Windows laptops, or Macbooks as well? What about Chromebooks?

ST Editor says:

Hello! Thanks for the interesting question! We definitely recommend ExpressVPN as our top provider for Windows laptops thanks to its great features and extensive server locations. Moreover, the company has made a real effort to create a VPN that works for anyone, regardless of which device you’re on. As such, we recommend it as a top VPN for both MacBooks and Chromebooks. Let us know which VPN you choose in the end!

George says:

I’ve used PrivateVPN on all of my computers for about 5 years now. Started out on my desktop and then moved over to my laptop when I started traveling for business 2 years ago. I mostly am in the US and Canada but I have been all the way to Australia and have been able to unblock sites with it. It’s also solid for WiFi protection as I am on public WiFi a LOT.

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For securing our data and maintain privacy I use express vpn it is great and provides better quality in terms of speed,accuracy etc but it is slightly expensive.

Thomas says:

I have a slow laptop and I’m worried about my ability to get a fast connection. What are the average requirements for a laptop to run your recommended VPN’s? Don’t want to pay for something if I can’t get the full power out of it. Thanks.

ST Editor says:

Hi, and thanks for commenting! Generally, VPNs are built to not hog too many of your computer’s resources. Because they’re designed to operate in the background, your processing power should be fine–although if you’re concerned, most can be deactivated when not in use. Your connection speed may be slightly affected if your computer is not operating properly, but many VPNs are built to work with even older operating systems without becoming a resource drain. 

Raiyan says:

Laptops are easy to carry and provides a lot of facilities than the old-schooled desktops. Even with moderate laptops, anyone can even play most of the modern games now! I really love my Dell Inspiron 11 with such robust power and performance. However, security is always a concern with every digital device, right? After reading this post, I decided to go with PrivateVPN. It’s been a really nice experience. Does PrivateVPN support affiliate program? How can I become an affiliate?

Lavy says:

ExpressVPN has taken a very big space in my heart. Ever since I started using it I have never had any issue with restriction, and my internet speed moves faster than a moving Train.

LIZZY says:

Interesting post, I must say. Very nice VPN listed. Please are they the only VPN that can be used for PC?

ST Editor says:

Hi, and thank you for the great feedback! While these are the top VPN services we recommend after extensive testing, there are certainly other options on the market that could suit your needs. The VPNs listed here ranked at the top of all our trials, and offer the best combination of price, performance, and privacy. While there are other alternatives, we recommend giving these a test, as they offer great features and reliable security.

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My system is 100% secure with ExpressVPN. I have been using it since 2015 and my user always stays anonymous. I recommend this VPN.

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How good is Nord vpn. Been hearing about this for a while now from my friend. I want to know if it’s worth the subscription.

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express vpn is a great VPN with good respect for privacy and enough servers to
accommodate most users. It is fast, all around a top notch service with excellent
support. great article.