Best VPN for Using Bitcoin in 2019

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BitCoins are an excellent way to protect your privacy and stay anonymous, but if your wallet key is ever stolen, your funds could disappear overnight. If a hacker is able to intercept your data while you access your wallet, they’ll have one of two keys necessary to clean you out – and how long will it take them to get ahold of the public key? With a VPN, you can take your privacy up a notch. By encrypting your connection, you get an extra level security, that way your information can’t be stolen over public networks.

Best VPN For Bitcoin, get Express VPN


Why Is My Information at Risk?

Bitcoin is quickly gaining popularity as one of the most widely accepted and successful virtual currencies the world has ever seen.

It’s difficult to explain to anyone who isn’t familiar with programming terminology, but essentially this is a currency that is not owned or regulated by anyone.

It’s created by a process called “mining”.

One of the major draws to this currency is that it gives people a secure and anonymous way to pay for things online.

When you get Bitcoins, you store them in a virtual wallet, which is provided by a third party. The system uses both a public and private encryption key to keep your money safe.

The problem people run into is when they want to shop anonymously – it doesn’t do you much good to use Bitcoin if your IP address can still be tracked.

That’s not even considering the potential for your private key to get swiped when you access your wallet.

You can step it up a notch and truly shop anonymously by using a VPN.

What is a VPN?

VPNs are a simple way to protect your privacy and personal information when you’re online.

These Virtual Private Networks are essentially like secret tunnels in the internet, provided to you by a host company for a monthly fee. Here’s how it works:

  1. You sign up for a service plan and download the software
  2. Pick a server location and hit ‘connect’
  3. Your IP address is blocked, and you’re given the one associated with the server
  4. Your data is encrypted, and none of it is logged

Basically, VPNs protect your data from being intercepted by hackers or government surveillance, and make you impossible to track, thanks to IP address blocking.

The IP address feature also opens up your access to blocked content overseas.


Top 3 VPNs for Using Bitcoin

There are a lot of VPNs to choose from, but which one is best for using Bitcoin? Here are a few of the most popular ones on the web, and how they compare for shopping anonymously.

#1 Choice: ExpressVPN  – 9/10 – Best VPN For Bitcoin

When it comes to protecting my privacy without slowing down my connection, Express VPN is the best VPN For Bitcoin. Their large network of servers keeps your connection fast, and military grade encryption means that nobody but you can see your activity.

Express VPN is awesome for people that have multiple devices they would like to secure, because their software is compatible with just about anything, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux.

You can also use their software on up to two devices at a time for no additional fee. Their customer support is really where it’s at though. If you’re new to VPNs, their software is pretty easy to navigate, but you can count on them to help you out right away in a pinch.

Not only are they available 24/7, but they also have a live chat feature for instant support. They even respond to e-mails in less than twenty minutes on average, so you’re never waiting long.

If you’re still not sure, Express VPN backs their service with a 30 day money back guarantee, and even offer a referral program that gives you a month of free service when you get a friend to sign up.

For the most well-rounded VPN that will definitely keep you anonymous and secure when you use Bitcoin, get Express VPN today.

#2:  IPVanish – 7/10 – Secure, but not compatible with iOS

If you can’t access Express VPN for some odd reason, another good one to try is IPVanish. They also boast a fast, reliable connection, and 256 bit encryption to keep your data safe and private.

Like Express VPN, you can also use one service plan on up to two devices simultaneously – no extra fees involved.

The main drawback to IPVanish is their compatibility limitations.

Unfortunately their software won’t work on mobile Apple devices, so if you need a VPN for your iPhone or iPad, you’ll need to find something else to try.

However, IPVanish will work on just about everything else, including Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux systems.

Their customer support has some shortfalls as well. Their team is available 24/7, but there is no live way to get in touch with them, and I found them to be slower than Express VPN in responding.

All in all, IPVanish is a VPN that functions well enough, but just has limitations on what devices it will work on and how they can be reached.

IPVanish can be found at this link.


#3: HideMyAss– 5/10 – Secure, but slow and unreliable

HideMyAss has a certain draw to it because of their long list of features and massive network. HideMyAss definitely has an impressive server list, with 330 located all over the world.

Despite this large network though, their connection is notoriously slow and unreliable.

Though they use the same strong encryption that Express VPN does, with a connection that is constantly getting dropped, your data is frequently left exposed anyway. Kind of defeats the purpose.

HideMyAss appears to have pretty comprehensive customer support, with a team that’s literally available day and night on just about any method you want to contact them.

The trouble is they’re still not great about giving fast customer service. I usually wait at least overnight to hear back from them, and even their live options always have you on hold.

Though their software is compatible with all devices, I have a hard time recommending HideMyAss for anything, much less something where security is a concern. Their connection is just too unreliable.

I had a much better experience with Express VPN.

HideMyAss is here.

Conclusion: Best VPN For Bitcoin

For those of us looking to get away from central banking systems and being monitored 24/7, Bitcoin is a new beacon of freedom on the horizon in the free market.

This virtual currency not only gives users a chance to break away from a big brother system, but to take the politics out of money.

The problem is, it’s virtual, and can be susceptible to the same virtual threats that any of your other data is, including hackers.

In addition, when you shop online, servers use your IP address to track and market to you, so really, what good is an anonymous currency then?

Express VPN lets you take back your privacy, with unbeatable encryption so you can access your wallet without concern.

You’ll get IP address blocking to prevent you from being tracked and marketed to (at least accurately). These features and more are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.

For the truly anonymous shopping with Bitcoin, use Express VPN.

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