Best VPN for Iraq

Best VPN for Iraq

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Summary:  As internet usage in Iraq continues to grow, the censorship and content filtering laws continue to change.

You may not always be able to access the content you’re after if you’re using the internet in this country.  If you use a VPN though, you can get around these content blocks while being secure.

A VPN will encrypt your connection and hide your IP address, giving you both protection from hackers and anonymity from monitoring and censorship.

The best VPN to access unrestricted content in Iraq is Express VPN.

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Why Is My Access Limited?

The shift of power that has been happening over the past couple decades in Iraq has prompted many changes to its previously very strict internet censorship laws under Hussein’s rule.

Since his removal from power, and the inevitable surge in internet usage, censorship laws saw a temporary lax.

However, with recent terrorist activities, the government has once again seized the opportunity to censor parts of the internet, this time in the name of national security and fighting terrorism.

If you’re running into content blocks because of these measures, you might want to consider using a VPN to get around them.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is used to get around content blocks, as well as protect the user’s privacy. Standing for Virtual Private Network, what it essentially does is create a separate, private network for you to access the internet on.

The host server encrypts all of your information and hides your IP address, which makes it impossible for anyone to see what you’re doing, or where you’re accessing from.

There are a lot of different companies to choose from when shopping around for the best VPN service plan.

Top 3 VPNs for Iraq

Here are a few of the top competitors, and how they compare to each other.

#1 Choice:  Express VPN – 9/10 Best VPN for use in Iraq

If you’re still not fully clear on how a VPN works, and a little intimidated by the software, then Express VPN is a great one for you to start with.

Their user-friendly software is incredibly easy to use, making it great for beginners.

Plus, they have a great customer service department if you do get stuck. Their team is available 24/7 to answer all of your questions via live chat and e-mail.

They even have an average response time for e-mail inquiries of around 30 minutes, so you never have to wait overnight for an answer to your question.

Their great encryption service means that no matter where you are in Iraq, you can access whatever content you want, without anyone else being the wiser.

Better yet, you can do it from any of your WiFi-enabled devices, and even use Express VPN on more than one at a time.

If you do decide that their service isn’t for you, they offer an airtight 30-day money back guarantee, so you’re not out your money if things don’t work out.

If you love their service (and chances are you will), you should spread the word. Their referral program means that you and a friend can get a month of free service if you get them to sign up!

If you want the best VPN for Iraq, read our full ExpressVPN review and sign up with Express VPN today!

#2:  IPVanish – 7/10 – Not compatible with iOS

If you can’t seem to connect to an Express VPN server in Iraq, IPVanish would be the next one that I would try.

While their connection isn’t quite as fast as Express VPN’s, it’s definitely enough for streaming and downloading.

Plus, thanks to IPVanish’s unlimited bandwidth, you never have to worry about hitting a monthly cap.

Like Express VPN. IPVanish totally respects their customers’ privacy.

They never engage of data logging of any kind, so you have a truly private and secure connection, even with Iraq’s surveillance programs in place.

IPVanish also has 24/7 support through their live chat and e-mail features.

The main difference you’re likely to notice with them is that they just don’t get around to responding to e-mails quite as quickly as Express VPN.

Additional drawbacks include their money back guarantee being shorter (just one week), and their total lack of a referral program (though that’s a feature that’s pretty unique to Express VPN).

One major thing to keep in mind, particularly for Apple device users, is that IPVanish is not compatible with iOS. If you’re using devices that run this operating system, you’ll have to use Express VPN.

IPVanish can be found through this website.

#3: HideMyAss – 5/10 – Unreliable connection

While HideMyAss has a pretty large network of servers, their connection is just terribly unreliable. Even with 151 locations all over the world, you’re constantly getting bumped from servers.

Not only is it irritating, but it can leave your connection totally exposed if the connection suddenly fails and you’re on a public network in Iraq.

While their plans come with unlimited bandwidth like Express VPN’s, another thing to be aware of with HideMyAss is that you’re often hard pressed to get a fast connection.

It would seem that their servers are just overloaded with users, because every time I’ve tried to use a HideMyAss server, I’ve had problems with downloads and streaming.

In addition, even though their customer support is 24/7, HideMyAss’s team is really bad about replying to e-mail inquiries – I usually wind up waiting at least overnight to hear back from them.

Though their software is compatible with all operating systems, with such an unreliable and slow connection, I wouldn’t use HideMyAss.

If you’re trying to keep your connection private and access blocked content in Iraq, Express VPN really is the best way to go.

HideMyAss is here, and our full HaideMyASS review is here.

Conclusion: Use Express VPN for Fast, Unlimited Access

Iraq is a beautiful country; from the stone ruins of Hatra, to the palace walls of Abbasid, this country is rich in ancient history, drawing interest from tourists all over the world.

However, these tourists are often frustrated by internet content blocks put in place by the Iraqi government. In addition, many people worry about their security, and their activity being tracked.

But by using Express VPN, you can conceal your IP address, so nobody can see where in the world you’re accessing the internet from.

In addition, your information is encrypted, totally safeguarding your identity, and the separate server allows you to circumvent content blocks to access the pages you want.

For the fastest, most uninhibited browsing experience for Iraq, sign up for a VPN service plan through Express VPN.

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