NordVPN Review 2020

March 2020 NordVPN Review & Deals
NordVPN, one of the fastest growing VPNs on the market, is known for its large number of server networks, fast speeds, multiple platform options, and its introduction of their CyberSec feature.
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Compatible With

  • Amazon
  • ESPN
  • Hulu
  • Sky Go
  • YouTube
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Kodi
  • PlayStation
  • WhatsApp

Recommended For

  • Privacy
  • Torrenting
  • Streaming
1 Month Visit Site
$11.95 /mo
  • Massive server network: over 1,500
  • Wide choice of clients for each supported platform
  • Specialized Tor and anti-DDoS servers
  • Cybersec offers some internet security features
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Best Value
2 Year Plan Visit Site
$3.99 /mo
  • Massive server network: over 1,500
  • Wide choice of clients for each supported platform
  • Specialized Tor and anti-DDoS servers
  • Cybersec offers some internet security features
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1 Year Plan Visit Site
$6.99 /mo
  • Massive server network: over 1,500
  • Wide choice of clients for each supported platform
  • Specialized Tor and anti-DDoS servers
  • Cybersec offers some internet security features
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NordVPN is a premium feature VPN that boasts one of the biggest server networks out there. In fact NordVPN servers number over 4,400 and are located in 60+ countries around the world. But does the VPN deserve its feature-packed reputation or is it more hype than substance.

We wanted to validate for ourselves this VPN’s ratings found online. We decided to test the product and give you the information in this NordVPN review, so you can make an informed decision if this provider is right for you. In our NordVPN review 2017 we set out to find out.Get NordVPN

NordVPN Rating by

NordVPN is a premium VPN that lives up to its reputation. It’s fractionally more expensive than some other solutions on the market, but for stellar Netflix support and industry-leading features that even stray into the realm of internet security, we think it’s a worthwhile investment.

Things We Like

Massive server network: over 4,400

Specialized Tor and anti-DDoS servers

Wide choice of clients for each supported platform

Impressive Windows client with minimalistic design

Cybersec offers some internet security features

Things We Didn't Like

Marginally more expensive than some competitors

Server recommendation feature isn’t strong

Some servers slower than others

Can’t chose the server city

Unknown staff

Is NordVPN Reliable

Finally, the customer support.

NordVPN offers 24/7 email and live chat support. Users have reported positively on interactions with the staff and you certainly get the impression that these are in-house professionals deeply familiar with the product’s operation.

There’s also a well populated help center which features an extensive selection of in-depth tutorials on how to get every configuration the platform offers up and running. The Android setup tutorial, for instance, walks through getting every connection protocol setup one-by-one.

How Fast is NordVPN?

NordVPN’s UI isn’t great at providing recommendations for the best server for a certain purpose (streaming, gaming, etc) in the way that some providers are, but the speeds its offers are impressive. In addition, its wide network of +4,400 servers, including dedicated specialty servers, is among the best in the industry.

From a baseline downlink of 40.16 Mbps, speed only dropped to 35.07 Mbps when connecting through one of the company’s servers in Belgium. Connecting to a server in the US dropped the speed to 23.95 Mbps.  These are good metrics that are more than sufficient for practically all browsing and streaming requirements.

NordVPN review - Speed test

NordVPN review - Speed test

One strange limitation worth pointing out is that users are unable to specify the city they are connecting to. We’re not sure where “Australia server 17” is located, but it’s probably not important that we know.

NordVPN Review - Server options - Austraslia

NordVPN -Chrome extension connected through Australia

How Secure is NordVPN

Based in Panama, which currently has no data retention or reporting laws, NordVPN is a totally no-logs provider.  According to its help center, the only information kept about users is their email address and billing information.  That’s a pretty ironclad guarantee if we ever saw one.

For those that really want to max out on their online security at all costs, the double VPNs (which tunnel and encrypt traffic twice) are a great option. NordVPN currently operates 17 such servers including those based in the UK and the US.

One thing, though. If you’re interested, don’t expect to find much information about the staff members or executive leadership of NordVPN.  The company prides itself on anonymity and that evidently extends to its own public image.

NordVPN Setup and Usability

Users can get the NordVPN set up in a matter of minutes.

After purchasing a subscription and entering their new NordVPN login credentials, users are taken to a download area which has apps available to download for all the supported platforms. NordVPN Android and iOS apps can also be installed directly through the Google Play Store and iTunes.

NordVPN review - Download area

NordVPN review - Connection wizard options input

We were particularly impressed by the granular installation options available for each platform. Windows users, for example, can chose to download the main application, an OpenVPN connection GUI, or manually install .OVPN and .PBK connection files if they so prefer. NordVPN download files and support are also available for the DD-WRT and Tomato router firmwares. Raspberry Pi users can install via .OVPN configuration files.

NordVPN review -Connected to Ireland

We also thought that the user interface (UI) was seriously impressive on the Windows 10 client that we used for this review (we opted to test on the full application rather than the OPVN GUI). Users can chose a location to connect to visually on a map that even features icons such as ships and trees. Despite the visual simplicity of the home screens, there’s also plenty of power packed into the settings menus. Overall, NordVPN is a far cry from some of the clunky alternative on the market that seem to have discounted this area of VPN software entirely.

NordVPN review - Main settings page

NordVPN Features

#1: Servers for every purpose

Whether you’re hoping to NordVPN torrent, stream geo-restricted multimedia, or simply need a means of securing your traffic through encrypting and tunneling it through another server, NordVPN has options to meet your needs.

NordVPN Review - Connection wizard options input

These include double VPNs (a daisy-chained network in which traffic is encrypted and tunneled twice for extra security), Onion over VPN (for Tor browser users) and anti-DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service attack) servers for those requiring connections with minimal interruptions. Users can also chose to direct traffic through dedicated IP VPN servers, obfuscated servers, as well as through the company’s wide network of “standard servers” with connection locations spanning from Albania to Vietnam.

#2: Panama headquarters

Those fearing that the prying eyes of the NSA will get their hands on NordVPN usage data can rest easy. The company is based in Panama although it does maintain a service called CloudVPN Inc. which is based in the US but only acts as a payment processor.  This means that users’ data is processed and stored in a country without data retention laws that has been known to take a rather benign view of customers’ right to privacy.

#3: Multiple protocol support

Using NordVPN users can choose to connect from a wide variety of protocols including OpenVPN, IPSec/IKEv2, IPSec, and PPTP. This provides support for those wishing to connect a wide variety of devices to the VPN, including older machines for which PPTP may be the more suitable option.

#4: Six simultaneous connections

NordVPN also allows users to make six simultaneous connections to the network. This makes it a great choice for those wishing to use one subscription for their PC, router, tablet, and home entertainment center. NordVPN’s six device limit is more generous than that offered by some other providers.

#5:  Auto connect and kill switch

Those that want their VPN to run continuously on their machines will be pleased to learn that NordVPN features both a kill switch (cutting the VPN connection as soon as the connection is lost), a start on startup option, and an auto-connect feature which allows users to select the server that they automatically connected to when the program launches.

#6: CyberSec Support

NordVPN has recently begun offering support for CyberSec, a security upgrade which automatically blocks users from accessing suspicious websites. Impressively, the program can prevent the host computer from participating in DDoS attacks even if it has already been compromised by malware. This provides users with a good degree of online protection even if they are not running a dedicated internet security package on their machines.

NordVPN review - CyberSec

Can NordVPN Unblock Netflix?

Unlike some other NordVPN reviews, we wanted to make 100% sure that the service hadn’t been blocked by Netflix’s attempts to deny access to IP addresses that are known to be managed by VPN providers.

We are pleased to report that, as the company states in its help center, we were able to unblock Netflix without issue using one of the US servers. For viewers hoping to access other Netflix regions through the VPN, France, India, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom are all currently supported. NordVPN has taken a proactive approach to ensuring that its users manage to access Netflix successfully and has even recommended specific servers to use if others are unsuccessful. We are confident that this is one provider that users can feel confident trusting for Netflix access over the long term.

NordVPN - Main screen disconnected

NordVPN Price

NordVPN undoubtedly packs some great features, but does it all come at a hefty price? Fortunately not. At $11.95/month for the monthly plan, $7/month for the six month plan, and $5.75 for the yearly plan it is marginally more expensive than some options on the market, but given its rich feature-set and that fact that it works with Netflix, we would personally be happy to shell out the small difference.

There is no NordVPN free option but the company does offer a fully featured 3-day no credit card required NordVPN free trial. This is a nice touch that many competitors don’t feel the need to offer.

All plans come with a 30 day month back guarantee and Bitcoin is accepted for payment.

NordVPN review - pricing

Comment Section

Rick Kingsley says:

NordVPN doesn’t support email accounts using POP (at least on my Mac). Regrettably I had to return the product, but the company was kind enough to refund my payment.

Lola Olsen says:

Hi Rick,
Sorry NordVPN didn’t support your email accounts using POP, but we’re glad they did give you a refund. Why not try ExpressVPN?

Geeman says:

I need to keep My Mac at OS 10.9.5, my older software can no longer be upgraded. will this VPN work with My Mac OS as well my iphone, tablet and laptop ?

Lola Olsen says:

Hi Geeman,
It should work for your Mac OS, no problem.

Amy says:

All I can say is that anyone looking for an excellent all-around VPN would recommend looking no further 🙂

walt says:

live in Thailand want to stream my amazon prime usa. would I be able to do that?

Andres Bush says:

Just bought Nordvpn for my girlfriend as she often travels around the europe and uses whatever wifi she can get access to. It’s not safe this way! Everyone should protect their personal data from being leaked and the easiest way is threw a vpn service. Should mention that her feedback on Nord speeding is complimentary, maybe will be trying it by myself.

ayla says:

You’ll get a lot for what you pay. A five-star product

Olive Erickson says:

I think I need to agree on your rating for NordVPN. I’ve been using it for few years but lately it impresses me of how they’re improving everyday. It’s not my first VPN service so I can say that no other provider gave me this good speed and so little buffers, 10/10 for me.

Maddox says:

Got this VPN mainly for Netflix which it works with (at least for now) but it’s a great service overall.

Phillip says:

This article helped me to make up my mind and go for Nord. Have been using it for several weeks now and it’s been great so far. Impressive speeds, great support system, nice user interface, a lot of servers in US. I’m considering on getting their dedicated IP now.

ST Editor says:

Thanks for the great feedback Phillip!

Rose Q. says:

This is a great choice if you are a beginner when it comes to computer security or computers in general. It’s easy to understand how and what you are supposed to do to fully shield yourself from anybody that might be snooping. I’m not a very techie lady so I don’t have many requirements or knowledge to write pros and cons but I do feel safe while using this program.

Nikolas says:

NordVPN is great service for a reasonable price. It’s secure and gives a lot of choices when it comes to server locations. I use it mostly for work where I need to be sure of my traffic security and so far I had nothing but great experience.

Ishan says:

Unfortunately, NordVPN wasn’t my first choice. I based my decision to purchase another VPN on it’s great ratings with several other tech sites. It worked good but its interface wasn’t user friendly and I quickly lost patience. I’m not a techie or power user, and I found it frustrating. I went for my second choice which was NordVPN and I couldn’t be happier. Their user interface is much, much better from my point of view. Connection process is smooth and clear even for a newbie in VPN world.

Sacha - Security Expert says:

I Agree with you, NordVPN has a user friendly interface, from our testing, the servers are quite fast as well, we found the speed impressive.

Ollie says:

Have noticed few visual bugs which I reported to their support an can already see some of them were fixed by now. Other than that, it’s a great service. It’s speedy, easy to use and offers a lot of freedom to the user with their additional features.

Mindy says:

Definitely 5 star service. Have only been with them a week but I need no more time to realize I have found a good one. It’s not US based, fast, collect no logs, in short, it’s easy and secure, you should use it and look no further. I’ve done weeks of research before buying a VPN but NordVPN still stands true as the most trustworthy, reliable, versatile, and secure VPN out there.

Hot dog says:

Great service which offers everything a VPN should. There are no cons that I experienced.

Abdul says:

I think security is the most important aspect about a VPN. Speeds and content should be viewed as bonuses as long as the encryption is secure.

Dave Pence says:

Bought NordVPN for its level of security, but I’m having some problems with speed. Occasionally get a working server, but most of the time is spent hopping between them. Did manage some good speeds, but as soon as I set up DoubleVPN it dropped again. Any ideas for solutions? Or am I better just using a different VPN?

ST Editor says:

Hello! NordVPN is known for reliable, if not blazing fast, speeds and its strong commitment to security and privacy. Double VPN may also be slowing down your speed due to the natural impact a VPN connection has, especially when filtering traffic twice. If you feel confident in your computer skills, you can attempt to use different protocols that emphasize speed over encryption. There are also other great solutions that prioritize speed, and that have similar security ratings. You can see more of our top VPN picks here. Let us know how you solved your issues!

Jackson says:

As a new VPN user I chose NordVPN for privacy and I’m very happy with those features. I feel secure when using the service, but I have had speed issues and issues unblocking services in the past. I also wish I didn’t lock myself into the longest subscription plan. There are so many choices out there, the longest you should be in a contract is a year before you reevaluate your options. It was a rookie mistake.

Frank F. says:

The IPv6 leak protection upgrade has really patched the security issues that wee there before. I was happy to see they did that because it was the only thing keeping me from using this VPN all the time. Quick, stable, good price. Can’t beat it for getting around the content police at streaming services like Netflix and HuLu. Easy 5-star rating.

Julia says:

NordVPN is an overall decent VPN service that has made some great improvements recently. Thanks to server upgrades and additions, the network now offers more speed and reliability. They have also released updated apps that successfully protect users against leaks.
However, extensive testing and research for this NordVPN review still identified drawbacks like the kill switch does not block any traffic. Also the VPN exhibits fluctuating performance with some servers.
Nonetheless, its discounted price still makes NordVPN a decent choice and certainly worth consideration, despite the drawbacks mentioned above.

Janet says:

I rather like Nord and it was actually my choice until I found something cheaper and almost as good. But if I could have afforded it, I’d have kept up with it. It’s very good.

Jorge says:

NordVPN has worked well for me when I have traveled outside of the US. My company sends me to Mexico, Canada and the UK quite regularly and so this has become a must for streaming. If you watch Hulu from outside the US, make sure you get this one as the IPv6 leak protection is necessary or they will block you.

Liam says:

VPN is really a powerful media for keeping identity and privacy safe in the cyber world. It’s especially true for me as I’m a businessman and have to run a big maintenance regularly over the internet. With the increase of recent cyber-attacks, I was worried so much. Now, I have NordVPN on my side. Great job, Daniel for letting people know about this awesome VPN service.

Mark says:

Nord vpn is good it provides good speed ,good features and most importantly it is very cheap so any one can easily purchase the subscription of Nord vpn.

Edward says:

Nord has the usual collection of features, but the specialized servers for Tor-Over-VPN, double encryption, and others, are the service’s standout features. I will keep using it

Phillip says:

Just switched to NordVPN and glad that I did. Speeds are fast, and was really impressed with customer support response time when I was having a problem getting everything set up. Only been using it for a few months but if the start is any indication of what to expect, I’m confident that I’ll be sticking around.

Shiza Khan says:

We have just launched a networking company but we are worried about our security. One of our Colleagues has suggested us to use NordVPN and let’s hope it works in our favour. ThankYou!

LIZZY says:

NordVPN has a really reliable good service, less impact on speeds with high encryption and supports more than five devics, apps for all os. I highly recommend NordVPN

Brandon says:

So here’s my take on NordVPN: The Security is very strong, the IPv6 leak protection upgrade has made them one of the most secure VPNs in the market. Also they have tons of servers in multiple locations which makes it one of the most useful VPNs on the market.

Mickael says:

I own an iPhone, a PC, an Android tablet, and I use Linux for work, so it was important for me to have a VPN which worked well with multiple operating systems. Thankfully, NordVPN works great with each different system and I’ve had no technical issues to date.

Maria Savis says:

NordVPN is ever-rocking. The cyber-security system and the ability to navigate through about 61 is enough to choose this VPN. I wonder why some people are complaining. Overall, I think its Ok! I’d like to see an improvement in the network stability though.

Mace says:

Great VPN although i had issues with the download speed. It is user friendly with specialized servers such as P2P, Double VPN and Anti DDoS. Privacy policy doesn’t really check out . So far i have been using it to connect to a friend in France and i have not recorded any crashing. Good stable connection.

Tabatha Flores says:

The service that comes with NordVPN is second to none. I would have no problems recommending NordVPN.

Suzan says:

Security is the most crucial component of a VPN service and this is where NordVPN excels. It uses a 256-bit encryption and an OpenVPN protocol and I have never had any sort of security issue while using it. When I saw it was Panama based and didn’t have too much company information I was a tad concerned, but my overall experience has been excellent.

Billy says:

Finally a VPN which works with Netflix! I switched over from my old VPN service because it could no longer bypass the Netflix firewall but NordVPN does it effortlessly. Add the huge number of servers to the mix and you get a top-notch VPN client. Way to go NordVPN!

Scott says:

How does the Double VPN config work? Do you have much scope?

ST Admin says:

Setting up the Double VPN is as easy as simply switching server. Just head over to the NordVPN server page and choose one of the double VPN locations. You can’t pick the specific servers, but there are choices in nine countries.

Natasha says:

I made the switch to NordVPN after my last VPN let me down. It runs quite well on my mac and iPhone especially compared to the last one. The main issue I had with them was with their customer service, I was using the live chat and whoever was on the other end was taking about 7 minutes to respond between questions. That was a tad frustrating to say the least. Other than that though it’s been a good service.

Nathen says:

NordVPN was not the first VPN service I’ve used and its been a much better experience then im used too.

I remember that no service is perfect.

Red John says:

Some people are saying that their speed really suffered after installing NordVPN. I checked my speed every day and I’ve noticed I get 48-49 mbps down using NordVPN on my already 50 Mbps connection – so for me speed really isn’t an issue.

Nord is the best VPN I’ve tried to date (and I’ve been through a fair few in my time). I’ve only once had an issue with accessing geo-restricted content and after speaking with customer care, though they took about 2 hours to reply, they got back to me with a solution (used a different server) and I was able to access the content in the end. Overall very pleased with them.


Shaniqua St. James says:

For someone like me who doesn’t know much about computers and these things, I really needed a VPN after moving abroad but still wanted to watch BBC iPlayer and ITV. I downloaded NordVPN literally just for the channel access and so far they’ve been great! Had no issues with watching my favorite British series apart from the occasional issues with speed. After contacting support they advised me to switch servers and that speed things up.

Todd says:

NordVPN really helped me to keep in contact with my friends in family since I’ve been working now in China. Here there’s no WhatsApp or Skype so Nord has been a real life saver. I came across the occasional issue when trying to stream from the U.S Netflix library and found it to be a bit glitchy (the page would sometimes reload in the middle of an episode). But it’s not the end of the world, the main reason I have it is for contact and that all works amazingly!

Ilium says:

I cannot comment on using Nordvpn, only that I had issues completing the payment. I received a fraud alert last night and then a phone call from my bank that my credit card (Visa) had been blocked. The bank said that my card was blocked from making a payment to NordVPN because they have a “high risk rating of 83”. I was told to go in to my bank to request a new card (which I did). I would like to try the service, but will have to find an alternate way of paying for the service.

me says:

never had an issues. works excellent including customer service . . don’t know what everyone else is complaining about. maybe NordVPN YOU 🙂

LolCert says:

Really reliable good service. Have minimum impact on speeds with high encryption. Supports up to six devices, apps for all os. I strongly recommend NordVPN.

Pat says:

I’d tend to agree with the a lot of the items (i.e. the poor reviews) given above. The service is indeed slow. Until recently it did not seem to hide one’s IP address, though that issue seems to be fixed now. I’m reserving the right not to give it 5 stars for privacy as for a long time this wasn’t working……and who knows, it might stop working again.

Marco says:

I subscribed to NordVPN a couple months ago, reading some (copywrited) reviews. Since then I’ve experienced speed performances, and some security problems from the NordVPN client. Usually download/upload speeds are very low, expecially during daytime, averaging a few kbps (tried several OS, routers, ISP services, VPN servers, etc. – the hundreds of NordVPN servers located in Europe just seem configured identically). At times speed gets faster, but it’s a matter of a few seconds. I submit they’re limiting bandwith because of limited resources available. During the night most times (not always) speed get much higher (still with many spikes).
In the morning speed gets so slow that it’s impossible to open even the simplest HTML page: it goes timeout. So, it might even happen that NordVPN’s client loses connection from his server, and suddenly You’re left unprotected.

J.B. says:

Worst customer service ever. Subscribed and cancelled the same day, 1 hour apart. We are now 10 days later, still no confirmation of cancellation and no refund. They say it might take another few weeks! It takes them forever to respond to my emails and they say it is because of my bank that the takes so long… bullsh*t! But it took them only one day to charge my mastercard! Scammers! These people don’t deserve your money, take your business elsewhere!

john says:

nordvpn claims to be the best but the truth is it actually doesnt hide your ip like everyone thinks…. if you simply type whats my ip into google while running the crappy coded software and run a torrenting program at the same time which is why half the world wants a vpn, you will find it will reveal your genuine ip and put you at risk!!! should you try to contact them about this issue they will ignore you and another thing about the poorly coded crap is it slows your pc completely!!! I SUGGEST ANYONE THINKING OF BUYING THIS CRAP TO LOOK ELSEWHERE!!!

Mike Hunt says:

NordVPN customer service sucks and it’s as bad as comcast. They lie cheat and steal. I will not use them again.

Sandra Wild says:

I wish I had read these comments before I had paid $59 for a two year subscription on Black Friday VPN Deal. I wanted a VPN to watch BBCiPlayer and ITV Player in the UK and can not connect to either of them. I have sent numerous emails to them-they even opened a ‘ticket’ on my problem but 6 DAYS later I have not heard a thing. I have told them that I want my money refunded but guess what-haven’t heard a thing. It is disgusting customer service and I would advise anyone to steer clear of this company.

Matt says:

I really don’t know what everyone is on about the connections cutting out constantly or speeds being low. I’ve been using NordVPN for about half a year, and it works fantastic for me. Even when accessing servers in America from New Zealand I was getting between 20-60mbps upload and download. I’ve had it disconnect maybe a handful of times on me. However I stay connected 24/7/356, so these occasional outages are manageable. Their kill switch is amazing, and very useful. Keeps me from having to mess around creating my own kill switch with a script. I contacted customer service once, and got an email back the next day… so not too bad IMHO. I think most user issues come from improperly setup systems or issues other than the VPN provider.

jacques says:

NordVPN is one of the best offer of the VPN market

Billy says:

I have been using NordVPN for about 3 months now. Customer service is non existent. Out of ten emails I have sent only the first 2 were ever responded to. Privacy is questionable at best. The reason being is you will be kicked off your VPN connection every 5-30 minutes. Any security/privacy you thought you had is gone! So if security/privacy is a concern Nord is not an option for you.

Live chat is no longer an option they provide. Just as well as when I talked to a guy named Mike he was completely inadequate at solving any issue I had. You could tell that he was just copy and pasting responses. In fact I don’t think Mike actually existed. I think he was a BOT.

Usability is a crap shoot. You will need to setup many different connections. At least 20. You will have to find the one that is working at that time and hope that you stay connected which will lead to further disappointment.

Value? I cant find anything that could be considered value in this service. Not even for $3 a month.

Kevin says:

Used the couponcode 70offyear to get 70percent discount. Works great so far. Enjoy!

Bill says:

I have been using there 3 day free trial. Had a number of questions I sent in via email. Initially the response was relatively prompt, and I stress the word ‘relatively’ (still took more than 12 hours). And there were a few emails that I received with a couple of hours. The last two email enquiries I have made have been atrocious in response time. Sent in a question oct 25 and am still waiting for a response. Sent in another comments saying that their customer service was poor and that I would most likely not purchase anything, and still no response. Will look else whee

John says:

NordVPN is perfect for me. It have SOCKS5 servers that i can setup in bittorrent. Any US servers are fast 50 Mbps and servers that are close to me are fast as my bandwidth. Sometime client and server are unstable but NordVPN keep working with it. Support are ok, takes 1-24 hours to respond, but it seems they are not happy with my ideas or requests.

The reason why NordVPN is very slow because your hardware can’t handle 256-bit encryption. Update your BIOS and network drivers. If it doesn’t help, use PPTP instead…

Cliff says:

Well, I thought service had improved as well since they upgraded their software. Now you just pick a country and you connect to the best server available I have used it maybe three times this month but today was impossible. Of the 12 servers in Canada, only 2 were functioning at high capacity. I could not connect at all. When I talked to them, I got the same old bs about tap and restarting your computer.
If you want a vpn that works like a coin toss and is cheap and unreliable this is the one for you. I can’t wait until my contract expires.

Lyndon Seitz says:

Thanks for the feedback Cliff. We update our reviews every 6 months we are due for a new one soon. We will update the post when we are donne

Private, private says:

I raised a question with them, and being as it was saturday, decided to try on their live chat, instant response, and over a few minutes they answered all my questions efficiently and clearly.
By the time the live chat was finished, i got the email reply too. Pretty damn good for a saturday, I will be using them based on that.

Lyndon Seitz says:

Hi, That’s great to know!

Faisal says:

Wanted to comment on the customer service. I just had a chat with a live agent on Sunday evening regarding a deal. I was offered a solution and the issue was addressed promptly. I think since publication of this review (which I found to be helpful), they must have improved their customer service (e.g., now the money back is for 30 days). I cannot comment on the speed yet as I have not used it extensively yet (I am a new customer).

Nick says:

I wasn’t very impressed with some of NordVPN‘s features and service. Service is cheap, but you get what you pay for in this case. Speeds are ridiculously slow. Customer service doesn’t exist. No option to cancel service on your account options page. Terms of service says “You have a right to cancel your account at any time by contacting us.” Too bad they don’t even give you a phone number to cancel service, you have to use a form on their Contact Us page (the email support referenced in this review) and I am still waiting on a response. I guess if I don’t hear back in a reasonable amount of time I will have to cancel my credit card to avoid being charged again? This is a dirty way of treating your customers. Avoid NordVPN at all costs.

David says:

I have been using NORDVPN for over 6 months through Tunnelblick. While its usually fast both in connecting to the server and browsing the web, it can also take some stake to connect to your favourite servers at times. I´d say my experience is rather frustrating with NORVPN. The biggest problem comes when you believe you have “green connection”, as it is painted in Tunnelblick connection interface, meaning your´re safely connected to your favourite server, and then further you discover that your ass is actually visible to anyone. This is one thing, you just can´t relay on NORDVPN. The next thing you´ll find out is that servers/connections crash rather often, once the connection to the server is down you are greatly exposed, and that is the end of the whole purpose. I am int he search for something more reliable. Good look with NORDVPN.

James says:

Better stay away with NordVPN. Servers are very unstable, having technical issues every month, most servers are always down almost 80% of them, 70% of the time speeds are very slow like you’re in a dial-up. Customer service representatives are completely useless, responses are from canned response (scripted). Technicians are stupid, could not even make the servers stable for a whole month.