Best VPN for Jordan

Best VPN for Jordan

Last updated on May 11, 2021

It’s certainly not the land of the free, but Jordan has much to attract the tourists with the stark landscape of the Valley of the Moon, or Wadi Rum, and the natural phenomenon of the Dead Sea. Travelers, however, are advised to plan for certain contingencies before heading to any country in the Middle East, including Jordan.

While Jordan has a surprisingly open and democratic approach to online media and freedom of speech, this doesn’t extend to VoIP services on apps such as Skype or WhatsApp. Although Jordan’s authorities don’t block many sites, it’s enough that you’ll feel comparatively restricted and those of you who depend on VoIP services to keep in touch with friends and family while overseas will welcome the reliability and flexibility of the best VPNs for Jordan.

To qualify as one of the best VPN services for Jordan, providers need to be able to access blocked sites, offer consistent high-speed connections, provide top-of-the-range security, have a comprehensive privacy policy and a firm commitment to no logging. Through a process of elimination based on these criteria, we’ve come up with four impressive VPN services that will protect you against government surveillance and give you access to blocked content in Jordan and beyond.

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The Best VPNs for Jordan

#1 ExpressVPN – The Fastest VPN for Jordan

For the past 10 years, ExpressVPN has been expanding its server network to ensure worldwide coverage so, even in the Middle East, this leading VPN provider has a selection of servers to choose from. Although ExpressVPN doesn’t have any servers in Jordan itself, it does have servers in neighboring Israel and Egypt, which is enough to guarantee reliable high-speed connections throughout Jordan itself.

ExpressVPN has some of the best encryption in the business which, when consolidated by its strict no-logging policy, offers military-grade protection for its users. By using a complex encryption code known as AES-256, ExpressVPN envelops all your traffic in a cipher that, according to Wikipedia, would take fifty supercomputers around 3×1051 years to break which, presumably, is a very long time!

In addition to excellent security and high-speed international connections, ExpressVPN offers users split-tunneling which allows them to direct some safe traffic past the encrypted tunnel in order to maximize speed. Should your connection fail at any point, ExpressVPN’s built-in kill switch will prevent any leaks or vulnerabilities.

Compatible with a wide range of devices, ExpressVPN has a variety of security protocols available and, while OpenVPN is both the fastest and most secure, alternatives such as L2TP/IPsec can be handy for those using older devices that aren’t compatible with OpenVPN.

Not only will ExpressVPN give you the capacity to evade government surveillance, but it will also unblock sites such as Netflix and Hulu, giving you access to the content you want, when you want it. Whether you’re going to Jordan or staying at home in Georgia, ExpressVPN has a range of benefits that more than justify the cost of the product.

ExpressVPN will keep you safe, save you money and give you unlimited internet freedom so sign up today and get their latest deal, or hold on for a moment and read our full review before taking the plunge.

#2 SurfsharkVPN – One of the Best VPNs for Jordan

In case you were wondering, there are no sharks in the Dead Sea, but if you’re looking for a high-speed VPN service then you could do a lot worse than Surfshark VPN. Although it’s only been around for a year or so, Surfshark VPN is a precocious beast, producing impressive speeds and top-class security consistently around the world.

Although Surfshark is both new and small, with just over 800 servers worldwide, it streams and torrents as well as the best of them.  Unsurprisingly, Surfshark doesn’t have as many servers in the Middle East as, say, ExpressVPN or NordVPN, but, surprisingly, it manages to produce similarly impressive speeds as both these behemoths.

Easy to use with a simple interface, Surfshark really packs a punch when it comes to extra features. Not only does it offer standard add-ons such as a kill switch and DNS leak protection, but it also gives users the option of increased security with its Multi-Hop feature. This is similar to NordVPN’s Double VPN function and diverts all traffic through two or more servers situated in different countries, thereby making your digital footprint truly untraceable.

Other functions on offer with this feature-rich VPN include the Whitelister feature which allows you to send and receive data from trusted sources without using the encrypted tunnel, much like ExpressVPN’s split tunneling feature. Surfshark VPN also has a CleanWeb function which works effectively as a power ad-blocker and form of malware protection.

While Surfshark has yet to stand the test of time, its performance so far indicates that this could be a VPN to be reckoned with so why not bite the bullet and catch yourself a Surfshark today. Alternatively, get a closer look at this Surfshark by cage-diving into our full review.

#3 CyberGhost VPN – Best VPN for Starting Out in Jordan

Some of us haven’t adapted to digital life as easily as others and therefore tend to be easily intimidated by powerful software like VPNs. CyberGhost is sympathetic to our plight and has designed its VPN to appeal to us hopeless technophobes, with a colorful, user-friendly interface and bright buttons to click on. This means that potentially complex endeavors, such as streaming from Netflix, are made extremely simple and streamlined. You can literally click on a yellow button and then a red button and access US Netflix from anywhere in the world.

Although CyberGhost might look like child’s play on the surface, underneath is some advanced technology that makes your traffic appear and disappear like an apparition. Unlike many of its rivals, CyberGhost owns and manages all its 3,000 or so servers, giving you the extra protection of knowing no third parties are involved in the process.

Not only does CyberGhost have one of the most extensive server networks in the industry, but it has also addressed previous issues with its logging policy. Nevertheless, there has been a fair amount of controversy surrounding this particular VPN provider which is why it doesn’t quite make it into the top two.

Having said that, CyberGhost offers many of the same features, the same encryption, and the same security protocols as both ExpressVPN and Surfsarhk VPN so if you don’t mind a little bit of ambiguity in its no-logging policy, it’s a great choice. Like both ExpressVPN and Surfshark, CyberGhost also includes an ad-blocker, the only difference being that their’s doesn’t work very efficiently.

Overall, depending on what you’re looking for in a VPN, CyberGhost could be an excellent choice or a decidedly average one. Need a VPN to easily stream Netflix while on holiday in Jordan? CyberGhost is a great alternative to ExpressVPN. Want a no-logging VPN that blocks adverts? You’re better off choosing one of our other top VPNs for Jordan.

If you’ve decided that CyberGhost’s user-friendly approach makes it perfect for your needs, head over to their website and sign up today. On the other hand, if something about this ghost is still haunting you, put your mind at ease by checking out our full review.

#4 NordVPN – Best VPN in Jordan for Online Shopping

If there’s one VPN provider that may actually go as far as having a server in Jordan, it’s NordVPN. Surprisingly, although its network extends over most of the world and comprises of over 5,000 servers, even NordVPN doesn’t have one in Jordan. As with ExpressVPN, this isn’t too much of a concern as they do have three obfuscated servers in neighboring Egypt and eight in UAE. What this means is that you probably won’t get the best speeds, but you will get unbeatable security.

NordVPN’s obfuscated servers operate slightly differently to the standard VPN server, scrambling your data in such a manner that it can pass through government firewalls and be liberated into the great world wide web. NordVPN developed this technology to deal with government censorship and restrictions specifically and its highly advanced protocols guarantee safety and freedom of access in some of the most restricted areas of the world.

In addition to its obfuscated servers, NordVPN also has an in-built ad-blocker, DNS leak protection, and an automatic kill switch. If you’re using NordVPN from a country that relies on obfuscated servers, some additional features won’t be available to you, such as connecting via a DoubleVPN server or using its Onion Over VPN feature. As you travel further afield, however, so more and more features will become available.

Competitive pricing on its long-term subscriptions makes NordVPN an attractive option, especially for those more concerned with security than speed. If, for example, you travel to countries with restricted internet access on a regular basis, NordVPN can ensure you access sites like Instagram and WhatsApp so you can keep up to date with what’s happening at home. Similarly, NordVPN can create a fake US IP address so you can access your online banking app easily and without fear of compromising the security of your sensitive financial data.

Get some of the best cybersecurity protection and sign up for NordVPN today. Not convinced? Get to grips with its inner workings by reading our full review.

Top of the Blocks: Jordan’s Restrictions on Online Freedom

As we mentioned earlier, certain VoIP services are blocked in Jordan in an effort on the government’s part to protect its domestic telecommunications industry. These aren’t the only limitations affecting Jordanians and visitors to the region, however, and a few years ago Jordanian authorities requested that local ISPs blocked a total of 300 websites on the basis that they didn’t abide by a new law.

The law, passed in 2013, demands that all news websites register with the Jordanian Press and Publications Department which also means that each site must have an editor-in-chief who has been a member of the Jordan Press Association for a minimum of four years. At the time, experts derided the move being a dangerous form of censorship. It seems they were right and, last year, authorities extended their blocks on VoIP and messaging services to include Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Twitter.

Not only is a VPN vital if you want to maintain access to your usual sites and apps, but it will also hide your activities from overzealous government surveillance. Although Jordanian law pays lip-service to freedom of speech, when it comes to religious commentary, its citizens need to tread very carefully indeed. In 2016, Jordanian writer, Nahed Hattar, was arrested after sharing a cartoon that poked fun at Islam. He was later shot dead as he arrived at court in Amman.

The restriction on freedom of speech is not limited to religious commentary alone, and a few social media users have found themselves on the wrong side of the law after criticizing Jordanian authorities. Early last year, two journalists were arrested after publishing an online report accusing the finance minister of tax evasion. They were detained for 48 hours and asked to pay $1,400 in bail. In 2017, seven journalists were accused of defamation of character after suggesting, in a social media post, that an influential politician was involved in corruption.

Admittedly, most international visitors to Jordan aren’t going to spend their time there coming up with religious or political statements on social media platforms but, nevertheless, these incidents are indicative of the risks you take if you head over there without the protection of one of the best VPNs for Jordan. If you’re heading to Jordan and want to be able to chat to friends and watch Netflix while being safe in the knowledge that no one is watching you, you need a robust VPN service, like ExpressVPN.

There is every indication that the restrictions on internet access in Jordan are only going to intensify in the future, so preparing yourself now with a cost-effective, long-term subscription to one of the best VPNs would be wise.

Streaming to the Top: Jordan’s Best Online TV

It may come as something of a surprise to discover that Jordan has a vibrant film and television industry. Not only has the country’s unique landscape provided the backdrop for Hollywood blockbusters like The Hurt Locker, but it has also been involved in the production of award-winning movies such as the 2013 Best Foreign Language Oscar winner, When I Saw You.

The Jordanian love of drama is reflected in its surprisingly diverse and comprehensive online streaming sites which offer a wide range of US and homegrown entertainment. With a Jordanian IP address, you can get access to recent English and Asian movies, live sporting events, series, and documentaries. The only problem is, how to get a Jordan IP address.

Both HideMyAss VPN and Ivacy VPN have servers inside the Jordan borders which means either one could give you a fake Jordan IP address, enabling you to stream Jordan TV from overseas. While HideMyAss is a credible VPN, it isn’t as good as our best VPNs for Jordan, but it does have the advantage of Jordan-based servers which, if you want to watch Jordanian TV, is essential.

Bottom Line

Strangely enough, the best VPNs for Jordan aren’t necessarily those with Jordanian servers. Other than the advantage of being able to stream Jordanian TV from abroad, having a server in Jordan itself offers few benefits. Leading VPN providers, like ExpressVPN and Surfshark, have plentiful servers in the Middle East region, meaning you can enjoy high-speed connections from almost anywhere in Jordan itself.

With government surveillance evident to some extent and more restrictive regulations being enforced on internet users seemingly every year, making a trip to Jordan without the protection of a VPN would be foolish. Not only will a VPN mean you can carry on accessing your normal content and using VoIP services, but it will also protect you against cyberthreats and government surveillance.

Jordan isn’t as restrictive as some other Middle Eastern countries, but it still pays to be cautious. With the coastal city of Aqaba attracting more and more visitors to Jordan each year, making sure you have a reliable VPN that will protect you even while you’re floating in the Dead Sea, is a sensible precaution, especially as the best VPNs for Jordan are capable of so much more.

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