19 May 2015

You’re About to Get Stung: What Is Stingray & Why You Should Be Very Worried

For most Americans, information security – like climate change, terrorism, or shark attacks – is just part of the menacing background of everyday life. It is a monolithic problem, and it is deadly serious, but it won’t affect you personally. Not now. Not yet. You’re probably safe. Right? If I' 0
Best VPN
11 May 2015

How Secure is your VPN? Best VPN for 2015

The world of internet security is changing. You’re no longer safe just opening your browser or email client and flicking through what lands in front of you. Malware, trojans, viruses, and even ransomware are now real and genuine threats to your personal information. VPN’s have made the world safer but' 2
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21 Mar 2015

Leading Security Software Tied to Russian Mob

How It All Started Kaspersky Labs, an industry-leading developer and retailer of security software, has recently been tied to Russia and the Russian mob.  Kaspersky, which is a major retailer of antivirus software, is a Moscow-based company that in 2013 ranked sixth in revenue compared to other similar companies.  During

21 Mar 2015

Cyber Warfare Secrets of China

Shocking News Out Of China In a shocking turn of events, China recently admitted they have forces dedicated to carrying out cyber war activities.  Not only did China admit they have military and intelligence forces whose purpose is to wage war in the battlefield of ones and zeros, but the

15 Mar 2015

United States – Largest Seller of Malicious Apps

Summary: Studies how the US is the largest seller of malicious apps in the world.  Because users are downloading apps from legitimate app stores they assume everything is ok.  This is far from the truth. There are steps to take so your device stays secure and your information stays private.  Taking

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14 Mar 2015

Secure Your Wireless Network

Summary:  Just about everyone has a wireless network at home, work, or both.  Although you probably turned encryption on, at least we hope you did, there are other steps you should take to secure your network. None of them are difficult and all of them are important.  Read on, follow