flashlight app malware
12 Nov 2014

Is Your Flashlight App Doing More Than Lighting Up Your Room?

Ever needed to find your keys in the dark? Well, there’s an app for that.  But beware, that flashlight app for your phone may be doing more than shedding some light in a dark room.  In fact, if you have downloaded one of the popular flashlight apps from the Google

google chrome
11 Nov 2009

Google Chrome’s Blended Browser Threat Could Steal Files from your Computer

With this article I hope to make you aware of a vulnerability with Google Chrome version, and earlier versions.  As I’m sure you know, Chrome is Google’s solution for a web browser.  Chrome has grown in popularity over the years because of its speed and simplicity, and often ranks

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11 Nov 2009

Millions of PDF invisibly embedded with your internal disk paths

Today, more than ever, anyone can find information they need by using a few mouse clicks on the Internet.  This ease-of-access comes at a price though, namely security. It is the goal of cyber security professionals everywhere to balance the ever increasing appetite for more information and more access with

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opera browser 700
11 Oct 2009

Hijacking Opera’s Native Page using malicious RSS payloads

The Opera browser is a popular alternative to Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Safari.  Its clean look and unique features make it an appealing alternative to users unhappy with their current browser or anyone looking to try something new. However, as with most software products, Opera does have its drawbacks. 

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chrome browser security
11 Sep 2009

Exploiting Chrome and Opera’s inbuilt ATOM/RSS reader with Script Execution and more

The Google Chrome and Opera browsers present an interesting case study of another example of how to exploit vulnerabilities, in both instances through the respective browser’s embedded Rich Site Summary (RSS) reader. These vulnerabilities are exploited by a user who clicks a RSS feed link from an email or in

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Safari browser
11 Aug 2009

Hijacking Safari 4 Top Sites with Phish Bombs

It is extremely important to keep your software updated, particularly your web browser.  By way of example, consider older versions of the Safari Browser. One of the features of Safari is the “Top Sites” function, which stores a user’s favorite and most visited web sites.  Prior to version 4.0.3 though,

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