16 Jun 2015

Billboards, Porn, And Why Everything Is So Easy To Hack

I assure you that this article has a point, which I will get to shortly. First, however, let’s talk about Goatse. DO NOT GOOGLE THE PRECEDING TERM. If that warning came too late, I apologize. If you already know what it is, I pity you. If you haven’t seen Goatse,

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09 Jun 2015

My Computer Is More Secure Than Yours

Suck it up:  my computer is more secure than yours.  That is a bold, flat-out claim but it also is true. That is because I use the Google powered ChromeBook, have for four years since the laptops debuted in mid-2011.  The machines – which start at $200 US — run

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03 Jun 2015

The Myth of iPhone Security Invulnerability

Your iPhone is no more secure than my Android. Nine words that are a slap in the face to many iPhone users, a lot of whom believe that their Apple phone has some kind of built-in magical shield that wards off cyber-attacks. It doesn’t. What’s more, there is an easy

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26 May 2015

Of Hacking and Hypocrisy

Why the US has no right to criticize Chinese and Russian cyber-spying On the 19th of May last year, in an unprecedented move, the US government charged 5 Chinese nationals for cyber-espionage. The prosecutor alleged that the five men had been working for the Chinese Government to steal critical US

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19 May 2015

You’re About to Get Stung: What Is Stingray & Why You Should Be Very Worried

For most Americans, information security – like climate change, terrorism, or shark attacks – is just part of the menacing background of everyday life. It is a monolithic problem, and it is deadly serious, but it won’t affect you personally. Not now. Not yet. You’re probably safe. Right? If I

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Best VPN
11 May 2015

How Secure is your VPN? Best VPN for 2015

The world of internet security is changing. You’re no longer safe just opening your browser or email client and flicking through what lands in front of you. Malware, trojans, viruses, and even ransomware are now real and genuine threats to your personal information. VPN’s have made the world safer but

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