25 Aug 2015

Your Child May Be the Next Identity Theft Victim

Cybercriminals like them young – really young – when it comes to identity theft targets. That’s the warning issued by increasing numbers of experts who insist there has been a spike in the number of minors who have had their identities stolen. In the United States, matters are so bad

18 Aug 2015

Stagefright: The Pain is Just Beginning

I’ve previously discussed the extremely primitive state of mobile security, and really, it is like the picture of Dorian Grey — as your phones get newer and faster and shinier, the software under the hood gets older and weaker and more vulnerable. The Stagefright bug, affecting 950 million Android phones,

14 Aug 2015

Hackable Cars: Overhyped?

The internet went into an uproar last month, as Wired, in conjunction with security experts Charlie Miller and Chris Valaskek, demonstrated a hack that could take control of a Jeep Cherokee mid-drive. The researchers completely owned the car, taking control of the radio, windshield wipers, transmission, steering, and brakes. What’s

10 Aug 2015

The United Airlines Breach: Be Afraid

Another big breach victim now has emerged: the world’s second largest airline, United Airlines, has been breached. Apparently by the same crew that is believed to be Chinese state sponsored hackers that a few months ago breached the US Office of Personnel Management — with its massive files on government

29 Jul 2015

Flash From The Past – Why It’s Time For Flash To Die

If you’re from a certain generation of internet users — I’m looking at you, Millenials — one of your first experiences of using the internet probably involved Flash. The program started as a simple animation tool, and it was a staple of the internet from 1996 to roughly 2010, used

20 Jul 2015

Can You Trust a Hotel with Your Credit Card?

The short answer: No, you really cannot trust a hotel to keep your private information private. And no matter what, do not use debit card at a hotel, ever, at least not if it is a US issued card. The reason: Hotel data breaches involving guest credit/debit card information just