23 Oct 2015

Why Credit Monitoring May Be a Band-Aid That Will Do You No Good

By now it has become an expected reaction to a data breach. A company announces it has been breached and, in the press release, it assures victims they will get a couple years of credit monitoring to help them ward off identity theft. Just one problem: credit monitoring does next

20 Oct 2015

So You Think You’re Secure…?

The UK government GetSafeOnline website offers free advice and tells its users, “so now you really can stay safe with everything you do online.”  Buy a Windows-based computer and the likelihood is it will arrive with pre-installed anti-virus software, often McAfee (part of Intel, which produces the processor chips most usually' 0
16 Oct 2015

Why a VPN Could Save Your Company’s Reputation

It seems like every other day there’s an article in the news about a company suffering a massive data breach. The recent hacks of the controversial site Ashley Madison have left many customers questioning their online security and privacy, and around the world governments continue to push for stronger standards

12 Oct 2015

How Data Encryption Could Save You a Million Euros

The European Union is beginning to wind up their massive piece of legislation that will affect every country immediately after its implantation. Formerly known as the General Data Protection Directive, the new regulation will take immediate effect once it’s completed, which will likely be sometime in early 2016. Business owners' 0
06 Oct 2015

Patreon Hack is a Prime Example of Pointless Hacktivism

In one of the year’s weirdest attacks, a Gamergate-aligned troll has hacked the crowdfunding website Patreon, exposing 15 gigabytes of users’ personal information. People who don’t know much about the internet might need some help unpacking that sentence, but rest assured: this story is the perfect storm of angry black-hats,

29 Sep 2015

The Security Problems of Social Media Connectivity

Recently in the news, a staff writer for Wired suffered a massive hack attack when criminals got ahold of his Apple ID information. Through that one access point, they were able to wreak havoc on his accounts, change his passwords, take over his Twitter – even remote wipe his devices,' 0