flashlight app malware
12 Nov 2014

Is Your Flashlight App Doing More Than Lighting Up Your Room?

Ever needed to find your keys in the dark? Well, there’s an app for that.  But beware, that flashlight app for your phone may be doing more than shedding some light in a dark room.  In fact, if you have downloaded one of the popular flashlight apps from the Google

11 Nov 2009

Millions of PDF invisibly embedded with your internal disk paths

Trawling through a world of free and ready access to information often comes at a cost. More than ever, despite significant advances by convenience pioneers in the technology industry, such as Apple and Google, security is being sacrificed. Only recently, we’ve seen a basic functionality feature, iCloud, become exploited, as

opera browser 700
11 Oct 2009

Hijacking Opera’s Native Page using malicious RSS payloads

Despite the relative popularity of browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari, indigenous to their respective company’s operations system (i.e. Apple OSX, Windows 8, etc.), it still seems as though less known browsers are still prone to malevolent control and software manipulation. Opera Browser, 2nd fastest at 174.4

chrome browser security
11 Sep 2009

Exploiting Chrome and Opera’s inbuilt ATOM/RSS reader with Script Execution and more

Once again, two of the world’s most popular and quick browsers have fallen prey to more exploits on the RSS feed, in two different ways that we Internet users must be wary of. Link or website, the threat remains the same, in the form of injected Javascript that allows the

Safari browser
11 Aug 2009

Hijacking Safari 4 Top Sites with Phish Bombs

Once again, outdated browser versions have fallen to the trap of malicious software and users who are able to take control of a victim’s computer, manipulate his or her browser, and inject unwanted software into the computer through design flaws by many browsers. Within Safari browser exists the Top Sites

Opera browser
11 Aug 2009

Pwning Opera Unite with Inferno’s Eleven

Despite the popularity of internet browsers such as Opera, it is inevitable that such widely available software comes at widely exploitable flaws. With the new Opera Unite!, new exploits also must be carefully examined and explored. Security, computer, and technology experts have come together to bring you the things you