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Top 40 Security and Technology Resources for %%currentyear%%

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The world keeps changing and there are so many aspects and events relating to cybersecurity that it is impossible for a single website to fully satisfy the curious. We here at Secure Thoughts do everything possible to make sure you have the information you need to protect yourself, but there is a lot happening in the world and a lot of perspectives to consider. We want you to know as much as possible, so we’d like to introduce you to some of our own favorite resources for cybersecurity and tech knowledge.

While you may have read our previous post detailing some of the best blogs for last year, we’ve decided to take another look and mix in some important websites along with some familiar faces. We want to focus you towards the very best instead of forcing you to rely on old news and searches. We also wanted to keep people of all skill levels in mind, so we categorized many of the resources by skill level.

Here are 40 websites and resources that are absolutely worth taking a look at:

Great Blogs and Resources for All Readers

  1. Naked Security – Brought to you by Sophos, many consider this website to be the top standard in cybersecurity news. It is extremely well-put together and tackles just about everything in the field.
  2. Krebs on Security – Brian Krebs is a seasoned and widely published writer who has written for the Washington Post for over a decade. It is one of the most popular and accessible blogs on the topic.
  3. Schneir on Security – Another blogger who is well-known as a security expert. He’s been at this for over a decade and provides some unique insights stemming from his cybersecurity experience.
  4. Tao Security – Yet another excellent blog by one of the best cybersecurity writers online. It mixes some military history and strategy alongside cybersecurity concerns, creating a unique and engaging reading experience.
  5. Troy Hunt – He runs a well-designed website that updates regularly with insights and tips into important yet accessible security topics. It is also worth checking out some of the projects he’s been involved with, so look him up and see if you can learn anything.
  6. Tech Republic – Tech Republic’s security section matches their dedication to other fields of technology, making it a nice addition to the reading list of anyone just hoping to keep tabs as to what’s going on. It will often have interesting opinion pieces on the subject.
  7. Department of Homeland Security – While you may be concerned about the DHS snooping on people (and you should be), they do have some excellent information regarding cybersecurity. In most cases the DHS doesn’t want too many data breaches occurring either, as it would be against their interests.
  8. ExpressVPN Blog – A blog from one of the best VPN providers on the market, it has a lot of great information on data privacy and how to best keep yourself free online. Much more than just a product blog.
  9. CNET – While you might be aware of CNET as a technology product review site, they also have a great cybersecurity section. Consumers will want to check out this one.
  10. Stay Safe Online – A resource provided by the National Cyber Security Alliance, this is an easy to understand and use resource that tackles all sorts of cybersecurity topics and gives actionable and understandable tips for the average person.
  11. McAfee Blog – The creators of some of the most popular cybersecurity products in the world have a lot of insight into the world of cybersecurity. It uses language anyone can understand while still discussing relatively advanced topics.
  12. Security Week – It has lots of articles available for a reader to look through and provides some great analysis of global cybersecurity threats. It reports many of the stories that other websites won’t cover.
  13. Social Engineer – Social engineering is a problem that too few people know about in the realm of cybersecurity. This website is one of the best ways for a beginner to start to know about the types of threats facing them and how to spot potential problems before they happen.


Great Resources for Intermediate Reader

  1. Security Intelligence – This website by IBM is a great resource for not only security professionals but anyone interested in what the next wave in cybersecurity (and hacking) will bring us. It can get a little advanced at points, but only because the topics being discussed are interesting and complex.
  2. Securelist – Brought to us by Kapersky (a major cybersecurity player), Securelist does a great job of showing us general cybersecurity trends and where the field might be going.
  3. ZD Net – A website that usually stays really on top of the latest threats and problems. Few websites are able to react quickly enough to make a difference, but ZD Net is one of those websites.
  4. Threatpost – A great website that often focuses on emerging threats and breaking important stories in the field. A well-regarded source of cybersecurity news that other news sources have hailed as a leader.
  5. Cybersecurity Today – This website, created by the SMLR group, has a wide field of general cybersecurity articles and does a great job of keeping readers generally updated as to the state of global cybersecurity.
  6. Google Security Blog – A great resource from Google regarding their insights on the security of the internet. It doesn’t hold back with the technical language, but you will be able to keep up with the security of your Google products and applications.
  7. Securing the Human – This security awareness blog is from security training experts, allowing you to know more about organization security and training techniques. Perhaps it is situational, but you’ll be glad to know it exists when your office needs to know a bit more.
  8. Wombat Security Blog – A great blog that often talks about the more human side of cybersecurity. People worried about phishing attacks should absolutely go here. Wombat Security Technologies provides the blog, who is a specialist in cybersecurity training.
  9. CSO – A great cybersecurity-focused website that has some awesome in-depth articles on threats you could be facing. Their videos are also well-produced and worth checking out.
  10. Microsoft Malware Protection Center – While this might be something to study more than read regularly, the MMPC is an interesting log relating to malware that will give dedicated readers a deeper understanding of how it works and how professionals guard against it. Once you know more, you’ll hopefully be able to keep yourself free of the plague.

Perfect Websites to Keep You Updated with General Tech News

  1. BBC News – Keeping up with world affairs is an important part of cybersecurity, if only to know where hackers might strike next. BBC News has some of the most balanced coverage online in regards to finding tech news all around the globe.
  2. TechCrunch – To keep on top of online freedom you need to know what the latest technologies coming out are and what some of the coolest new ideas in tech are. This is TechCrunch’s bread and butter.
  3. Engadget – Another famous general technology website, Engadget will help you gain a general perspective of how things are coming along for the tech world.
  4. Wired – Wired, despite being known as a more general tech website, has a great section on cybersecurity. You’ll be likely to find some interesting ideas among the articles.
  5. Computer World – A standard in the general tech industry for people to get their information. It is probably best paired with other sites to get your full tech coverage, but you’ll find some interesting stories and opinions on a wide range of topics.

For IT and Security Professionals

  1. Cyberark Blog – Another blog by a professional cybersecurity team, the CyberArk blog goes for the more technical side of things while providing people with some great advice.
  2. SC Magazine – One of the main publications available for professionals to keep up with the field. It has some excellent news coverage and some excellent complementary blogs.
  3. CIO – A publication known among tech circles also has an excellent security page with a wide variety of content. A great resource for tech professionals of all sorts.
  4. Network Computing – A security website focused mainly on networking and cloud solutions (both very important topics in cybersecurity today). Not for the faint of knowledge, but a great resource for you to learn more about the most important cybersecurity topics of the future.
  5. Dark Reading – A website brought to you by Information Week that is tailored toward s the information security community. It has a lot of regular content regarding excellent topics.
  6. Symantec Weblog – A leader in the cybersecurity industry, Symantec provides a blog providing information to some consumers and professionals alike, providing useful statistics and analysis.
  7. Secure Works – While absolutely for professionals or people who are deep into the cybersecurity well, this resource provides in-depth information on topics that might affect professionals.

Great Cybersecurity Podcasts to Listen to

  1. Southern Fried Security – Organizational security with a southern perspective. They have a wide range of interviews and go over the main topics in the infosec world just about every week.
  2. Security Weekly – A (as expected) weekly security podcast that is free to listeners and handles just about all types of security subject matter. They keep the conversation fun and entertaining while teaching you and keeping you up to date with the latest news.
  3. Security Now – One of the longest running IT security podcasts in existence, and hosts Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson reliably bring to your attention important tips and issues regarding personal computer security.
  4. Risky Business – Another long running security podcast based in Australia. It has some excellent interviews and in-depth conversations about the main topics that could affect you (both the things you know about and those you don’t).
  5. Defensive Security – A podcast devoted to learning lessons and analyzing the news. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is sure to help listeners get in the heads of cybersecurity professionals and use those thought processes.


There we are. A whole 40 resources other than Secure Thoughts for you to choose from to keep you informed and ready to protect yourself online. Whether you are a professional or someone simply hoping to protect your family and remain free online, you can be certain you will find something useful here. I hope that these recommendations help you learn more and satisfy your need for knowledge.

There are of course other blogs and websites that provide excellent information on cybersecurity, online freedom and the technology you love, but there are simply too many to list. If you have any other websites that you would recommend or would like to start a conversation, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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