Best VPNs For Remote Access

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Summary:  For work purposes, many people need to have remote access to their files and company server. It is also used for helping to install software or to get access to a file saved on another device.

While remote access is an easy way to gain control of another computer, accessing another device using this method leaves both computers vulnerable to attack.

Using a VPN enhances your privacy and security when using remote access software.

If you need to connect to another device using remote access and want to do this safely, securely and with a high level of encryption then get Express VPN now.



Why am I at risk?

For people who often work on the move, then being able to remotely access a computer at their desk or the company server, is vital.

While cloud storage has become popular in recent years, having remote access can allow you to view emails, access files, and also help to fix software problems, all from a distance.

Using remote access without proper security is dangerous and can leave sensitive information open to attack or allow malicious software to be installed on a network.


How A VPN Encrypts Remote Access

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. It scrambles the data that is sent and received from one device to another.

When you connect to a VPN before you remotely access another device then you are boosting your security and privacy online.

Using remote access on an unsecured connection means that someone can snoop on your activity, install malicious software, and gain access to personal or confidential files.

A VPN ensures that this connection between your device and another computer is encrypted, so if anyone does try to spy on your activity, they will only see scrambled data.

This happens because you are re-routing your connection through a dedicated server which is often located in another country.

This high level of encryption applies to both businesses and personal users who remotely access various devices.

It is not unusual for parents to allow their kids remote access to their computers to install new software or fix problems.

Many businesses also now use remote access for employees to continue working if they are not in the office.

To safeguard your personal and business information and enhance your privacy you must use the right VPN.


Top 3 VPNs For Remote Access

We will give your our top 3 recommendations and let you know what you can expect from their service.


#1 Express VPN – 9/10  Secure and reliable VPN that protects you when remotely accessing another device


Express VPN is the best choice on the market for protecting yourself when using remote access.

Not only is it a really easy VPN to use, but it is also reliable and provides a high level of encryption, meaning that your files and information is kept secure.

If you are an infrequent VPN user, or simply need to use remote access quickly for work or personal reasons, then Express VPN is definitely the best VPN to use.

It provides software that everyone can easily work and be connected to a new server in moments.

Express VPN also provides a very stable and reliable connection. If you need an effective VPN for work purposes, then you won’t want the connection to keep timing out or cutting you off.

Express VPN offers a constant and fast connection that is great for working remotely, catching up on office meetings, or helping a friend or relative with a computer problem from a distance.

Lastly, the customer service team at Express VPN offers knowledgeable and quick support that will help you with any issues you have with the software.

It takes less than an hour for their staff to respond to any queries, and most issues are resolved right away, which make them the fastest customer support team of any VPN service.

To safeguard your remote access connection with a high level of encryption, reliable internet speed, and efficient customer service then get Express VPN now.

#2 IPVanish – 8/10  Secure connection for remote access, without the advantages of Express VPN

IPVanish is a lower quality VPN that is harder to use than Express VPN, and doesn’t have the same quality of customer service.

This service isn’t as easy to work as Express VPN and many people, including those that are experienced with using a VPN, find it more difficult to connect to a server.

The connection is not as reliable either and can cut off sometimes without notice which is really inconvenient if you are working remotely or trying to install software on a distant computer.

You will find that their customer service team isn’t as good as Express VPN either.

They don’t seem as knowledgeable about how to fix remote access issues and it can take hours to get a response and answer to your problem.

While they do try and get any issues with the software resolved it takes a much longer time for these guys to do this, when Express VPN fix most problems with an hour.

For a more reliable, easy to use, and efficient service for remote access, then it is better to use Express VPN instead.

IPVanish can be found at this address.


#3- HideMyAss – 6/10  Unlike Express VPN, it has many issues when trying to use for remote access purposes

HideMyAss does encrypt your data when using remote access but they fall short in many areas.

For a start, the software is also very difficult to use, especially for people who have not used a VPN before, compared to the super-easy interface of Express VPN.

It can take a while to work out how to connect to a new server, which is time wasted if you need to gain access to your work server quickly.

The connection with HideMyAss cuts out like IPVanish, which is really annoying when you need to keep reconnecting again.

They also have a below par customer service team. Express VPN responds in minutes, whereas HideMyAss can take up to a day when trying to figure out issues connected with remote access.

If you are using a VPN for remote access purposes, then you can get more reliability, an easier to use piece of software, and a better customer service team, if you opt for Express VPN.

HideMyAss is here.



Conclusion:  Use Express VPN for the most reliable remote access

Remote access is a great way in which you can work when travelling, help friends and family out with their computer problems, or simply get access to a file on your computer at home.

Doing so without a VPN leaves your personal information and connection unsecured and open to attack.

By using Express VPN for remote access you get:

To use remote access without fear of compromising data or having someone snoop on your activity, then you should get Express VPN right away.

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