3 Best VPN’s for iPhone

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Summary: The iPhone’s rising popularity is great for Apple, but bad for iPhone users. With increased popularity comes increased attention from hackers and other criminals looking to steal your personal information.

One of the best ways to protect your iPhone is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN will encrypt your phone and help you maintain a high level of security during your online activity.

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Why do You Need a VPN for Your iPhone?

Apple changed the way we use mobile technology when they released the iPhone.

As newer models come out we’re learning more and more how much having an iPhone is like having a personal computer with us at all times.

The rising popularity of the iPhone can be attributed to how easy it is to use, for all technical skill levels, and the fact that it is a miniature powerhouse, in terms of hardware and software.

Very few people complain about using their iPhone which helps Apple continue selling even more of them as they release new models.

With the rising popularity comes one major problem, though: hackers. Cyber-attacks are becoming more prevalent which means you’ll need to secure your phone when you’re using it.

The best way to secure your iPhone is by connecting through a VPN service that lets you encrypt your data and hides your location, making it harder for hackers to gain access.

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VPN Software Testing Methodology

Testing VPNs for iPhone users is a fairly simple process. We examined nine different VPN providers using a set of six different criteria to determine the overall best provider.

To start our testing process we compiled a list of nine different VPN services that claimed they provided dependable service, high levels of security, and a quality customer service experience.

Using the six criteria below we put each of the nine different services through rigorous testing to make our final determination for the three best VPN providers for iPhone users.


How We Judged Their Performance


Criteria #1: Number of Active Connections

While most iPhone users are going to have a single connection to the VPN service, some people may want to connect a laptop or other type of device.

We made sure that our top recommendations allow you multiple active connections. In the event that you do choose to connect with multiple devices you don’t want to find out that you’ll have to pay more or that you’ll be limited to a single connection.


Criteria #2: Money-back Guarantee

To confidently test out a wide range of VPN providers we wanted to make sure that they offered a money-back guarantee.

This helped us remain comfortable knowing that if our readers had problems connecting or dealing with customer service that they wouldn’t have problems getting their money back.

Should you have any technical or customer service issues with the VPN providers we’ve recommended to you, you’ll be able to easily get a refund on your purchase.


Criteria #3: Data Logging

Data logging puts your iPhone at risk in multiple ways.

First, if you’re performing illegal activities with your iPhone, the VPN service provider could be forced to turn the data that they’ve logged over to the government or police to be used against you.

Second, if the provider is logging the data going through your connection, they run the risk of being hacked and allowing your data to be stolen without you realizing it.

While making a determination on the best VPN service provider for iPhone users, we looked at whether or not they were logging the data that was being sent and received while you are connected to their network.

When you’re trying to secure your connection, the last thing you want is someone storing what you’re doing on another server that could potentially be accessed by government or hackers.

The VPNs that we recommend do not log the data you’re sending and receiving, so you can rest assured that it won’t be available to any prying eyes and that you’ll have a truly secure connection.


Criteria #4: Available Bandwidth

The amount of bandwidth you have available determines how you’ll be able to use your VPN account.

If you have limited bandwidth you’re going to figure out halfway through the month that your connection is either slowed to a crawl or you’re unable to actually connect.

When you use video streaming services like YouTube and Netflix with an account that has limited bandwidth available, you will quickly run through your quota and end up facing hefty fees towards the end of the month.

While choosing the best VPN for iPhone users we wanted to make sure that you had unlimited bandwidth available to keep yourself from being stuck in a situation of having a slowed connection, or being unable to connect because you exceeded your bandwidth limit.


Criteria #5: Customer Support

Dealing with lackluster customer support can be irritating at the best of times, and downright frustrating at the worst of times.

When you’re using a VPN, especially if you’re a beginner, there may be times that you need to rely on customer support to have your technical or billing issues taken care of.

The fifth criteria that we looked at when making a judgement on the best VPN provider for iPhone users was the quality of their customer support.

Every provider that made it on our list was judged on how long it took for their customer support team to respond to tickets that we submitted, and the quality of the solutions that they provided to our problems.


Criteria #6: Connection Speed

The speed of the network plays a big role in the level of satisfaction you’ll have while you’re connected.

If the VPN provider offers unlimited bandwidth but the connection is slow, you’ll end up aggravated while you’re trying to browse the internet, listen to music, or stream TV shows and movies.

While running each of the nine VPN services through our rigorous testing we looked at their ping times, upload and download speeds, and then made a judgement call based on the average results.



3 Best VPNs for iPhone Users

Now we’re getting to the important bits: rating the three best VPNs for iPhone users.

The reason we’ve written this article is to show you which VPN providers offer you the fastest and most secure connection out of the nine that we originally tested.

Below are the three that we think are the best based on the six criteria that we’re judging them on.


#1 – Buffered VPN – 9.6 / 10 – The Best VPN for iPhone Users.

Our top choice for connecting an iPhone to a VPN service is Buffered VPN. The service is well-known for working across a wide variety of devices, including iOS.

Working seamlessly with iOS is one of Buffered VPN’s biggest advantages because Apple has designed iOS in a way that makes it difficult for most VPN software to function.

The level of security (256-bit encryption) provided by this service is one of the biggest reasons that we ranked Buffered VPN as our number one choice.

The high level of security helps ensure that you’re able to use both your cell service and Wi Fi without running the risk of hackers gaining access to your device and stealing your personal information.

Buffered VPN also has a huge network made up of servers in different countries that allow you to choose an IP address from anywhere in the world.

They even offer some of the best customer support out of all the VPN services we have tested. Their support team is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week so they can help you with solutions to your problems anytime you have them.

Buffered VPN offers the fastest support time out of the VPNs that we tested with our iPhone. Our support tickets were answered within 30 minutes.

Your account comes with unlimited bandwidth and fast speeds with a 99.9% uptime rate. That type of reliability is generally unheard of in the VPN industry.

Overall, Buffered VPN is the best choice for iPhone users looking to secure their connection because it’s easy to use, fast, and affordable.

To get the absolute best VPN for your iPhone, get Buffered VPN now.


#2 – IPVanish – 7 / 10 – A Step Down, But Still a Solid Choice

IPVanish, like Buffered VPN, offers an iOS app that works well with all iPhones but it falls a little short aside from that.

If you’re a beginner using a VPN with your iPhone you might want to avoid IPVanish. The app is harder to use than Buffered VPN’s app.

With the Buffered VPN app, we were connected to a server within a few minutes after installing it. IPVanish, though, took much longer and didn’t have very clear instructions to help get it properly installed and configured.

The staff at IPVanish weren’t as helpful as we had hoped while working through the installation process. While the Buffered VPN app seemed like it was tailor made for the iPhone, the IPVanish app was less polished overall.

The IPVanish service itself is solid. The customer support team replies to tickets in a timely manner and the speed of connecting to their servers is comparable to Buffered VPN’s servers.

You can get an IPVanish account by clicking here.


#3 – HideMyAss VPN – 5 / 10 – Has Some Issues to Consider.

While the HideMyAss VPN was good overall, we had major issues getting the Hide My Ass app to work on our iPhone. With Buffered VPN, the app was installed and we were connected in just a few moments.

We spent hours trying to get our iPhone connected to the HideMyAss servers, and even then, we noticed a lot of bugs that left our team frustrated with the experience.

Sometimes the app wouldn’t connect to a server while other times it would crash, forcing us to restart the device.

Like IPVanish, the customer support team left us wanting more and wishing that they were more helpful with the problems that we were having while trying to get and stay connected to a server. Buffered VPN definitely offered the best customer service.

After going back and forth with customer support at HideMyAss, we were never able to find a proper solution for our issues.

If you’re absolutely unable to get an account with Buffered VPN or IPVanish, HideMyAss does provide you with another alternative.

HideMyAss is here.



Conclusion: Use Buffered VPN for Fast, Unlimited Access

 After putting each of the nine different VPN services through rigorous testing, we’ve come to the conclusion that Buffered VPN is, by far, the best solution for connecting your iPhone to a VPN service.

The number of servers they have available around the world makes them a very attractive solution. They also provide some of the best security out of all the VPN providers we’ve tested.

Their app worked great during our testing and, whenever we did have an issue, their customer support team is top notch and provided solutions to the problems quickly.

Every account comes with unlimited bandwidth and provides fast connection speeds which works great when you’re always using your device for streaming, downloading, and listening to music.

For a tailor-made VPN for your iPhone, get Buffered VPN today.

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