Best VPNs for Switzerland

The Best VPNs for Switzerland in 2021

Last updated on May 5, 2021

It is easy to forget your online safety when you travel abroad, especially when you’re in a safe and beautiful place like Switzerland. Unfortunately, cyber-crime tends to happen in every country across the world and you are never fully safe from data thieves. If you are traveling Switzerland and plan to use your laptop in a public area such as a coffee shop or hotel or even in your own apartment, don’t forget your online security.

The best way to stay safe and secure whilst travelling for business or pleasure is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). The way that a VPN works is by encrypting your data so no one can hack into your details. Another bonus of using a VPN in Switzerland is that you’ll be able to watch your favorite TV shows or use your usual streaming service wherever you are in the world.

You’ll wonder how you survived without one.

What Is the Top VPN for Switzerland?

There are many VPN providers that provide a good quality service, but finding the right provider for you can be a minefield. Whether you are travelling to the country or live there, we will help you find the best VPN for Switzerland below:

Top VPN for Switzerland

#1 Express VPN

If you’re looking for the ultimate VPN service provider then you won’t need to look further than Express VPN. This company really cares about its customers, and it really shows. Not only does Express VPN provide a lightning fast connection (which is perfect for streaming in Switzerland) but it also boasts some pretty outstanding encryption techniques too. Express VPN uses the 256 Bit AES encryption method which is extra safe and secure. The company also provide a kill switch feature which means that the internet connection will be cut if the VPN fails for whatever reason.

Express VPN boast over 1700 servers in almost 100 countries, one of the largest VPN networks known. This ensures that its customers are always guaranteed a connection to the country whose IP address is required.

The company are so confident that you will love their service that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Not only that, but they also offer a selection of unbeatable deals including a 15 month payment plan where you get extra months entirely free.

Customer service is second to none with representatives available 24/7 via online chat or email. The response rate is super fast too. All in all Express VPN provides an excellent, professional service.

Starting from as low as $6.67

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#2 Surf Shark

We are always impressed with the pricing structure of Surf Shark and feel that it offers really good value for money. A two year subscription is very reasonably priced and where it cuts costs it does not lack in quality. Surf Shark provide an extra layer of security through their strict ‘no logging’ policy, so should a data breach occur there will be none of your personal data to share. With over 500 servers in 50 different countries, Surf Shark’s network is vast, guaranteeing a VPN connection whenever a customer logs on.

Another feature that makes Surf Shark stand out is that it offers unlimited devices. Which means you can log into your VPN with as many devices as you like at the same time.

Starting from as low as $1.99

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#3 CyberGhost

Another trustworthy brand providing lightning fast speeds, a no-log policy and numerous servers is CyberGhost. From as little as a few dollars per month you can access your favorite Swiss TV shows wherever you are in the world. It’s super easy to see why this service provider is a popular choice.

Customer service is good; there is an online chat feature as well as an email address provided where you can ask questions or gain assistance too. My personal experience of this is that the online chat representatives generally respond within a few minutes, but longer queues have been noted  – usually dependant on the time of day etc.

CyberGhost operates a staggering 3,073 servers, but despite this the speed has been said to vary. It does however, provide a secure connection and doesn’t store logs of its users, in case of a breach in security. Despite Switzerland being a country that takes your privacy seriously, we still recommend the added security of using a top rated VPN such as CyberGhost.

Payment plans are varied, with the cheapest being the 18 month plan. Customers have a 60 day money back guarantee to fall back on should they not feel happy with their purchase.

Starting from as low as $2.75

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#4 NordVPN

One of the most important features of a VPN is the ability to be able to change your mind if the service isn’t right for you. What we like about Nord VPN is that it offers a 30 day money back guarantee so you can walk away without making a commitment. The service provider attracts repeat customers year after year and this is largely due to the excellent, advanced features that it provides.

NordVPN has a great reputation when it comes to internet security, providing robust approaches that keep you covered. They use multiple layers of security with CyberSec Ad blocking, double hop VPN servers and leak protection settings. They also adhere to a no-logs policy, which means that they will not keep a record of your online activity.

Lastly, the final feature that guaranteed NordVPN made it to our top #4 list was the kill switch feature, which will cut internet connection (and keep your information secure) should the VPN drop out.

Starting from as low as $2.99

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#5 TunnelBear

This VPN option will allow maximum security while being incredibly simple to use, even for VPN beginners. TunnelBear supports all the major platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. You have the possibility of using as many as 5 simultaneous connections with one subscription and there is also military-grade encryption protecting you from prying eyes.

Your privacy is not taken for granted with TunnelBear who do not keep or sell any of your private information to third parties for advertising purposes. There are fewer servers than the major players, with over 1,800 servers in 22 countries, but you will never be at a loss for a connection. Speeds are fantastic around Europe and you can stream your favorite shows without any issues.

The best thing about TunnelBear has to be the freemium service on offer so you can get a taste of what this VPN provider can do for you while in Switzerland. You can use up to 500MB of free data within a month and even amp that up with an extra 1GB if you say lovely things about them on Twitter. If you choose to go for a paid plan your payment options include credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, and American Express, or you can go the more anonymous route and use Bitcoin. We’re not sure how to go about paying in jars of honey, but if you have any success let us know.

Starting from as low as $4.99 (or free if you choose the free version)

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#6 ProtonVPN

When you download the Windows ProtonVPN client you will be met with an attractive green and charcoal interface. The main display will provide you with a map of the world where you can choose from over thirty countries around the world that hold over 300 servers, with 13 of them found in Switzerland. There are also options that will allow you to select random or the fastest servers automatically based on your own profile.

This VPN offers a couple of special features which include Secure Core, an additional layer of security that protects you against external network attacks. There is also P2P which means you can torrent freely and easily as well as Tor which will make your online movements even more anonymous.

There are various plans that you can invest in which include Free, Basic, Plus and Visionary with the free service having three locations that you can connect to including Japan, Netherlands and the US. Although the speeds are nothing to write home about within the free version, they’re also not that bad considering other companies struggle to get those speeds in their paid versions.

Need a VPN for Switzerland? Why not give ProtonVPN a try?

Starting as low as $4.00 

Read the full review here.

Why Does Switzerland Have Advanced Privacy Laws?

Unlike many other countries, Switzerland is very advanced when it comes to data protection. There are strict laws and regulations in place in Switzerland for data and protection which essentially means that they respect your privacy and put you in control of your own data.

Regardless to these laws, it’s still preferable to use a VPN which can offer you double protection. Swiss governments may respect your privacy, but you will always still be at risk of data theft.

Streaming in Switzerland

There are many reasons why using a VPN to watch a streaming service is a good idea. Not only does it protect your laptop from potentially harm viruses, but it also means that you can access your favorite TV shows and movies wherever you are in the world.

The Most Popular Swiss Streaming Services:


No doubt one of the most popular streaming services in the world, Netflix provides its subscribers with thousands of movies, TV shows and Netflix specials. Using a VPN will ensure that you can access different Netflix sites (such as US Netflix), which often contain different movies, wherever you are in the world.


Another popular streaming service used in Switzerland and other countries across the planet. This is actually the most widely used service in Switzerland with 84% of its users said to be between the ages of 19-25. Used primarily for music and instructional videos, never be caught short again trying to access your saved YouTube content.

Teleclub Play

Swisscom offers a special subscription called Telecom Play which offers over 10,000 titles to choose from for its Swisscom customers. Not as superior as Netflix, Telecom Play doesn’t normally include current movies and TV shows.

Why You Need a VPN in Switzerland

No one is safe from cyber-crime, so why would you put yourself at risk? Keep your personal information, your financial data and your browsing history private by using a VPN for Switzerland. Not only does this means that you will have a better peace of mind, but you will be able to access Swiss content when you’re out of town too.

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