3 Best VPNs for Thailand in 2017

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Thailand might be a welcoming country from the outside, however, government crackdowns have limited what information you can access on the internet. While it is a great place to live or visit, you can find yourself unable to log onto social media or certain news websites. You can get around these restrictions by using a VPN.  A VPN frees your internet access from censorship, and protects your connections from hackers.

Best VPN For Thailand Express VPN


Why is my access blocked in Thailand?

I have been living in Thailand for a number of years now. I’ve seen and experienced it all, but recently there has been a crackdown on internet freedom.

These days I can only access some of the websites I used to be able to access. Some websites such as news and social media are not freely available here.

If you are living in Thailand or coming to visit though, don’t fret. I have an easy solution for you.

It is called a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, and it allows you to get around these restrictions and access social media and even streaming sites such as Netflix.


VPNs Help Unblock Thai Websites

While Thailand is a really friendly place, it can be quite oppressive at times when it comes to using the internet.

Some signs that the content you are trying to access has been blocked either temporarily or permanently include:

  • A basic ‘connection interrupted’ error when trying to access a website
  • A message saying that content ‘is not available in your country’
  • An increase in government criticism usually leads to social media being blocked for a short period of time

I am here to tell you guys about VPNs and how they can help you. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a way of going around these restrictions and being able to access the whole of the internet.

It works by assigning you an IP address in another part of the world so that the website or streaming service that you are trying to log onto thinks you are in that other country.

Not only does this let you access restricted content but the VPN itself cannot be blocked by the Thai government.

What is The Best VPN’s For Thailand?

I have done all the work so you don’t need to spend hours researching and trying to find a suitable VPN. I have listed these VPNs with information on what you can expect from their service.


#1 – Express VPN – 9.5/10 – A fantastic VPN for accessing restricted content in Thailand

For anyone who is looking for a VPN to use in Thailand then I always point them in the direction of Express VPN first.

Not only is this service tailor-made to thwart the internet restrictions that are often present in Thailand, but it accords fantastic customer service and ease of use too.

When I first started using a VPN service, I was a bit confused about the whole process. I mean, I had never used a VPN service before.

I sent an email to Express VPN’s customer support team and I got a response in about 30 minutes.

They answered all the questions I had no matter how basic or silly they might have seemed and I was really confident about using a VPN after their reply to my email.

The second reason that I love using Express VPN is that it is very easy to work with. I know of some VPN services for Thailand that are unnecessarily complicated.

However, Express VPN is not one of them. If you want a VPN that can be installed within a few steps and that only takes a few seconds to point and click to connect to a server, then this is it.

Thirdly, Express VPN offers a 30 day money-back guarantee, with no questions asked. This company really stands behind their service. They even offer a referral program if you invite friends.

The fourth reason that Express VPN is great is the speed of the connection, its reliability, and the high level of encryption that protects my data.

If you want to bypass internet restrictions in Thailand then get Express VPN as your number one choice.


#2 – IPVanish – 7/10 –Available In Thailand Without The Performance Of Express VPN

If you need an alternative to Express VPN, then IPVanish can provide this however, it can’t match Express VPN in performance.

The biggest gripe I had was with their speed and connectivity issues.

These are the two main things I look for in a VPN and IPVanish fell short in both counts.

Internet speed in Thailand is actually pretty good and I can download files, stream and generally browse without any problems. When I used IPVanish I found that this dropped considerably.

It didn’t make the internet unusable and I was protected through their encryption but it was nowhere near as fast as Express VPN.

Another problem was with their responsiveness.

Express VPN replied to my queries literally in minutes. If I ever had a question for them I got an answer right away.

The staff at IPVanish takes hours to respond. It is really frustrating that a simple question can take most of the day to receive an answer to.

If you want a better VPN performance in Thailand that isn’t going to drop your internet speed then get Express VPN.

IPVanish is available here if you want to check them out.



Conclusion – Express VPN is the Best VPN for Thailand

I really hope you guys start using a VPN in Thailand so that you don’t have to miss out on content and websites that are blocked or restricted in the country.

As I mentioned above you, should opt for Express VPN as the best service to use due to a number of factors.

This includes their great customer service team, really easy to operate VPN, and the fact that it works seamlessly in South-East Asia and Thailand especially.

Benefits of using Express VPN:

  • Reliable customer support, faster than the rest
  • Optimal streaming speeds with high level of encryption
  • Hundreds of servers to choose from
  • Best to use when traveling and vacationing in areas that restrict internet content

For the best VPN to use in Thailand, get Express VPN today!

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