Best VPN for Chromebooks in 2018

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Google Chromebook users are especially at risk from having their personal information compromised when accessing an unencrypted Wi-Fi network. We have reviewed numerous VPNs and ranked them based on several key aspects. Based on our reviews, ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Chromebook because of its security protocols, user friendly interface and customer service. Read our reviews to find out which Chromebook VPN is best for you.

One of the best VPNs For Chromebook is Express VPN.

How Secure is Your Data on Chromebooks and Chrome OS

Chromebooks are very popular with internet lovers due to their ease of use, affordable prices, and dependability. Chromebook and Chrome OS take full advantage of the cloud in every way, making the computers run smoother for longer while using fewer resources.

Though many love the Chromebook’s cloud concept, some users and potential customers often cite that the computer may be especially vulnerable to viruses, hacks, and other malicious attacks. One way users protect themselves when accessing the internet is by creating a secure connection through a Chromebook VPN.

Why use a VPN for Chromebook

If you are accessing the internet without a VPN, you run the risk of exposing your personal data and having your activity monitored. Using a VPN for Chromebook will create a secure connection to the websites you use and give you a new IP address, adding an extra layer of protection for your otherwise exposed connection.

Use of a VPN is important when running a Chromebook because a lot of the computer’s functionality is based on connecting to the web. For that reason, Chromebooks are especially susceptible to privacy breaches and activity monitoring.

You can also access geo-restricted content from your Chromebook. If you are travelling outside of the United States, using a VPN on your Chromebook will give you a new local IP address, gaining access to otherwise restricted content.

Best Chromebook VPN in 2018

We constantly review the latest and best VPNs for Chromebook to keep up with an ever-changing market. We tested a selection of Chromebook VPNs to determine how our choices measured up based on privacy standards, encryption protocols, Chromebook compatibility, and customer service. Based on our standards, ExpressVPN is our top pick for best Chromebook VPN.

#1 ExpressVPN – Best VPN for Chromebook

Express VPN is our top pick for Chromebook. The service is available on Chromebook as a full desktop app interface. Specific installation instructions and setup procedures are available for both the Android VPN app as well L2TP/IPSec protocols for Chromebook.

As it operates on Chromebook through the desktop app, there is no Chrome VPN browser extension for Chromebook users. However, ExpressVPN Chrome browser extension is available for other computers.

Customer service is essential for ExpressVPN, which is not always a given. They have an around-the-clock live chat to respond to user questions or issues. The company also offers a 30-day money back guarantee, which is extremely helpful.

Users looking to access a wide range of geo-restricted content can take advantage of ExpressVPN’s servers in an impressive 94 countries. The company also has a strong pro-privacy stance, as reflected by their refusal to track user activity and provision of robust DNS leaking protection.

The company offers a 30-day free trial with subscription plans available in 1-month, 6-month, and 15-month blocks. Subscribers pay $12.95 for a monthly subscription, $59.95 for 6 months, and $99.95 for 15 months (which includes 3 free months).

Sign up with ExpressVPN here.

#2 NordVPN

NordVPN is a solid choice for Chromebook users. The company offers a popular VPN for those who value their privacy thanks to no recording of user activity logs, strong encryption protocols, and the ability to reroute connections through a “double hop” service.

Double hopping is a method of increasing user privacy by running a user’s VPN connection through two servers instead of just one. For customers whose top priority is privacy, they can pay anonymously via bitcoin, a favorite among security-conscious users.

Due to all the security precautions, NordVPN’s server connections are a little slower relative to competitors, but the extra privacy precautions are appreciated.

Chromebook users can set up NordVPN with L2TP or utilize it as an Android app and Chrome VPN browser extension.

NordVPN is available monthly for $11.95, $54.00 for six months, and yearly for $83.88 along with a 30-day free trial.

Sign up with NordVPN here.

#3 PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN works great as a Google Chromebook VPN for accessing geo-restricted content. The service is streamlined and better suited for the average user though it is missing some security offerings competitors provide.

While it doesn’t offer DNS leak prevention, the company employs the safe and common Open VPN encryption protocol. Even better, it does unlock Netflix and other streaming sites at an affordable price.

Users can take advantage of up to 6 simultaneous connections and use the VPN for P2P torrenting as well.

For Chromebook users, PrivateVPN has instructions for installing with L2TP or PPTP and is available as an Android app.

Users can pay monthly for $8.21, opt for a 3-month package for $16.88, or choose 13 months for $54.00. PrivateVPN includes a free 30-day trial for those users who prefer to try before they buy.

Sign up with PrivateVPN here.

#4 IPVanish

IPVanish is a more technical VPN for advanced users due to its more challenging setup. Among the benefits, this VPN hosts a large network of over 60 countries which help bypass geo-restrictions with 40,000 IP’s and over 850 servers, allowing plenty of safe surfing from nearly any location. The company also employs high 256-bit AES encryption and does not record user activity or connection data through logging which is a plus for privacy conscious browsers.

Chromebook users can access the IPVanish VPN with set up instructions for L2TP and IPSec protocols. They also have an Android App available through the Google Play store.

Subscribers are eligible a 7-day money back guarantee and can take advantage of a 30-day free trial to test the VPN’s features. IPVanish charges $10.00 for a monthly subscription, $26.99 for three months, and $77.99 for an annual subscription.

Sign up with IPVanish here.

#5 PureVPN

PureVPN offers a clean and user-friendly VPN experience for Chromebook and Chrome OS. The company also provides strong security protocols and privacy options along with a quick setup and strong UI design.

Customers can pay either $10.95 monthly, or can save 18% when paying for a 6-month package, and a whopping 73% saving when paying for 2 years. Furthermore, to reassure users of their advantages, subscribers receive a 7-day money back guarantee.

It should be noted that PureVPN has several payment options for Chromebook users. Customers can purchase a subscription with standard credit cards, Alipay, PaymentWall, as well as cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, and more, making it especially attractive to users who would rather pay anonymously.

Chromebook users can set up PureVPN by configuring the Chrome L2TP VPN.

Sign up with PureVPN here.

How to Use a VPN on Chromebook

When connecting a Chromebook to the VPN, be sure to follow the specific instructions of your chosen VPN. Overall, there are three types of VPN connections that Chrome OS will support including L2TP over IPSec with PSK, L2TP over IPSec with certificate-based authentication, and OpenVPN.

You will need to enter Settings>Add connection>Add private network. From there, you will fill in all of the necessary information such as service name, provider key and more thanks to the information provided by your chosen VPN service.

For those also wanting to use their account as a VPN for Android, you can download your VPN as an Android App and use the same account information across devices.

Should You Use a Free VPN for Chromebook

Some VPN providers offer a free subscription, which is useful in some cases. One of the biggest benefits, aside from the savings, is that they can usually be installed directly as plugins on Chrome browsers. They are also useful in a pinch if you need to get around a geo-restricted site or want to view content in a local shop’s website. However, if you’re looking for a more comprehensive security tool for more than just browsing, free VPNs tend to lack many of the advanced features their paid counterparts offer. Moreover, they offer less possible server locations in some cases, which can make finding content anywhere slightly more difficult. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for an affordable and quick solution for your browser to catch your favorite show or movie on streaming, read more about the best free VPN services available for Chromebook.

Chromebook VPN-The Wise Choice

For Chromebook users wanting an added layer of protection, any of the VPN’s we have reviewed present a good option. However, from our analysis, ExpressVPN stands out as our top choice due to its flexibility, customer service, ease of use, and extra security features.

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