Best VPNs for College in 2018

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Whether you’re a student or staff member, there’s always a need to be on the internet doing something on a college campus. When it’s not classwork related, there is often a lot of down time between lessons for students and professors alike to sit back and while away an hour or so on their phone until the next class. However, college campuses often have content blocks that limit a lot of what you can access. If you use a VPN, you can get around these blocks.

Best VPN For College is ExpressVPN


Why Is My Access Limited?

In an effort to keep students and teachers on task, network administrators at many colleges have put limited access to a lot of web content they deem distracting to the learning process.

Ironically enough, these blocked sites often include pages that students may need to access for research or communications.

But, there’s good news – if you use a VPN, not only can you get around these blocks, but you can do so while protecting your privacy from activity logs colleges may be keeping.


What is a VPN?

A VPN is a way of hiding on a separate network from a server you’re trying to get access to web content through. Standing for virtual private network, it’s exactly that – your own private network, within a network so to speak.

The company that hosts you will even encrypt your information to protect your privacy, and conceal your IP address to hide your location. Using one of these services will open the doors for you to access whatever you need, whenever you need it.  But, there are a lot of options out there.

Top 3 VPNs for College

Here are a few that have gotten some attention, and what you can expect from them in terms of quality and service.

#1 Choice: Express VPN

It’s hard not to give ExpressVPN a perfect score – their quality and value of service is excellent.

Their user-friendly software makes them a great option for someone who may just be beginning to familiarize themselves with using VPNs.

Their connection is one of the fastest out there, and their excellent encryption means that not only are you powering through content blocks when you use them, but your privacy is guaranteed.

In a network hotspot like a college campus, where so many users are coming and going, you can rest assured that you’re information is protected from hackers and identity thieves.

One of the best things about ExpressVPN is definitely their customer service.

They also offer a ton of perks:

  • 24/7 live chat and e-mail support
  • Super fast response times, usually under 30 minutes
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Referral program that gives you and a friend 30 days of free service when you get them to sign up

Not only that, but you can use their service on practically any device.

So if you’re shifting homework around through your tablet and onto a laptop, you can use the VPN software totally seamlessly, and even simultaneously with the two.

And better yet, with their global network of servers, students who study abroad don’t have to worry about crossing borders and losing service.

For the most well-rounded service on the market, and for the best VPN for your college experience, sign up with ExpressVPN today.


#2:  IPVanish – 4/5 – OK, but won’t work with iPhones and iPads

Here’s another good option for getting past those annoying content blocks. IPVanish will get you to any content you want, with a connection that’s as secure and almost as fast as ExpressVPN’s.

Like ExpressVPN, with IPVanish you’ll get unlimited bandwidth and two simultaneous connections, without having to pay an additional fee.

They also come with a money back guarantee, though IPVanish’s is only one week. Also, there is no referral program with these guys.

Though their software is simple and great for beginners, there is one major catch – it’s not compatible with iOS.

If you need a VPN for your iPhone or iPad, IPVanish isn’t going to work for you, and you’ll want to sick with ExpressVPN, which is compatible on all operating systems.

Though their customer support isn’t quite as fast, they are available 24/7, and can help you either by e-mail or live chat all the same.

IPVanish can be found through this link.


#3: HideMyAss – 2/5 – Slow connection, terrible for uploading

One thing I did a lot of on my school’s Wi-Fi was upload files, like homework assignments.

If you’re going to be using your VPN on a school network, chances are you’ll be doing a bit of the same at some point, so keep in mind that if you use HideMyAss, uploads can be pretty painstaking.

For that matter, any sort of high bandwidth activity is pretty tedious, thanks to HideMyAss’s reliably slow connection. This is unlike the super-fast speeds I had with ExpressVPN.

It’s surprising, really, because their server network is quite large, and you would think that they would have more than enough capacity to give everyone a very fast connection.

However, even with all of those servers, HideMyAss still falls short in connection speed and reliability.

In addition, HideMyAss’s support is slow, and at times unresponsive, despite their claims of being 24/7.

Even with live chat, e-mail, and phone support, you’re often hard pressed to get a quick response out of these guys.

The one good thing I can say about HideMyAss is they have a money back guarantee that’s as long as ExpressVPN’s – 30 days.

The difference with HideMyAss? You’ll actually want to use it. If you need a VPN to use at school, stick with ExpressVPN for a faster, more reliable option.

HideMyAss is here.

Conclusion: Best VPN For College

If you spend a lot of time on a college campus, you’ve run into content blocks, no doubt.

Even if you’re doing school work, often times the content filters block you from accessing basic sources of information, like news or social media websites.

Then, when you’re trying to kill time until your next class, you can’t even check your Facebook or surf Reddit.

Do yourself a favor and sign up for ExpressVPN service.

Not only will you be able to completely bypass these content blocks, but you’ll be protecting your privacy and hiding your location information.

This will safeguard your identity from internet criminals who may prey on these types of Wi-Fi hotspots.

For the most reliable and fastest connection during your college stay, sign up for a VPN through ExpressVPN.

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