Best VPN for Kodi

Best VPN for Kodi in 2019

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Kodi (AKA XBMC) is one of the most popular ways to download movies and TV shows.

However, using it on a standard internet connection, leaves your data vulnerable and your device open to copyright infringements and DMCA notices.

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Do I Need A VPN For Kodi

Due to your location, you might also be in a country that is either unable to access Kodi or suffers from low download speeds.

By using a VPN for Kodi, you can enhance your privacy, and protect your personal information when downloading torrent files, while also optimizing your internet speed.

The Best VPN for Kodi we recommend is Express VPN.

How A VPN For Kodi works

If you use Kodi at all, then you need to be connected through a VPN to protect your privacy. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.

Sharing data on a peer-to-peer (p2p) program will leave your personal information at risk and it can be easy for certain individuals to install malicious software on your device or spy on your activity.

Many people complain of slow download speeds due to their location and this can be a problem if you live in a country that tries to block torrent downloads and torrent programs.

A VPN encrypts the data that you use when online so no-one can hack into your device or snoop on what you are doing.

A good VPN service will also have servers located in countries that are optimized for torrent downloads so that you get the best speeds available and can bypass any restrictions on downloading files.

If you want to download torrent files safely and efficiently with Kodi then you should use a VPN to do this.

Top 3 VPNs For Kodi

Below, we’ve ranked 3 popular VPN companies according to what you can expect from them.

#1 Express VPN – Protects your privacy and has servers optimized for torrent downloads

The easiest way to enhance your privacy when using Kodi and also to download files through the program quickly, is by using Express VPN.

Not every VPN is designed to handle torrent downloads. Downloading files requires a lot of bandwidth, but Express VPN has servers that are tailor made for this activity.

They have servers located all over the world and in countries that torrent programs like Kodi offer the best download speeds to.

You can easily find an endpoint in a country that is optimized for torrent downloads by using Express VPN.

Your connection speed will stay consistent with these guys as well. Some VPN’s limit the download speed you can get through their server.

Express VPN has dedicated servers that are built to deal with high bandwidth so you can download torrent files quickly and with the added privacy of having your data encrypted.

Like all services, you might have to contact their customer service team at some point. The staff at Express VPN will usually respond within minutes and have your problem sorted out within the hour.

They are not only helpful, but very knowledgeable about Kodi and downloading torrent files, so they can assist with a problem specific to using peer-to-peer networks.

Express VPN stands behind their product. Not only do they have a 30-day money back guarantee, they also have a unique referral program.

If you refer a friend who signs up with Express VPN, then you both get 30 days of free service. And this software is not only easy to use, but works across all operating systems.

To use Kodi safely, and to keep your fast internet speed, get Express VPN right here.

#2 IPVanish – Good level of privacy

IPVanish offers privacy when you are downloading files through Kodi. However, it doesn’t provide the same internet speed and reliability that you can find with Express VPN.

Most of their servers are not built to deal with the high bandwidth that comes with using Kodi and your download speed will be limited.

A big problem for this VPN is that your connection often drops off. Meaning that if you are downloading a big file, then this can take a long time, because you need to keep reconnecting to the server.

It isn’t ideal when it comes to using Kodi. Additionally, this service doesn’t work with iOS. Whereas, ExpressVPN works with all operating systems.

When compared to ExpressVPN, these guys take a lot longer to get back to you if you have a problem when using their program with Kodi.

It can be nearly a day before you get a response, which is a long time when compared to super-quick response time of ExpressVPN.

You can find IPVanish here.

#3 HideMyAss – Huge list of server to choose from

HideMyAss is the last option on this list for VPNs that can be used with Kodi.

It will work with the program and you can download files through Kodi with added privacy, however downloading these files will take a long time.

This VPN is not optimized as well as Express VPN is to be used with Kodi. You will find that downloads are at a slower speed and the connection is not as reliable as Express VPN either.

There are many servers to choose from, however they limit bandwidth and downloading large files can take a lot longer with HideMyAss.

Finally their customer service team doesn’t have the same efficiency or knowledge about Kodi and torrent files as Express VPN has.

It will take HideMyAss a lot longer to figure out a solution to your problem, which means that you need to put the files you are downloading on hold until they fix the issue.

HideMyAss can be found here.

Conclusion: The best VPN for Kodi is ExpressVPN

Kodi is a program that everyone should have if they want to download files over a peer-to-peer network, however using it without a VPN is dangerous.

It will leave your personal data open to attack and because of your location you might not be able to download torrent files quickly.

By using Kodi with Express VPN you can:

  • Shield your personal data, information and online activity
  • Benefit from servers located in countries that are optimized for downloading torrent files
  • Contact their helpful and experienced customer service team 24/7

The safest way to Kodi is by far with ExprwessVPN

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