3 Best VPNs for iPad in 2017

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Summary: Accessing the internet via your iPad on a public Wi-Fi connection leaves your personal information exposed.Even people with a limited knowledge of hacking can see what you are accessing online and steal your information.

A VPN service removes this danger. Not only does it make it very difficult for someone to gain access to your personal details but it makes using the internet much safer to use.

Best VPN for Ipads, Express VPN.


Why Do I Need A VPN For My Ipad?

I have been using the iPad since it was first released.  However, it wasn’t until recently that I discovered how important a VPN is to my security.

I actually got the new iPad as a Christmas gift and in all the excitement I didn’t stop to think if my internet connection was safe.

We all know the internet can be a dangerous place but I was sure only laptops and PCs could be hacked. Boy, I was I wrong.

It turns out mobile devices, and tablets in particular, are very vulnerable to personal attacks and this is why a quality VPN service is must.

I always take my iPad to the nearest café as it is great for passing the time.  The problem is when I am using public Wi-Fi I’m actually very vulnerable.

I found this out the hard way. One day I noticed that apps I had no knowledge of downloading were appearing on my iPad.

Some of these were really obscure and there is no way I would have downloaded them.  It turns out it happened because I accessed a public Wi-Fi connection without securing my iPad with a VPN first.

Some tell-tale signs your iPad has been infiltrated include:

  • Apps being downloaded without your knowledge
  • Your iPad losing battery power quickly
  • Email inbox being flooded with spam messages
  • Safari opening seemingly random websites on its own

If you find that any of these happen to your iPad, there is a good change your device has been hacked.

It’s probably because you were accessing the internet on an unsecured Wi-Fi connection like I did.

I have to admit, I panicked and freaked out a bit, but there is a solution to our problem.


Use A Quality VPN For Your Ipad

Not many people I know use a VPN service on their iPad, but I now swear by it.  A VPN will encrypt your data on an unsecured Wi-Fi connection so that no one can gain access to your device.

It works by connecting through another IP address somewhere else in the world so that if someone does try and hack your iPad they just see scrambled data that can’t be penetrated.

I never go online with my iPad these days without first connecting to a VPN.

Even though it might sound a bit complicated, it is actually very easy to work the right VPN service and it only takes a few steps to set it up.

A reliable iPad VPN stops anyone from being able to access your device without your permission.


My 3 Best VPN’s For Ipad

Finding a good iPad VPN can be difficult.  There are a lot of choices out there and many VPN’s claim to be the best on the market, so I had to go through several services before I found one I liked.


#1 – Express VPN – 9/10 – Great encryption and works seamlessly with an iPad

I can’t speak highly enough about Express VPN because it is the best encryption service for the iPad. One thing that makes these guys stand out above anyone else is their customer service.

I was really apprehensive about using a VPN because I had never used one before but I knew I needed to protect my iPad from hackers.

I emailed a few questions to the support team and they responded in less than an hour!

Furthermore the VPN is really easy to use on my device.

Millions of people use an iPad and not everyone is tech savvy like me, so I chose Express VPN as my first choice because it is very easy to secure your iPad internet connection with this service.

Express VPN really stands behind their service. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee and even a referral program. Sign up a friend and you’ll both get a month of free service!

I recommend that you take every step necessary to keep your personal data safe when online and Express VPN is the software that is the best at doing this.

They have a military-grade 256-bit encryption system that works across all platforms, stellar customer, support, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and it’s easy to use.

Protect your iPad with the best VPN available today – Express VPN!


#2 – IPVanish –

Okay, so I’m really only listing IPVanish here because it does usually have such a good connection. However, as you can see, this one just isn’t an option for iPad users.

While IPVanish’s software is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux, it is not compatible with iOS, making it a non-option for iPad users.

If you want a reliable VPN that’s compatible with all major operating systems, then you’ll need to stick to Express VPN.

However, despite that gaping hole in their service, IPVanish has a fast, reliable connection, that works really great with most mobile devices.

In addition, like Express VPN, they allow up to two simultaneous connections, and give their customers completely unlimited bandwidth with all of their service plans.

If you need help though, keep in mind that IPVanish doesn’t have live chat support, so you could be waiting a while for assistance.

While their support is 24/7, e-mail tickets usually take at least a few hours to get a response.

But all of this is just moot for you iPad users – if you need a VPN to secure your iPad, stick with Express VPN.


#3 – HideMyAss – 

While HideMyAss is a VPN that’s compatible with iOS, along with every other major operating system out there, they’re still not a great option for iPads.

While their software is fairly simple and easy to use, it never seems to offer a fast enough connection, often bogging down mobile devices, and making streaming services almost impossible to use.

In addition, connections with HideMyAss’s servers are notoriously unreliable, often failing multiple times in a brief session. Whereas, I always had a reliable, strong connection with Express VPN.

When disconnection happens, your data is left completely exposed, and your browsing session is ultimately interrupted.

In addition, though their customer support is 24/7, it’s a lot slower than Express VPN’s.

E-mails usually take at least 8 hours to get a response, and even their live phone support has you on hold most of the time.

While HideMyAss has IPVanish beat in terms of compatibility, their terrible connection quality makes them yet another terrible option for iPad security. I would only use Express VPN.

HideMyAss is here


Conclusion:  Use Express VPN to Secure Your iPad 

No one wants to have their iPad hacked and personal details stolen.  A reliable VPN prevents this from happening.

Our top recommendation for your iPad is Express VPN.

Benefits of using Express VPN:

  • Reliable customer support, faster than the rest
  • Optimal streaming speeds
  • military-grade security and encryption
  • Hundreds of servers to choose from
  • Best to use when traveling and vacationing in areas that restrict internet content

Remember, too, that all these benefits are backed by an industry-leading 30-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk to you. You’ll love how easy to use this software is as well.

For the best security for your iPad, get Express VPN today.

Article comments

CAM says:

I agree a quality VPN is a must today, but unfortunately, companies may be far more interested in collecting fees than in providing service when it’s needed. I did business with ExpressVPN, and the company’s Internet kill switch started to malfunction, disconnecting me–and keeping me disconnected–from the Internet. Even after I disconnected from the VPN, I couldn’t get online. I contacted ExpressVPN’s support staff via online chat, and they had no idea how to solve the problem. They had me remove the VPN from my machine, but the Internet kill switch somehow remained active nonetheless. Worse, the support staff available “24/7” via online chat admitted to me the engineers who really understand how the programming interacts with different machines are in a completely separate department such that I was unlikely ever to hear back from the specialists with the tools to help me despite the support staff elevating the issue.

No one in any authority ever got back in touch with me from ExpressVPN, and I had to spend over $300 for Apple to fix the issue (Macbook Pro). I learned from Apple this Internet locking problem is common with the relatively new Internet kill switches VPN companies are using to prevent data leaking before the VPN connects or in the even the VPN unexpectedly disconnects. But ExpressVPN didn’t care enough about a paying customer even to return my emails or get in touch with me as promised. Not once.

So, yes, VPNs are a necessity. But good luck getting in touch with someone who isn’t merely a technician if something goes seriously wrong with your VPN access on your computer/tablet/phone–and these programs have root access, so it’s not a trivial event revoking privileges.

Oh, by the way, I tried to find the corporate headquarters and owner of ExpressVPN. I was unsuccessful. So if something goes seriously wrong, you’re on your own. Save up several times the $99 yearly fee for the substantially greater payment you’ll need to make to a specialist if you have to fix your machine.

Sally Crof says:

I felt there is one more best VPN provider called PureVPN. Its quite good as per user feedback.