Best VPN for Canada in 2017

Summary: With the increasing availability of online access in Canada, the country is now one of the top internet users in the world. With that increase in online activity has come a surge in cybercrime. Using a VPN can protect you from this disaster. A VPN will encrypt your connection so all a hacker can see is useless scrambled data and your identity will be protected.

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Why Is My Information At Risk?

As technology becomes cheaper and more readily available, the masses are clamouring for internet access. In Canada, citizens have made the country 20th in the world for internet usage.

However, this rampant online activity has sparked a new wave of crime-cybercrime.

Identity theft and fraud are on the rise as Canadian internet users have their information stolen through cyberspace during their day to day activities.

If you plan to spend any time in Canada, be sure to protect yourself by using a VPN when you access the internet.


What is a VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network, and it’s the best way to guarantee your online security, especially when you travel.

It’s a service that travels with you to protect your information as you log on all over the world.

The company that hosts your private network encrypts all of your data, so not only are you untraceable, but your connection is totally secure.

Every device is encoded with an IP address, which gives servers your location information, enabling them to adjust your content accordingly.

Your VPN provider will also conceal your IP address, making your actual location unknown to servers.


Top 3 VPNs for Canada

There are a lot of VPN providers out there, but here are a few of the most popular ones, and how they measure up.


#1 Choice:  Express VPN – 9/10 – The Best VPN for Canada

Express VPN is definitely my number one choice for private browsing.

Their encryption is top notch, giving you great peace of mind that your information will never be compromised; and of course, they never log any of their users’ information.

The biggest reason why I love Express VPN is their customer service.

They have people available 24/7 on live chat or e-mail to answer your questions any time, day or night, and their typical e-mail response time is less than 30 minutes.

This company even offers a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with their service for any reason, they’ll give you a complete refund.

However, if you do love their service and get a friend to sign up, you can both get a month of free service through their referral program!

If you use a variety of devices, there’s good news for you too. Express VPN’s service works on just about any WiFi-enabled device.

It can even be used on more than one at a time, protecting your information on everything from your smartphone to your tablet – all of which access a tremendous amount of personal information.

If you’re looking for the most reliable connection and the best customer service around, Express VPN is the service for you.

For the best VPN to use in Canada, get Express VPN today.


#2:  IPVanish – 7/10 – Not compatible with iOS

If you’re in Canada and just can’t seem to connect to an Exprses VPN server for whatever reason, give IPVanish a try next.

While their connection may not be quite as fast as Express VPN’s, it’s still plenty fast enough for streaming and downloading.

Plus, with their unlimited bandwidth, you’ll never have to worry about hitting a monthly cap.

IPVanish’s customer support is pretty similar to Express VPN’s, with the exception being that they’re just typically not as prompt.

However, with 24/7 live chat and e-mail support, you should be able to get in touch with someone if you run into problems – it just might take a little longer.

Their software is pretty easy to use, but keep in mind that unlike Express VPN, IPVanish won’t work on devices that use iOS.

While it is compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, and even Linux, this VPN has yet to update their software to a version that supports mobile Apple devices.

With their large network of servers, chances are if you’re trying to use a VPN in Canada and can’t access Express VPN, IPVanish will get the job done.

IPVanish can be found through this link.


#3: HideMyAss – 5/10 – Slow support

I would really only use HideMyAss if you just absolutely can’t get Express VPN or IPVanish to work.

Even though they have a really large network of servers, their connection is almost always slow and unreliable, making it difficult to establish a secure connection.

Even with unlimited bandwidth, streaming and downloading with HideMyAss is just terribly tedious.

While HideMyAss’s software is compatible with all major operating systems, it’s not nearly as intuitive and easy to use as Express VPN’s.

On top of that, if you wind up needing some help (and it’s likely you will), their customer support can be incredibly slow.

Even though HideMyAss’s support is 24/7, you’re going to wind up waiting at least overnight to hear back from them on an e-mail inquiry.

Even with live chat and phone support, you’re going to wind up on hold waiting for a representative for a few minutes.

It may seem like small potatoes, but with such great customer support with Express VPN, there’s not much of a reason to settle for HideMyAss.

HideMyAss is here.


Conclusion: Use Express VPN for Fast, Unlimited Access

Canada is a hotbed of internet activity. As their user base continues to grow, however, so does their cybercrime rate, with fraud listed as the most common form.

As the number of public networks grows, so does this new pocket of criminals, putting your information at risk.

However, if you use Express VPN, you’ll get:

If you want the very fastest, most secure connection available in Canada, get Express VPN now. 

Bryan is a proud, career U.S. Air Force officer with over 20 years experience in IT, cyber security, and acquisitions.

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