VPNSecure Review

March 2020 VPNSecure Review & Deals

This week I reviewed VPNSecure to see what they had to offer their customers.

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Compatible With

  • Google
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Skype
  • WhatsApp
  • Gmail
  • Tinder

Recommended For

  • Easy to use
  • Connection speeds
  • Privacy

It was hard to find anything to complain about with these guys. VPNSecure has all of the best to offer their customers, at prices that anyone can handle.

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Did you know that identity theft and fraud are two of the fastest growing crimes in the world?

As our lives become more and more digitized, hackers and cyber criminals are seizing the opportunity to get their hands on our personal information.

Public Wi-Fi networks, despite their undeniable convenience, present the highest risk for this happening to you.

It’s a scary thought, but one that doesn’t deter many people from checking bank account balances and shopping online when they’re on the go.

Likewise, few people are deterred from general internet usage just because of government surveillance and censorship programs, yet this is another widespread and frustrating problem.

You can protect yourself from hackers and government snoops, and even get around content blocks though – all just by using a VPN.

This simple software based solution is quickly gaining popularity as a great way to protect your privacy and open up your access, regardless of your geographic location.

Like everything else though, it can be tricky knowing which ones are worth your money.

I’m going to go through point by point here on just what to look for in a VPN, so you can make the best choice possible.

I’ll be reviewing VPNSecure this time around, to see just how they stack up in terms of features and value.

The X Factor

This last category isn’t really a feature or a technical specification, but more of a general feeling you get from the company.

Let’s face it, none of us are strangers to internet scams, and with this service being completely digital, you want to feel good about who’s getting your credit card information.

VPNSecure came across as a very legitimate business to me.

Their website was easy to navigate and well-designed, and they had tons of technical information on their service laid out in an easy to understand and organized fashion.

Their software was the same, with a sleek, simple interface that was very user-friendly, and a really smooth professional feel to it.


So I know that seems like a lot of information, but let’s go over the bullet points real quick and see just how well VPNSecure did in our review.


  • compatible with all operating systems
  • up to 10 simultaneous connections
  • refunds for technical problems
  • 50+ servers to choose from
  • set up is a no-brainer
  • no data logging
  • easy to use, good lookin’ software
  • 24/7 customer service
  • support through live chat and e-mail
  • super-fast connection
  • strongest encryption, with multiple security options
  • low monthly rates
  • professional and informative website


  • refund policy is limited to technical issues only
  • limited bandwidth for Australia 2 server

Well, it looks like the pros have it. VPNSecure offers a ton of great features, a lightning fast connection, and great live chat support to back up their secure connection.

This is definitely one of the better VPNs I’ve reviewed, so definitely go check them out.

Things We Like

compatible with all operating systems

easy to use and set up

lightning fast connection

up to 10 simultaneous connections

Things We Didn't Like

no refunds for support issues

What If I Need Help?

Okay, so for a minute, forget features, forget system compatibility, and just think about this – what happens if it just doesn’t work? Or you’re having billing issues? Or your connection’s slow?

My point is is that all of the features in the world won’t do you a bit of good with crappy customer service.

If it takes them three days to respond to you, or they’re rude or just pasting chunks of their FAQs into their responses, tell ‘em to give you a refund and get lost. This is a buyer’s market my friend.

24/7 Support?

This is the most important part of support, because it usually means getting a much faster response.

If you don’t want to sit around and twiddle your thumbs waiting for tech support over the weekend, make sure they have someone there round the clock to answer your questions.

VPNSecure offers 24/7 customer service with their live chat feature, so help (should) always be instantaneous.


There’s no doubt that the more ways you can get in touch with a company, the better. The best VPNs offer live options like e-mail and phone support, while the very minimum for support is e-mail.

VPNSecure offers e-mail and live chat support on their website, so you can get service instantaneously if you need it.

Customer Support Test

There’s no better way to give a VPN provider a run for your money than by putting their customer service to the test. That’s exactly what I did with VPNSecure.

I made sure to contact their customer service both during peak and off business hours, to make sure that I could get prompt responses no matter what time of day it was.

E-mail Support Test #1 – Friday/11:46 a.m.

I got a response to my first e-mail inquiry in great time – just under an hour. VPNSecure’s staff was courteous, and gave me exactly the answer I was looking for.

Result: 50 minutes

E-mail Support Test #2 – Friday/11:02 p.m.

I sent my second e-mail inquiry a little later in the evening, but still got a really fast response. In less than an hour again, I had an answer to my question.

Result: 47 minutes

Live Chat Support Test #1 – Friday/12:27 p.m.

My first experience with VPNSecure’s live chat support went really well.

Within 30 seconds I was connected with a service representative, and in less than a minute I had an answer to my question.

Result: 43 seconds

Live Chat Support Test #2 – Friday/10:47 p.m.

Again, I had a really good experience with VPNSecure’s live chat support. They got to me within 30 seconds this time, and got right to the point of answering my question.

Result:  27 seconds

Overall I was really impressed with VPNSecure’s support. Even with e-mail inquiries, they responded really fast, and every time I got a real person with great help.

How Fast is VPNSecure?

Connection speed is second only to customer service, so pay close attention here.

The best way to know just how fast a VPN’s connection is is by putting it to the test, so see if the VPN you’re interested in offers a free trial period for you to take it for a spin.

I ran two speed tests, one while connected to a VPNSecure server, and one with my standard internet connection, to see how the two compared.


Without VPNSecure



With VPNSecure


These aren’t results I see very often. Typically the internet connection is at least a little slower with a VPN, but in this case it was actually significantly faster.

I was using their highest level of encryption, and still the results were faster than my standard connection.

How Secure Is It?

Okay, so I know it’s super important that you be able to Skype with all your buds and watch Game of Thrones, but it’s also pretty important that your connection be secure.

Even if security isn’t the main reason you’re using a VPN, it’s the name of the game in this industry and should face the same high standards your connection quality and speed does.

The very best VPNs give their customers options for security, so that they can tailor fit the strength of their encryption with their own needs.

While a few different protocols exist, there are two basic encryption strengths to watch for – 128 and 256 bit, the latter being unbeatable military grade protection.

VPNSecure offers them both, along with 3 different security protocols for their customers to choose from.

You can up your security if you’re accessing sensitive personal information, or downgrade it to optimize connection speed for streaming and downloading.


Is it Easy to Use?

Since a lot of people bounce back and forth between wanting privacy and not really caring, it’s nice to be able to connect and disconnect to a VPN without jumping through a bunch of hoops.

VPNSecure was incredibly easy to use, with a software interface that wasn’t overly crowded with unnecessary settings.

The settings they do have are simple and easy to understand, and offer optimal security, and even give you the option of allowing the program to start up automatically when you turn on your system.

Logging In

What I really love about logging in to VPNSecure is that you don’t always have to.

Their software has an option under their settings menu that will keep you automatically logged in, even if you shut down and restart the program.

Changing Servers

Changing servers with VPNSecure couldn’t be easier either.

Their list is right there on the connection tab of the software menu, and you can select a new one at any time by scrolling through the list if your connection is a little sluggish.

What’s the Set-Up Process Like?

Even though VPNs are really surging in popularity, there’s still a large group of people out there that have never even heard of them, and are totally clueless as to how they work.

It’s not up to the consumer to be informed though, it’s up to the companies producing this software to make it simple enough for anyone to use – not just the technologically inclined.

VPNSecure’s setup is perfectly simple and straightforward – if you can install a program, you can set this one up.

Their website clearly shows you which software package to download based on your operating system, and from there it’s as simple as installing and connecting.

Will VPNSecure Work on My Operating System?

So the very first thing you need to ask yourself when you start shopping around is will the software work on your operating system.

Keep in mind that you can often connect the same VPN to multiple devices, so make sure it’s going to be compatible with them all.

VPNSecure’s software is really well-rounded, working with all operating systems.

This includes iOS, Mac, Windows, Android, and even Linux, so you can use it on everything from your iPhone to your laptop.

What Features Does VPNSecure Have?

This is really the bread and butter of any VPN, and encompasses a lot of different points.

This is where you really get to decide if what they’re charging you is fair, based on how many features you’re getting.

I’ll show you what each of these categories means, what you can expect from a good VPN provider, and what VPNSecure offers.

Feature #1: Multiple Connections

This refers to the number of connections you can have simultaneously under one account.

This is really beneficial for people that use more than one device to access online features and websites, as well as families with multiple connections to secure and protect.

Most VPN providers allow at least two, so don’t settle for anything less than that.

VPNSecure will allow you to connect up to 10 devices, which is more than enough for the standard human being.

They only ask that you limit the number of users per account to one, which is sort of a good faith request since there’s really no way for them to tell. Either way, it’s a pretty sweet deal!

Feature #2:  Money Back Guarantee

It goes without saying that a money back guarantee can lend you some serious peace of mind.

This is a really important feature to me, because it actually means that the company has motivation to keep you happy.

Most VPN providers offer at least a 24 hour policy, the better ones give you 30 days.

With VPNSecure there’s not so much a time limit as there are certain criteria for claiming a refund.

You can get a refund for your month’s services at any time, provided you are having unresolvable technical problems.

Meaning you have to go through the motions with tech support until they deem your problem unsolvable.

Not the best policy, but it at least means you can get a refund if the service doesn’t work at all for you.

Feature #3:  Number of Servers

The number of servers a VPN provider has is pretty important, because it can greatly affect the speed and quality of your connection.

The key here is to look for quantity and location diversity.

Make sure that they have locations in all corners of the world so you can get a better connection, and enough to handle their customer capacity to keep your connection fast.

The best VPNs have at least 50 servers.

I was really impressed with VPNSecure’s server list. They not only have 53 servers in 43 countries around the world, but they’re not just located in Europe and North America like so many others are.

There are literally servers in places like Japan, Australia, and even the Isle of Man, so you get variety as well as quantity.

Feature #4:  Referral Program

This isn’t the most common feature, but some VPNs will actually give you free or discounted service for recommending their products to new customers.

Out of ten VPNs I look into, I’d say maybe one of them offers this feature, so don’t get discourage if it’s not something you see with too many of them.

Though it’s not altogether, it is a little disappointing – VPNSecure doesn’t offer their customers any perks through a referral program.

Feature #5:  Data Logging

This is the practice of storing user’s internet activity, and the feature part of it is when they don’t do it.

Though it’s perfectly understandable for a VPN provider to temporarily store IP addresses for tech support purposes, tracking and logging activity is definitely a no-no.

VPNSecure really respects what their customers want out of a VPN service, and that’s privacy. They never log any of their users’ activity – a fact that they adamantly and proudly display on their website.

Feature #6:  Bandwidth

For those that may be unfamiliar with the term, bandwidth refers to the data capacity of a server in a given network. Some VPNs put monthly caps on your bandwidth – those guys are jerks.

The bottom line is that most VPN providers out there offer completely unlimited bandwidth, so don’t settle for anything less than that.

So this is where it gets a little odd. On every server but their Australia 2 server, VPNSecure allows their customers totally unlimited bandwidth.

For whatever reason though, on this server you’re limited to 50 GB per month. Sorry mates.

How Much Does VPNSecure Cost?

This category can make or break a lot of business for a VPN, and as it should. Like I said, it’s a buyer’s market, so there’s no need to settle for a big price tag when you can get a better deal elsewhere.

I wouldn’t pay more than $15 a month for any VPN service.


VPNSecure is super affordable, with monthly rates starting at less than $10/month. Plus, you get even bigger savings when you purchase six or twelve months at a time.

Rating:  5/5 – Affordable, with incremental discounts

Comment Section

Keith says:

I am a very happy user in the Netherlands. I will advise anybody to use this VPNs. No cons only 100% pros. I also happy with the speed.

Greg says:

I am using vpnsecure.me. I like their service so I wanted to support them. Their VPN and Proxy work well with no problems. Tech support always answers the chat and provides answers.