Best VPN for Watching House of Cards

What is the Best VPN for Watching House of Cards?

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Summary: House of Cards is a great drama, starring Kevin Spacey. However, access to watching it is governed by Netflix’s geo-blocking software. To watch House Of Cards on Netflix anywhere, you will need to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to unblock your access.

A VPN allows you to change you IP Address (the address used by your computer to surf the internet). This allows you to trick Netflix into thinking you are in a different location, allowing you to get access to all of their content.

The best VPN we recommend to access US Netflix and stream House Of Cards is ExpressVPN. It is simple to use, fast and allows you to unblock Netflix from anywhere.

To start watching House Of Cards, get ExpressVPN now.


Why Don’t I have Access?

Season 5 of House Of Cards is due for release on Netflix on May 30th. Without spoiling anything, Season 4’s finale left us with Callie in a very precarious and dangerous situation.

We can’t wait to see how she get’s out of it as Frank and Claire continue to plot their way to victory in the presidential election.

However, if you are located outside of the US, you may have difficulty watching House Of Cards.

In some countries, Netflix blocks particularly due to restrictive licensing restrictions set by copyright holders. It can be incredibly frustrating if you want to find out what happens on your favorite show.

But there is a way to stream House Of Cards on Netflix if you are located outside of the US.

The good news is although Netflix blocks access to its content based on your geographical location, you can use a VPN to change your IP Address.

In other words, a VPN can make it appear that you are accessing the internet from a country where House Of Cards can be watched.


So What Is A VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual private network. A VPN is a network of servers over the internet that you can access for a small monthly fee.

It can keep you anonymous and adds an extra layer of security to your online viewing.

The main benefit of a VPN is it allows you to use the IP address of a VPN server in a different geographical location. Once you choose a country you want to access from, a VPN allows you to get access to websites and streaming services, such as Netflix, available to that country

This means, if you log onto a VPN based in the US, you will be able to access House of Cards on Netflix, even if it not yet in your country.


Best VPNs For Streaming House Of Cards

There are heaps of VPNs on the market, so how do we choose? We have tested a ton of VPN providers to find the best VPN for you.

Some of the major factors that impact our decision included the server network size and location, the connection speed, encryption strength and much more.

Below are the three best options we found for streaming House Of Cards.

#1 ExpressVPN – 9/10 – Fast, Easy To Use, Reliable Connection (Highly Recommended)

We found ExpressVPN is the best VPN to stream House of Cards. With great customer service, a 30-day guarantee and easy to use software, it stood out from the rest.

With servers in over 70 countries and excellent connection speeds, ExpressVPN makes it easy to connect and start streaming straight away. No matter where you are, you will be able to stream any show on Netflix not available in your country.

Even if you’ve never used a VPN before, is incredibly easy to setup and start using. Don’t be intimidated by the concept at all.

Not only is it compatible with most major operating systems, but they also offer unlimited bandwidth, allowing you to watch House Of Cards, without worrying whether you have gone over a monthly limit.

When tested, we were able to download ExpressVPN and start streaming Netflix in less than 15 minutes.

And as a bonus, they also offer a referral program. Get your friend to sign-up with them, and you’ll BOTH get a month of free service!

To unblock your access to House of Cards with the fastest streaming, get ExpressVPN today and read our full ExpressVPN review.


#2 Nord VPN – 7/10 – Reliable Connection, Cheapest VPN but Occasionally Slow

If you are unable to connect to ExpressVPN, then Nord VPN is a great second option. Nord has implemented servers specifically set up for the purpose of unblocking Netflix in countries outside of the US.

Nord VPN will work on most devices. What’s best is it also has multiple payment plan options. If you choose to buy a longer plan, it will cost you less in the long run. The more months you buy, the more you save – makes it one of the cheapest VPNs on the market.

One issue we found during our tests is it can occasionally be slow. Also, be sure to double-check the fine print as it has a limited refund policy. For faster streaming, and a better refund policy, stick to ExpressVPN.

You can find Nord VPN and read our full NordVPN review here.

Conclusion: Use ExpressVPN for the best service for watching House Of Cards

As with any market, there are a ton of VPNs to choose from. During our test, ExpressVPN consistently showed up as a clear winner in regards to response time, internet speeds and ease of use.

Not only is it compatible with most popular operating systems, but it is also an incredibly reliable service.

ExpressVPN’s usability, affordability, and consistent connection make it a clear winner for those wanting to watch House Of Cards.

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