Secure Thoughts Expert Team

Jeremiah Fowler

Jeremiah Fowler - authorJeremiah Fowler is a Security Researcher and co-founder of Security Discovery. After 8 years in the software industry Jeremiah began his career in security research in 2015 and has a mission of data protection. He has helped identify and secure the data of millions of people around the world. His discoveries have been covered in Forbes, BBC, Gizmodo, among others.

Austin Miller

Austin is a tech writer, specializing in privacy, malware analysis, and cybercrime. Used to experimenting with different VPNs, he’s determined to find the best defenses against the growing problem of always-on surveillance.

Derek Cromwell

Derek CromwellIn addition to working for an ISP for a few years managing the tech support division, with over a decade in writing as a generalist I’ve covered a number of topics relative to Privacy and Tech

Nicky Hoseck

Nicky HoseckWith a MA degree from the University of London, I went out into the world of journalism but soon the desire for writing, reading and avoiding arithmetic took me on a different path. When I’m not writing about VPNs, historical heroes and travel, you’ll find me riding horses on the Wild Coast of South Africa or looking after baby goats on our smallholding.

Rachel Carr

Rachel CarrI came to know the pros and cons of various VPNs whilst living abroad in Germany for a couple of years, but still wanted to watch British TV. Now, living back in the UK, I split my time between writing, blogging and looking after my son & dog. When I get spare time, I like to cook and indulge in a glass of red.

Marija Perenic

Maria PerinicCompleting my Bachelor’s degree in Australia, I got bitten by the travel bug and packed my bags for Europe, now living in the sunny coastal town of Zadar, Croatia. Here I completed my Master’s in Journalism and Public Relations.

Being an avid Game of Thrones fan and self-confessed bookworm I constantly find myself getting lost in the lives of fictional characters like Daenerys Targaryen, and wouldn’t mind having a couple of dragons of my own.

Liz Hands

Liz HandsI’m a British journalist who has written about everything from fast cars to fashion, health to human interest, travel to tech. I’m now living in Singapore where a VPN is vital for catching up on all my guilty pleasure British tv shows! When I’m not writing, I’m spending time with my kids, horse riding or binge-watching Netflix until long after I should have gone to bed!

Rebecca Lori

Rebecca LoriRebecca is a freelance content writer, social media specialist and designer who is based in the UK. Her passions include travel, technology and art.

Past Contributers

Lyndon Seitz

Lyndon was the Editor-in- Chief of Secure Thoughts. He is dedicated to bringing you vital cybersecurity news and information and curating a website that will do everything in its power to keep your privacy and technology safe.

Leah Zitter

Has 5+ years writing and researching high-tech topics. She specializes in Data Governance Cybersecurity, Cryptocurrency/ Blockchain, Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Her bylines have appeared in publications that include Google Cloud Community, Cybersecurity Hub, Robotics Industries Insight, and Yale Law School´s Privacy Issue.


Bryan is a proud, career U.S. Air Force officer with over 20 years experience in IT, cyber security, and acquisitions.


Andrew Sanders

Andrew is a writer and editor based out of New England. He specializes in technology and information security.

Kevin Wells

Kevin is an IT and digital marketing consultant with many years experience in online media and e-commerce. He has a particular interest in current issues relating to digital security and online freedom.

Devin Wise

9k=Devin Wise is a technology writer and blogger based in the northeastern US. He is particularly interested in online censorship, and government repression and surveillance.