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Best Antivirus App for Android 2019

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Is Android virus protection really vital or is it just a storm in a teacup created by Apple fans? Find out why an antivirus app is really a necessity for Android users and examine the six best Android antivirus apps that can keep your device virus-free.

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Why do you Need Android Virus Protection for Your Smartphone or Tablet?

By 2016, 107.7 million Americans were using Android operating systems. In 2017, Google announced 2 billion active Android handsets around the world. Unfortunately, where there’s Internet success, there are also Internet hackers. Cyber thieves are permanently working to find ways to crack Android’s operating system and hack into millions of smartphones and tablets. Some Android viruses that hit in 2017 include the Judy malware, Ghostctrl, and FalseGuide.

Why Do I Need an Antivirus App for Android?

With so many cyber criminals working to hack the system, basic Android virus protection is not enough. Unlike Apple’s App Store, Google Play is not a closed system so Android users can download apps from potentially malicious third-party stores. Bogus and infected apps have appeared on the Google Play store too, so an antivirus app is necessary. Apart from the risk of malware and Trojans in your apps, your phone and tablet are just as much at risk from phishing emails, texts, and Facebook messages as your computer.

Best Android Antivirus Software

When you’re looking for the best Android antivirus protection, there are a few features you should look for. Free virus protection for Android is a plus, but high-level security for your phone and data is what really matters.

An easy to use setup and clear and simple design are paramount, as are anti-theft, call blocking, and backup features. You also want an app that won’t slow down your phone or tablet and doesn’t take forever to complete a scan.

Remote locking and reset functions are valuable additions as well so that you can keep your data safe even if your phone is stolen or lost.

Here are our six favorite Android virus protection apps.

#1 TotalAV – Best Android Virus Protection

TotalAV offers top Android virus protection with advanced capabilities to detect, isolate, and destroy ransomware, malware, Trojans, adware, spyware, and all other Android viruses. A two-way firewall increases your Internet privacy when browsing or buying online and safeguards you from phishing scams.

The Total AV Pro and Ultimate plans can be used on three and five devices respectively while speeding up your online experience and removing unwanted files and caches.

The Ultimate plan blocks annoying ads, while all plans come with 24/7 technical support and 30-day money back guarantee. Essential AV costs $19.95, Pro AV is $39.95, and Ultimate AV costs $59.95.

Sign up with TotalAV here.

#2 Norton

Norton has a free virus protection for Android option, but you can bring more powerful real time protection to one, five, or ten devices with one of its paid plans. All Norton Antivirus plans protect your Android device from phishing, malware, spyware, and viruses using call blocking and a smart app to warn you of suspicious apps.

Design is simple and straightforward, and anti-theft features include locating, locking, and wiping your phone remotely with a ‘sneak peek’ camera that photographs the thief automatically activated once you use remote locking. You can backup your phone remotely with the Premium plan, although backup capacity is limited.

The Standard plan costs $39.99, the Deluxe plan is $49.99, and Premium costs $54.99.

Sign up with Norton Antivirus here.

#3 Panda

Panda offers free virus protection for Android as a seven-day trial of its paid app. The features include remote locating, locking and wiping your Android smartphone, and protection against malware, spyware, Trojans, and viruses.

Pandas antivirus firewall and built-in Wi-Fi blocker safeguard your phone or tablet against hackers and freeloaders.

The Advanced plan adds identity protection against ransomware, parental controls, and covers three devices, while the Complete plan for up to five devices includes file encryption and speeds up your phone or tablet by deleting unnecessary files, cookies, and caches.

The basic plan costs $19.99, Advanced is $37.49, and the Complete is $52.49.

Sign up with Panda Antivirus here.

#4 BullGuard

BullGuard’s 2019 antivirus app promises next-generation protection that identifies, quarantines, and destroys malware, Trojans, and other viruses on your Android tablets, game consoles, and smartphones. It constantly scans your device for vulnerabilities and alerts you to potentially malicious apps. BullGuard is easy to use with 24/7 support.

The Internet Security plan covers up to three devices and adds a powerful firewall, encrypted backups to the cloud, and parental controls, while the Premium plan can be used on up to ten devices and includes identity protection tools.

BullGuard Antivirus is available for $23.96, Internet Security plan for $23.98, and the Premium Protection plan for $29.98. There’s no free version, but you do get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Sign up with Bullguard here.

Final Words

The prevalence of Trojans, malware, spyware, ransomware and all types of viruses today make it sadly necessary for everyone to get the best Android antivirus protection they can find. And, that’s without even mentioning hackers working hard to steal your personal details, get hold of your bank passwords or subvert your phone into a cyber weapon. Now, you too can be armed with the right antivirus app to protect yourself and your devices.

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