Best Antivirus Apps for iPhone

Best Antivirus Apps for iPhone

Last updated on May 25, 2021

Apple has been playing up their security edge for years now. This can be seen in their ads, showing thieves attempting to steal other phones, but as soon as they get to the iPhone they get stuck and eventually give up. This is also presumably seen as one of the main reasons that users switch from Android to iPhone. A very handy marketing tool for Apple, surely.

From attacks like WireLurker, KeyRaider to Keydnap, a Trojan designed to steal passwords, cybercriminals are now turning to Apple’s iPhone in order to breach security walls. The only way to beat them is by using antivirus software.

The Best Antivirus for iPhone

Here are the top three choices when looking for the best iPhone antivirus app.

#1 McAfee

You generally want an antivirus app that will keep everything safe and under control, and McAfee does just this and more. They do it all, including: removing malware, adware, spyware and also offer web protection for when you’re surfing online and fall upon a suspicious website.

Use the Secure Media Vault and restrict access when sharing your phone with other people to your personal files like photos and videos. You can store those files in a safe place and access them with a password.

Another cool feature they have is App Protection, which will scan a particular app for security breaches and warn you in advance if there are some found.

If you think your phone might have been stolen or you lost it somewhere, McAfee allows you a locating feature meaning you can track its whereabouts and when you think you might be close, you can even set off an alarm so it’s easier to locate. There is also the CaptureCam feature which will email you a snapshot of anyone attempting to get into your phone.

If the whole situation is looking bleak and you don’t think you will see the light of iPhone again, you always have the option of clearing its contents completely. In that situation, hackers or third parties cannot get a hold of your information.

The McAfee interface is incredibly simple to use, but if you do have trouble you can always contact customer service. Choose between various options such as email, chat and phone support, all of which are available around the clock.

Here are some features which make McAfee the best antivirus for iPhone:

  • Device lock security
  • Thief camera (takes a photo of the thief)
  • Anti-spyware
  • Remotely wipes data
  • Map location service
  • Alarm
  • Anti-theft uninstall protection
  • Safeguard your online privacy under unsecured network
  • Blocks access to risky websites
  • Securely locks apps with sensitive content
  • Phone support
  • Media Upload
  • No ads
  • Controls which apps guests can see on your device

If you want to know more about McAfee, read our review here.

#2  AVG

Another reputable name in the antivirus software industry is AVG. It is common knowledge that their software is easy to use, reliable and very thorough. There are thousands upon thousands of customer reviews proving this. But, what does AVG offer in terms of iPhone antivirus software?

AVG will block spoof websites designed to monitor what you do on the internet and effectively steal and passwords. This antivirus will also remove adware, malware, and spyware as well as offering one of the most important features in an antivirus, real-time protection. This means AVG will run in the background and constantly monitor your system, blocking any malware before it strikes.

This antivirus will allow you to create a list of both trusted and blocked numbers from which you receive calls from. In addition to this, you can always send automated messages to a particular number when receiving a call from them. PrivacyFix is also a great feature which sees AVG get into the depths of your privacy settings on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, also giving you tips on how to alter them to remain more secure.

When it comes to customer service AVG is really giving it their all, offering not only chat and phone support, but you also have customer support on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. There is also an active community of users on the AVG website that love to help out one another, so you can always post any questions you may have on there.

Here are some features which make AVG one of the best iPhone antivirus apps:

  • Anti-theft phone tracker
  • App lock
  • Camera trap
  • Easy to use interface
  • Monthly plan
  • Dual-engine antivirus for removing malicious content
  • Performance-boosting features
  • Photo Vault
  • Surveillance agent

If you want to know more about AVG, read our review here.

#3 Avast

On their website, you will see Avast show off their 4.7 score on the App Store regarding their antivirus app. So they should. With so many threat protection features, Avast has earned a great reputation for being a security specialist. This iOS app will keep a lookout for any threatening activities including malware, ransomware, Trojans and all the usual suspects.

The app will not slow your iPhone down, but the scan itself may take a little longer than the previously mentioned antivirus apps. Anti-theft is something Avast take seriously, so just like McAfee and AVG you have the ability to locate your device and sound an alarm if you think you might be close by. Don’t worry if your iPhone is on silent, it will still go off.

In addition to this, you can also lock your phone and clear it if you think it might have gotten into the wrong hands. Trust us, an iPhone with your personal information is much more lucrative than just the device itself. You also have the option of forwarding calls and text messages from your number to a new number.

Here are some features making Avast one of the best apps for iPhone:

  • Call blocker
  • App permissions
  • Anti-theft
  • Firewall
  • Avast direct support
  • SecureLine VPN
  • Wifi finder
  • Secure photos with a pin or fingerprint passcode
  • Verify wifi security

#4 Intego

If you want to protect your iPhone from malware and other threats, Intego has a solution that comes in the form of VirusBarrier X9. This is a macOS application which cannot be installed directly to your iPhone or other devices. It also means that your iPhone needs to be connected to a Mac that is running VirusBarrierX9.

This program will scan as many iOS devices as you own, no matter the type of license you have. It works by copying all the files found on your iPhone including music, video, and photos as well as any files added by third parties via file transfer programs.

The Setup Assistant allows you to quickly and easily customize the program’s basic settings, with the default protection level being standard as its recommended for most users. Minimum protection will safeguard your device from most common threats, like malware, viruses, and malicious scripts. If you want to scan your iPhone you will need to turn on Maximum protection, but it should be noted that this might impact on your Mac’s performance.

VirusBarrier X9 also works on your jailbroken device scanning personal files, emails, and any other files added by third parties for threats. VirusBarrier X9 also detects and eradicates:

  • Mac viruses
  • Windows viruses
  • Microsoft Word and Excel macro viruses
  • Trojan horses
  • Worms
  • Spyware
  • Adware
  • Hacking tools
  • Dialers
  • Keyloggers
  • Rogue security programs or scareware

How to set up and use an AV with your iPhone

  1. Open the App Store on your iPhone.
  2. Search for your antivirus of choice.
  3. Hit the download button.
  4. As soon as it has finished downloading hit Open.
  5. You will probably be taken through a Privacy Policy of some sort as well as a User Licensing Agreement. Make sure to read these documents and accept their terms.
  6. Your antivirus is installed on your device.

Why It’s Important To Have an Antivirus For your iPhone

Think back to 2014 with the ‘Celebgate’ attacks on Apple’s iCloud data storage service. A string of celebrities had their most personal photos leaked all over the internet. Although Apple sometimes has a tendency to deny any security breaches, this was something they couldn’t run away from.

The truth is, Apple has control over their closed system, so often people believe that they will not be the target of third-party attacks. But that’s simply not the case. In fact, just a few years back Apple had to remove some apps from its Play Store which were installing their own root certificates.

If you find yourself in a café, airport or other public place and are connecting to an unprotected wifi connection, your unprotected iPhone is at risk. From there, hackers are able to get into your device and have access to any of your passwords, messages, locations, and other personal information.

To avoid these sorts of situations you need to invest in antivirus software that will stop such events from occurring.

Is Someone Spying on Your Phone?

Spyware is one of the biggest perpetrators of online security affecting both smartphones and tablets. The thing is, some iOS users are of the opinion that their device is not at risk, because of the operating system they use. This makes for a great marketing tool for Apple, so they won’t make much effort to negate this belief.

Here are some dead giveaways which might enlighten you of suspicious spyware taking place on your iPhone.

Strange Background Noise During Calls

If you hear some bizarre buzzing noises when you’re in the middle of a call this might mean that you can hear your conversation being recorded by a third person.

Higher Data Usage

If you notice that your data icon is always active when it usually isn’t, and your data suddenly goes up, you might have cause for concern. Spyware apps will use your data in order to send your personal information to the hacker monitoring your iPhone. Now that’s just creepy.

iPhone Temperature Rising

If your battery is drained really quickly and your device burns up often, you might want to take action.

Cydia App

If you haven’t jailbroken your phone Cydia shouldn’t be on your device. If you do find it on there, your device has probably been jailbroken and is being monitored.

In order to protect your phone from dangerous threats and third parties attempting to break into your phone and take off with your personal information, there are a few more steps you can take. These include:

  • Lock your screen
  • Use public wifi with caution
  • Use an antivirus app
  • Use a VPN
  • Manage your app permissions
  • Encrypt important data
  • Set up remote tracking and wiping

As you can see there is great reason to invest in antivirus software when keeping your iPhone protected. If you want to know about the best antivirus software of 2021, check out our list here. Alternatively, keep your Android device safe as well with all the best antivirus apps available here.

The Bottom Line

iPhones are great devices, with a simple to use operating system and security advantages that trump the competition. However, Apple wants you to believe that their security system in place is virtually impenetrable after all that is what generates great sales. Within the past few years, bugs, viruses, and serious security threats have proven that this is simply not true.

The fact is, Apple is one of the most popular brands in the world, and its appeal is growing, as is their customer base. This makes iOS a more appealing operating system for hackers to attack. Leaving your iPhone vulnerable by not investing in antivirus software means you’re leaving it open for cybercriminals to take off with your most intimate information including communications, location and even banking details.

An antivirus app for iPhone will not slow down your device like they used to back in the day, and many of these apps come with free versions so you can see what you’re getting yourself into. There is no excuse for not keeping your personal data out of reach of others.

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