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People think about getting antivirus for their computers, but less so for their mobile phone, especially if they have an Apple phone on what’s sometimes called ‘impenetrable iOS.’ But did you know that the Apple iOS is not hacker-proof, and recently has been shown to have serious vulnerabilities?

Do I Need iPhone Antivirus Software?

It’s well known that the big boys at Apple don’t think that anyone needs antivirus protection on iOS. They proudly remove any iOS antivirus solutions which appear on the iOS store, claiming that they have enough protection inbuilt for any iPhone or iPad user. These include their data encryption, Touch ID, six-digit pin numbers and the patented Find my iPhone technology. The company states that Apple: “designed the iOS platform with security at its core. Keeping information secure on mobile devices is critical for any user, whether they’re accessing corporate and customer information or storing personal photos, banking information, and addresses. Because every user’s information is important, iOS devices are built to maintain a high level of security without compromising the user experience.”

However, while Apple might like you to believe that their devices are unhackable, this is far from true. And actually, many antivirus companies today offer so many extra features, that even if malware protection wasn’t a priority, there’s plenty of benefits from getting yourself the top antivirus solution for your iPhone. Cnet commented that amongst other tools, “You can add a VPN to encrypt your activities, a password manager to create and store complicated passwords so that thieves can’t access them, and a photo vault to safeguard your most sensitive pictures.”

The Apple Virus Scan Doesn’t Find Everything

But let’s get back to malware before we decide that protecting your iPhone or iPad is simply overkill. Take a look at three recent iOS vulnerabilities which should have you looking for the best antivirus for iPhone, stat.

  1. Government spying. The Vault 7 materials were released by WikiLeaks earlier this year, and are materials which prove the CIA have hacking tools for iOS. They have compiled a full list of iOS exploits so that if necessary, they can extract the data they need. If they have them, we bet others do too.
  2. Ransomware. Forbes called 2017 the year of ransomware, and iOS were not exempt from this. In March, iOS users reported a Safari browser exploit on iOS where victims were unable to access their browser unless they paid a ransom which was an iTunes gift card. Apple fixed the problem with a new update, but the question remains, how safe is iOS really?
  3. AceDeciever: You might easily assume that all the apps on the App store are safe, but that’s actually not the case. Hackers have been known to plant malicious code in the development stage, which is not always caught before it goes to sale. AceDeciever took this one step further, exploiting a problem in the DRM mechanism to install a malicious app altogether, which couldn’t be removed just by deleting the app.

You Need the Best Antivirus for iPhone

With all this in mind, it’s essential that you choose an Antivirus which keeps your apple device safer than it can do alone. Here’s a few of the best.

#1 TotalAV – Best iPhone Virus Protection 2018

Specifically for iOS, TotalAV offers a file manager and photo optimizer which keeps your device clean as a whistle. They also have multi-license packages so that you can protect all your family devices in one go. It’s $19.95 for the year, with a 30 day money-back guarantee. They also offer a VPN which is great for safe browsing, especially on public Wi-Fi.

Sign up with TotalAV here.

#2 Norton

If you choose either the Norton Deluxe or Norton Premium, you will have protection for your iOS devices. This includes defense against malware and spyware, and identity safeguarding too. They also offer a virus protection guarantee which is 100% safety or your money back. It’s $54.99 for the year, plus the usual guarantee of 30 days.

Sign up with Norton here.

#3 Panda

Panda is a little different, in that you can access a 30 day free trial of the software, no risk at all. The price when you want to keep the service is $52.49 for three devices. For iOS they offer powerful scanning ability of iPads, iPhones and even iPod Touch, with quarantine abilities if they find anything problematic when your devices are connected.

Sign up with Panda here.

#5 PC Protect

For $49 per year, PC Protect has a broad range of channels which they cover, including both iPhones and iPads on iOS. They have a VPN which is great for anonymous browsing, and the 30 day money-back guarantee you would expect is included as well.

Sign up with PC Protect here.

Don’t Leave it Up to an iPhone Virus Scan, Get Antivirus Protection

Remember, the iOS store doesn’t allow antivirus apps on sale, all the better to hold true to their myth that their systems are unhackable! If you want the best protection out there, head to the third party websites themselves, and download your antivirus for iOS directly.


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