Norton Antivirus vs Kaspersky

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Keeping your computer protected grows more challenging with each passing day. For computer protection, both Norton Antivirus and Kaspersky Antivirus are two of the most used and highly regarded antivirus software available on the market today.

We reviewed both platforms to give you more insight into these two popular antivirus platforms. While both are great options to protect your computer, we recommend Norton Antivirus for its extra features and more affordable price. Read our review of Norton and Kaspersky to harness greater protection for your computer today!

Norton and Kaspersky offer top-tier protection, often leaving potential customers hanging on the fence about which software solution to select for their home computer or office. To make the decision easier, our tech experts have tested both brands to compare them on a variety of factors. During our review, we will examine the pros and cons of both brands to see how they stack up, and which one comes out on top.

Lowest Price$19.99$29.99
Free 30-day trialYesYes
Malware, Spyware, and Adware ProtectionYesYes
Extra Options
Multiple Device OptionsYesYes
Parental ControlsYesYes
Identity and Privacy SafeguardsYesYes
File BackupYesYes



In terms of protection protocols, Norton Antivirus hosts a robust set of complementary solutions. The Norton antivirus engine scans against viruses and malware and is considered the standard for anti-phishing protection.

Norton tested extremely well while receiving a 99% total protection rate according to AV-Comparatives’ real world test. The software is excellent for blocking and detecting malicious URLs. Additionally, Norton’s two-way firewall, available in all packages except Antivirus Basic, adds an extra layer of protection by giving users control over all incoming and outgoing connections.

This service includes several other notable features, including spam filtering and a password manager to round out its advantages. The initial complete scan can be scheduled by the customer, taking approximately 75 minutes to finish before a follow-up scan which requires about 10 minutes for completion.


The level of security offered by Kaspersky Antivirus is also top notch. Kaspersky received the highest possible rating for security according to AV-Comparatives and scores well against malware blocking. However, an area where the software could improve is its detection of harmful URLs, which according to our research is not as effective as Norton’s capabilities. On the other hand, the antivirus did defeat Norton in terms of anti-phishing protection.

Kaspersky offers a one-way firewall on two out of its three software packages. Finally, Kaspersky Antivirus beats out Norton in relation to scan times. While still slower than some other antivirus software alternatives available, Kaspersky took roughly 25 minutes to complete an initial scan, with follow up scans finished in only five minutes.



Both Norton and Kaspersky are built to run with minimal user effort. Each program runs automatically in the background unless users want to take extra steps to customize the scope of activities conducted by the antivirus service. Scans are regularly and automatically scheduled unless otherwise adjusted by the user.

While all antivirus software impacts overall computer performance, Norton does tend to have a more significant impact than Kaspersky. Computers running Norton seem to operate slightly slower than Kaspersky, which could be a challenge for customers operating older hardware.


Norton uses its Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response (SONAR) to analyze all new suspicious items, updating all Norton customers automatically of new threats in real-time through LiveUpdate.

Kaspersky also has an updater which notifies users of missing patches, but instead leaves it to the user themselves to determine whether to update the system. This can be a risky proposition, as windows between updates leave opportunities for zero hour attacks, which can be particularly dangerous since they are generally unknown and have more difficult resolutions.

Parental Controls

While not the most significant attribute, Kaspersky offers a fully integrated parental control feature on all its packages to protect the entire family. Norton, on the other hand, only offers parental as an option in its premium package, and only on Windows.

Identity and Privacy Safeguards

To help secure auto-fill private information such as passwords and credit card numbers, Norton offers identity protection through a password manager. The Norton Toolbar and Norton Safe Web features also work in conjunction to scan all websites you access to detect insecure connections which could result in identity theft. The service also includes a digital file shredder which completely erases all traces of files on users’ computers.

Kaspersky also has a password manager, but takes it a step further by offering an on-screen keyboard to prevent against keylogging. All packages also include a free Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN download, but a further subscription is not free. Unsubscribed Kaspersky customers only have a certain amount of traffic they can view with the VPN per day.

Multiple Devices

To help users that depend on an array of devices daily, Norton’s Deluxe and Premium packages can be shared across multiple devices including tablets and smartphones which run on iOS and Android platforms. While the Deluxe covers up to five shared devices, the Premium package delivers protection for up to 10 devices.

Matching Norton, Kaspersky’s Premium and Total packages offer protection on iOS and Android devices as well.  However, customers must pay a fee on top of the total package cost for additional protection licenses across either three or five devices.

File Backup

To protect against loss, both Kaspersky and Norton offer file backup and encryption in tandem with their most advanced antivirus packages. However, while Kaspersky makes encrypted backup copies of data files stored on the computer, Norton provides 25gb of encrypted cloud storage to host files which are then made accessible across multiple devices.

User Interface

Even users who are less tech-savvy can easily navigate, operate, and customize the Kaspersky or Norton antivirus platforms to their liking. Installation of each platform is quick and easy, with each service delivering a simple and straightforward user interface.

Customer Service

Both Kaspersky and Norton offer a robust FAQ section, email support, as well as 24-hour call support operators who are helpful and knowledgeable. Nonetheless, Norton takes extra steps with its provision of a 24-hour live chat option answered by live representatives. Furthermore, Norton has a Community Forum for users to share problems and obtain quick answers from the community directly.


To meet the varying antivirus needs of computer users, Norton offers four packages which grow in price and features. Pricing begins at $19.99 for the Basic package, with the Standard package costing $32.99, the Deluxe available for $44.99, and its Premium package priced at $59.99. All prices listed are for the first year of a one-year subscription. To help users determine if it is the best fit, Norton offers a free 30-day trial of its Deluxe and Premium packages and a refund for unsatisfied customers.

By comparison, Kaspersky’s pricing depends on how many devices the customer wants to cover, as well as contract length. Its Basic AV subscription will cost between $29.00 and $143.95, whereas it’s Premium Internet Security package ranges from $59.99 to $149.99, and the advanced Total Security package is priced between $79.95 and $229.95. Both the Internet Security and Total Security packages include a free 30-day trial and all Kaspersky products are accompanied by a 30-day money back guarantee.

Why We Prefer Norton Over Kaspersky Antivirus

While both Kaspersky and Norton are top notch products, we prefer Norton Antivirus upon further review due to its extra features such as the two-way firewall, unparalleled real-time SONAR live updates, accessible customer service, and affordable prices. We believe that while both are great products, Norton customers tend to get more overall value and bang for their buck.

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