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May 2021 IdentityForce Review & Deals

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IdentityForce’s various monitoring and alert systems guard customers’ personal information from a wide range of threats, and immediately notify them if there is a potential risk. Moreover, an excellent suite of ancillary features contributes additional value.

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Identity Force ID Protection Service

IdentityForce Pricing

Customers can choose from one of two subscription plans. Both plans deliver similar utilities, including the full suite of monitoring and alert tools, as well as computer security features and identity restoration services. In addition, each plan offers access to the company’s mobile applications.

The price disparity between the two plans is related to the company’s credit monitoring tools. Customers can choose from the company’s UltraSecure plan, which costs $17.95 per month, or add credit monitoring and reports for a total cost of $23.95 a month.

IdentityForce Credit Monitoring

IdentityForce offers change-of-address monitoring, which scans for any unexpected modifications to personal contact information, as well as scans of court records, payday loans, credit reports, and black-market chatrooms, and other online sources of fraud and identity theft.

Identity Force Fraud Alert

Alerts are sent for a variety of reasons, such as changes of address or court records, new entries on credit reports, and even notifications if a registered sex offender moves near a customer’s residential address.  IdentityForce will instantly notify customers via email and text message if it detects any unusual activity in these and other categories, granting users the opportunity to protect themselves thanks to actionable, real-time information.

IdentityForce Identity Theft Recovery

For those users that become the victims of identity fraud, IdentityForce offers a full-service restoration and resolution service. The company’s Certified Protection Experts are available around the clock to assist customers with filing paperwork, contact the right resources to report problems, and carry the lion’s share of the recovery. Apart from these benefits, IdentityForce offers identity theft insurance of up to $1 million to cover the expenses incurred due to fraud and the restoration process.  Finally, lost wallet assistance is designed to help users quickly cancel credit cards if the need arises.

Credit Monitoring, Email Spam Protection and Anti-Phishing Features

Customers who are looking to improve their credit can take advantage of the company’s credit reporting and credit score tracker, which follow all three major credit bureaus and provides monthly updates. Additionally, subscribers can take advantage of a useful credit score simulator to explore the impact of potential financial decisions on their credit score. Furthermore, the company helps customers remove themselves from junk mail databases while eliminating personal information that violates their privacy. Users who are concerned about their safety while browsing the web can also take advantage of the company’s anti-phishing and keylogging applications, which help deter online fraud.

IdentityForce Mobile Apps

The company offers all their security and monitoring utilities via their mobile services, which are available from iTunes and Android’s Google Play. The apps are easy to use and set up.

Easy Set up, No Downloads with Identity Force

It is easy to get started with IdentityForce, as the service does not require any desktop software downloads or complicated installations. The company’s solution is available immediately once customers choose their subscription and finish the initial registration. Once set up, customers can commence a scan of all their records and download the mobile app to take their safety with them wherever they go.

Round the Clock Service with IdentityForce

Customers can reach IdentityForce via a toll-free phone number or email. The company’s fraud resolution and restoration service is available around the clock, enabling customers to get in touch at any time, regardless of the situation.

Why Choose IdentityForce as your Identity Theft Protection Service

IdentityForce stands out for offering not only standard monitoring and alert tools, but a large number of value-added tools as well. All in all, the company’s subscription plans offer impressive value at an affordable price, and their strong customer satisfaction track record make them an ideal solution for customers who need protection as well as proactive tools to stay one step ahead of fraudsters.

Things We Like

Wide range of online sources are scanned for customers’ private details

Streamlined interface makes it easy to manage accounts and track identity

Customers may delete personal information with the company’s sanitizing utility

Things We Didn't Like

No live chat support feature

Credit monitoring comes at an added cost

On the higher side of the price spectrum







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