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Intelius believes that “being informed matters.” The company backs that statement up with impressive functionality that allows you to keep tabs on the backgrounds of others, as well as your own public persona.

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Intelius Review – Pros & Cons


Intelius offers these two main packages:

Intelius Premier – Costs $9.95 for the first month, and then $19.95/mo after that. Premier reports are ‘people searches’, allowing you to run unlimited searches for results such as name, age, aliases, address history, phone numbers or email addresses.

Intelius Premier Plus – This plan costs $29.95/mo, and provides unlimited Premier reports, as well as one background check voucher per month for every month of your membership. A background check can include criminal records, marriage/divorce records, lawsuit history, etc. Vouchers do not roll over from month to month.

Intelius also offers ad-hoc reports, though it’s unclear why purchasing these reports would be more cost effective than the above memberships. You receive a discount on your first report, which costs $39.95. The regular price is $49.95. You can also add different services to these reports. A current Phone and Address check report costs $7.95; adding a Federal & Nationwide County Criminal Check costs $19.95.

How It Works

For the most basic “People Search, the homepage provides you with fields for the first name, middle initial, last name, and city/state of an individual. The homepage also offers a “Reverse Phone Number Lookup” option, where you can simply enter a phone number to see who it is attached to.

Beyond these options, the top menu bar is clearly labeled with the options for Background Checks, Criminal Records, and additional Reverse Lookup options.

Search Capabilities

Available data points include:

  • Full name
  • Age & date of birth
  • Address
  • Address history
  • Phone numbers
  • Aliases
  • Relatives
  • Neighbors
  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors
  • Federal offenses
  • Drug trafficking offenses
  • Securities fraud
  • Tax evasion

Intelius’ “on-site” civil court records search provides a professional court records researcher to look at the following:

  • Plaintiff name
  • Case type
  • Court name
  • Court type
  • Judgment amount
  • Filing date
  • Offense description
  • Offense date
  • Deposition date
  • Sentencing information

Data Sources

The Intelius database uses data sources including:

  • Social networks
  • Property records
  • Marriage & divorce records
  • Criminal records
  • Bankruptcies
  • Liens
  • Judgments
  • Lawsuits


Intelius offers an “Identity Protect” feature that will help you to keep your private information private and remove you from the crosshairs of cybercriminals. The identity theft protection services provides you with $1 million in identity theft insurance, as well as an identity recovery kit with 24/7 access to fraud resolution experts.

The service also provides you with an instant credit report and score, so you can track your credit score over time and find out if anyone other than you has been looking at your credit report. The service comes with a free 7-day trial, and then costs $19.95/mo after that.

And finally, the feature comes with public records monitoring that allows you to monitor changes to your publicly-viewable data, as well as get additional alerts about possible theft of your identity.


Intelius offers a lot of services directly and indirectly related to background checks, which is great, but its website can be overwhelming upon first glance. Its different search services seem to have a degree of overlap with one another, and it may frustrate and/or try the patience of those looking for a fast, simple search.


Intelius offers two support options. The first is an online form that can be used to contact support via email. There is no support email address listed. Phone support is available Monday-Friday between the hours of 6am-6pm Pacific.


Intelius has more services than many of its competitors, allowing you to find what you are looking for. The diversity of reports and services offered can be a little bit confusing at first, but it’s a small price to pay for such a comprehensive array of data points. In addition, the additional services that allow you to keep tabs on your own identity are extremely comprehensive and useful.


Things We Like

7-day trial membership

Unlimited information and instant results

Offers anti-identity theft features

Things We Didn't Like

Background check reports not saved to your profile

Website is poorly constructed. It takes time to find the right service for you.

No native email support







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