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January 2021 AllClear ID Review & Deals

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AllClear ID provides a no-frills, easy-to-use, affordable identity monitoring solution. The company constantly monitors a wide range of web properties, scans for undetected fraud, and places a strong emphasis on identity restoration.

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Overview of AllClear ID Review

AllClear ID Cost

The company offers two plans—Basic and Pro.

AllClear ID Basic Plan

The basic plan is free, and customers can sign up for the company’s basic identity theft monitoring services, as well as some repair services for members who have been victims of identity theft or fraud.

AllClear ID Pro Plan

The Pro service adds several layers of fraud protection and identity theft monitoring, as well as in-depth restoration services. Customers can try out AllClear ID’s service free of charge for 30 days, after which their service will automatically renew to the Pro option, unless they choose otherwise. AllClear ID’s Pro subscription costs $14.95 per month, renewed automatically.

AllClear ID Credit Monitoring

The company partners with the National Cyber-Forensics & Training Alliance (NCSFTA), which operates a massive database of stolen credentials and identities. This includes reports from police and investigative agencies worldwide, as well as academia and private businesses. Moreover, customers can opt in to 3-bureau monitoring to keep track of their credit reports and ensure there are no fraudulent entries to be found.

All Clear ID Alert System

The company does not constantly crowd users’ inboxes with notices, but it does a good job of alerting users if their identity is facing a genuine threat. When a threat is detected by the company’s monitoring services, AllClear ID will immediately send a phone alert to customers, which includes a secure Voice Key to ensure that customers are receiving calls from the company and not potential scammers.

AllClear Identity Restoration

Restoration service includes a dedicated case worker who helps customers with opening and completing an investigation. In the event of identity theft, AllClear ID will assist customers with contacting creditors, banks, credit bureaus, and other key organizations during the process of removing fraudulent items from customers’ records. Additionally, the company runs a full “360-degree” scan to guarantee that customers’ identities were not used for any other undiscovered fraud.

More AllClear Software Features

One of the notable features AllClear offers is its ChildScan monitoring, which scans the web for unauthorized use of a child’s Social Security number for fraudulent purposes. In addition, the company offers all its customers lost wallet protection for moments when they misplace credit cards, forms of identification, and other key documents.

AllClear ID App

AllClear ID offers a mobile application for iOS devices. The program allows Apple users to take their monitoring tools with them on the go, letting them review their dashboard and settings while providing access to identity repair services. The quality and ease of use for the existing iOS application is really appreciated, and it’s unfortunate that a similar application isn’t available for Android.

Easy Setup with AllClear ID

Getting started with AllClear ID is a straightforward process, though it can take a few minutes to complete. To begin, customers select their plan and provide some basic information regarding their identity, although the company is very adept at finding most of these personal details after credit information and social security numbers are inputted. Once complete, AllClear ID will begin automatically scanning for customers’ identities online.

AllClear ID Customer Support 

Customers can reach the company via a toll-free number which is available from Monday to Saturday between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM Central Time, or via an email claim through the website. This is one notable weakness of AllClear, as fraud can of course occur at any time of the day, and round-the-clock service would be more desirable.

Why Choose AllClear ID for Identity Theft

For customers seeking a straightforward solution to identity theft, AllClear ID is a good option. The company’s free restoration and repair services give it a leg up on competition. Moreover, its monitoring and mobile features give customers the ability to truly be in control of their identity theft protection.

Things We Like

Try out the service with a free trial

Strong two-factor authentication protects logins

Excellent identity theft restoration services

Things We Didn't Like

Customer support not available 24 hours a day

Less value-added features than some competitors

No mobile app for Android







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