ExpressVPN Partners With Mozilla Firefox

ExpressVPN Partners With Mozilla Firefox Lite

Last updated on April 7, 2019

ExpressVPN has entered into a strategic partnership with Mozilla. Through their Firefox Lite product, Mozilla will be offering free trials of ExpressVPN to its users. This form of free trial by an internet browsing service is the first of its kind and signals both Mozilla’s commitment to client privacy as well as ExpressVPN’s continued targeting of unique and innovative ways to improve security across the web as a whole.

What Is The Initiative?

ExpressVPN and Mozilla have partnered up to offer Firefox Lite users a free seven day trial of the VPN offered by VPN provider. This free trial is available in India, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines so it will be rolled out to a huge amount of users.

The two companies see the alliance as just one step down the road of a long term strategic partnership. User security is paramount to both companies, so the association makes sense as both firms work towards achieving their goals of ensuring that users are never victims of online fraud or hacking from cyber criminals, or even subject to prying eyes from some government authorities.

What Is Firefox Lite?

Firefox Lite was formerly known as Firefox Rocket. Mozilla has recently rebranded and relaunched the software which has been designed with mobile users in mind. The software reduces mobile data usage so that users can browse more quickly even if they are using substandard connections that leave browsing sessions prone to buffering and freezing.

At the moment, Firefox Lite is only being rolled out to to Android users in Asia and, there, it is being used by customers to reduce their phone costs through downloading less data, as well as improving their time online in general. The initial form of the software, Firefox Rocket, was a success when it was launched in Indonesia, which is expected to continue with its launch of Firefox Lite over an even wider area.

This is because it addresses a need, and it does so efficiently too. Not only do users save on data and phone storage, they can share content quickly wherever they are. Plus, Firefox Lite only needs a maximum of 3.5MB of space on a device so to download it takes no time at all. It’s also a fantastic app due to a feature called Turbo Mode which very helpfully acts as an ad blocker, further saving user data usage and allows for websites to load more quickly.

Another fantastic and useful feature is the app’s ability to save a whole screen of content so that users can then read that content online. All this demands from the user is a single tap on the toolbar. The app then also automatically saves the website link too. So it’s really helpful when you are trying to eek out that last few MB off data in your monthly allowance. And that’s in the very least – Mozilla claims that over 440 GB of data was saved when all its users used this screenshot feature alone.

Finally, Firefox Lite comes with both private browsing and tracking protection so that users will not have their data usage logged by websites or advertisers. So even before its partnership with ExpressVPN, it was working to improve user online privacy.

Why This Partnership Proves ExpressVPN Is A Quality VPN Provider?

ExpressVPN has remained as our top pick as a VPN provider for a long while now, yet its work with organizations such as Mozilla, and recently the CDT to establish an initiative to build trust within the VPN community, continues to set it apart from other providers.

More specifically, its partnership with Mozilla came about after the browsing service invited several VPN providers to participate in a selection process to become the VPN provider that they chose to roll out with Firefox Lite. This meant that ExpressVPN’s approach to security standards, privacy protections, ease of use, among many other things, were all evaluated with a high amount of scrutiny. Mozilla found ExpressVPN to be industry leading in its attitude towards the following key areas of providing a VPN:

  • Leak protection – Mozilla praised how ExpressVPN put the security of its customers and their data first on its priority list
  • The level of speed and reliability of connection – It is essential that a VPN does not interfere with how good or how quick an internet connection is.
  • The amount of platforms it is compatible with – VPNs need to be used across a variety of platforms to continue to be useful to customers
  • 24/7 customer support – Mozilla were impressed by ExpressVPN’s customer support that answered customer queries quickly and efficiently.
  • Strong track record of advocacy for digital rights – This is paramount for a VPN provider as it emphasizes their integrity in terms of the product and service they are offering.

Ultimately, for ExpressVPN to be chosen by Mozilla after having been subjected to such intense scrutiny further proves the company’s worth and underlines that the provider is highly reputable and worthy of any customer’s business.

Given that they put customer privacy and security at the forefront of everything they do, while still providing a reliable and quick internet connection, it is not surprising that such a tech company giant has chosen, not only to partner up with them, but partner up with them for the long term.

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