How to Watch the Rose Bowl From Abroad in 2021

Last updated on May 19, 2021

The Rose Bowl is a huge sporting event that we don’t want to miss out on. It’s played on the 1st January and starts at 1:30pm in at the Rose Bowl Stadium. With the capability of the internet, we assume should not have to miss it either. This is down to the amount of websites and streaming apps that broadcast the event. However, the majority of these websites cannot show and will not show the Rose Bowl if you are accessing those sites from abroad.

It’s not impossible to workaround these restrictions on access though and watch the Rose Bowl, wherever you are in the world. Here we look at how to watch the Rose Bowl between  from abroad in 2019, quickly and easily. There are a number of different ways, however, there are some that are more successful than others. We investigate the pros and cons of each approach and which one we think is best for optimal results. That way you won’t miss Ohio State University and the University of Washington sizing up to each other in one of the game’s greatest fixtures.

Ways To Watch The Rose Bowl From Abroad

You can find the exact details of the game, here, but to watch the Rose Bowl from abroad, you can try to use the following approaches to see who wins the game.

1. International Broadcasters

It may seem a little parochial in this day and age, but depending on what country you are in, you may be able to find an international broadcaster that is airing the game. This means you can watch it on good old TV, depending on whether you can access that TV. While abroad, you could ensure that your hotel room streams the necessary TV channel. Or, perhaps, you could try to find a nearby sports bar that televises the game on their TVs through that broadcaster instead.

The ease of this makes it a very attractive option – as long as you can find a channel that airs the show in the country you are in, as well as a place that has access to that channel. These are obviously not always a given as the Rose Bowl is a pretty country specific popular event. While Americans in general love a game of College football, it is not widely televised elsewhere as it’s simply not as popular to draw in the audiences.

Here’s a list however of all the countries and places that do show it outside of the US:

2. VPN

While the bove broadcasters may be streaming the game, you’ll probably noticed that they have blocked oyu from viewing. But with a VPN, you can masl your IP address so that you can stream geo-blocked content abroad, like the Rose Bowl. VPNs work by connecting users to another server in the country they require. By providing this connection, the VPN or Virtual Private Network that is created is able to give the user a whole new IP address and that IP address will be for the USA, where the Rose Bowl is freely available through ESPN.

Another reason that VPNs are good for watching the Rose Bowl is that the connection to the VPN server is encrypted so that no one can trace the connection or what the user is up to online.

Above all options, our strongest recommendation on how to watch the Rose Bowl from abroad in 2019 is to employ the use of a VPN. Our favorite VPN providers are ExpressVPN and CyberGhost. We highly rate these providers as they are able to offer users a consistent connection so that they can watch an entire game of live football, like the Rose Bowl, without having to endure any buffering. Given the nature of a sports game, any freezing of internet panes can completely ruin the enjoyment of the event so its key to use a reputable provider like ExpressVPN or CyberGhost.

Their service is always excellent owing to the huge network of servers they have. These servers are not only quick, ensuring excellent connectivity, the sheer amount of them means that customers can always be assured of a connection. This is imperative for the live game of football that is the Rose Bowl. They also have a huge portion of those servers in the US. This gives customers the increased confidence that they can gain access to a US located IP address for that all-important ability to circumvent geo-blocking restrictions put in place by ESPN.

While the service for these VPN providers is offered on a subscription basis, they both do offer a trial period in the form of money back guarantees after a certain number of days. For ExpressVPN, customers can trial the service for 30 days whereas CyberGhost offers money back after 45 days. If users don’t like the package when that time is up, they can get their money refunded – no questions asked.

3. Proxy

A proxy is another way of masking your IP address, but it is definitely not ideal. Masking your IP address is necessary to access the Rose Bowl from abroad via the internet because your IP address is how broadcasters like ESPN recognizes where its audience is trying to access the content from. If it’s outside of the US, ESPN blocks that user.

A proxy masks a user’s IP address by making users look like they are located elsewhere. While that is a great idea in theory, sometimes using a Proxy in practice falls a little short of the mark. The service provided is sadly not very consistent. So when trying to stream a live game of football, users will often experience frozen screens and a great deal of buffering. If you are adamant on using a proxy, there are a number of free ones which generally should be avoided, but a few proxies will work OK. The service provided, however, depends on how many users are trying to access that proxy at once. If there are too many, the connection you have will probably be substandard.

Here are our top recommendations for Proxies.

Bottom Line

Given that there are many shows, not just the Rose Bowl event, that are blocked to users outside of the US, subscribing to a VPN on a subscription plan is a great idea if you are a frequent traveler or are a US expat. Ultimately, before taking out a subscription, users should weigh up whether the small monthly cost is indeed worthwhile in terms of usage of the VPN itself. However, if you are out of the country a great deal and like to watch events like the Rose Bowl live, they can be invaluable.

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