Norton Antivirus vs Total AV

Norton Antivirus vs Total AV

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Antivirus software is essential for protecting your computer and smartphone against malicious viruses, such as malware and spyware. With dozens of antivirus software options, how can you be certain you’re choosing the one that’s right for you? Read on to find out why we highly recommend TotalAV for all of your antivirus needs.

To help you decide which antivirus software to purchase, our tech experts have carefully analyzed and tested all the major antivirus software solutions, and we’ve contrasted two of the most reliable and reputable providers in the industry: Norton vs TotalAV.

Different antivirus software can vary greatly in terms of features, security levels, browsing protection, performance enhancement, file management, customer service, and pricing, so it’s important to check out each one before selecting.

Norton Antivirus is almost as old as the internet; it was established in 1991 and is owned by Symantec. Initially, Norton was sold on a floppy disk and it offered basic virus protection for Macintosh computers. It’s since evolved, and it now utilizes cutting-edge software to protect your device against all manner of cyber-crimes and viruses.

In contrast, TotalAV is a brand new product, having only been released last year. However, it’s quickly gained recognition as a superior antivirus software solution, password protection, and VPN provider.

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Protection against viruses is the most important component we considered when contrasting TotalAV vs Norton. How efficiently the software combats malware and other forms of cyber-attacks is the most crucial aspect of any antivirus solution. Some of the many threats that computers face include:

  • Malware – virus-laden files which can wreak havoc once they’re installed. Viruses can infect the files and programs on your computer with executable data, which can delete the file or prevent it from working.
  • Spyware – software which can extrapolate data from your computer, including sensitive and confidential information, as well as banking details.
  • Ransomware – software which can encrypt your files and prevent you from gaining access unless a ransom is paid.

Norton uses signature and heuristic scans which compare the file’s code to codes stored in the antivirus programs’ database. If the scan detects a virus, it will prevent the file from being installed on your computer. It also uses a “TruScan Proactive Threat Scan” which can stop an already running process from infecting your device. Norton also uses a full-scale firewall to prevent any intrusion into your home network.

TotalAV can also scan your computer for existing threats and eliminate any which are found.


The following features are integral to an effective antivirus:


Both Norton and TotalAV will periodically scan your computer for any existing threats. In both programs, scans run in the background and shouldn’t interfere with your device usage or performance. You can manually decide how often to scan your computer by configuring the settings. Once you configure the settings, the scans will start and finish automatically.


Norton can be freely updated to the latest version if you have an active subscription. You can update Norton by logging into your Norton account, and you will be notified whenever an update is available. Similarly, subscribers to TotalAV can update to the latest version for free by downloading it from the website.

Parental Controls

Most antivirus software packages include parental controls. This allows parents to restrict their children’s internet usage and prevent them from accessing inappropriate material. Norton offers a parent control which allows you to track your children’s web activity, protect their information, and manage how long they spend online. Likewise, TotalAV allows parents to completely control their children’s internet usage.

Identity and Privacy Safeguards

Online identity theft is an increasingly worrying concern. TotalAV includes a VPN in its software package which can ensure you remain anonymous when browsing the web. In addition, its firewall software can safeguard your data by preventing any hacking attempts. Norton is partnered with LifeLock, which is software dedicated to identity protection. LifeLock can monitor all your online accounts and notify you if anyone attempts to infiltrate them. The basic Norton plans include Norton Identity Safe, which helps you create secure passwords and store them safely on your device.

Performance Enhancer

TotalAV software can boost your overall computing performance by identifying and rectifying all speed related issues. Norton also offers computer tune-up software, however, it’s sold separately and isn’t part of the antivirus package.

File Management

Viruses aren’t the only thing threatening your files. Sometimes you may inadvertently delete an important file; TotalAV includes backup and restore capabilities which can ensure your files don’t get lost, even if your hard drive is destroyed. Norton also provides secure storage, however, it only comes with the Premium Plan.

User Interface

When we compared Norton vs TotalAV we made sure to examine the user interfaces. Both Norton and TotalAV have extremely easy to navigate dashboards; the various services are easily located, settings are easily adjustable, and the relevant notifications are clearly displayed.

There are a few subtle differences between the two, while TotalAV provides a very simplistic user dashboard, the Norton version is somewhat flashier and users may find it a little more complicated. That being said, you should have no issue navigating between services and settings with either interface.

Customer Service

Both Norton and TotalAV offer 24/7 customer service. To contact TotalAV, you can either use live chat, send an email, or phone. Representatives are very quick to respond and when we contacted them, were helpful and reliable.

Likewise, Norton offers 24/7 support; you can live chat through the site (which was answered within a couple minutes when we did so) or use a local telephone number to speak to an agent. Both Norton and TotalAV have social media accounts, which can also be used to contact support.



Plan: Basic Standard Deluxe Premium
Cost per annum: $29.99 $39.99 $49.99 $54.99

There’s a substantial difference between each plan, for example, only the deluxe or premium plans support multiple devices, and the basic plan has no money back guarantee, firewall, or 24/7 support.


TotalAV’s pricing is more generous for the basic plan, with some extra paid features.

  • $19.95 per annum
  • Enhanced Firewall + $19 onetime payment
  • System Boost + $19 onetime payment

Includes a 30-day money back guarantee.

Our winner is Total AV

You may be surprised to hear this but we prefer the brand new TotalAV over the veteran Norton Antivirus. When it comes to virus protection there’s little difference between them.

Norton is arguably better and it definitely contains more features; however, most of Norton’s premium features aren’t included in the less expensive plans, so if you want the full range of Norton’s services it can be quite costly. In contrast, TotalAV may have fewer features and a smaller reputation, but the simplicity of its pricing plans means we prefer it overall.

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Arthur Steiger says:

If I add TotalVn while I have Norton – do I have to drop one or the other or can I have both at the same time?

Lola Olsen says:

Hi Arthur,
While you can technically have two VPNs running at the same time, although there isn’t much benefit in doing so.