True Key Password Manager Review 2021

May 2021 True Key Password Manager Review & Deals

Compatible With

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS

Recommended For

  • Sync Across Devices
  • Simple Price Plan
  • Ultra Secure Login

True Key is a simplified password management system from Intel. It can be used to secure your login credentials and data for any website and is compatible with Mac and PC desktops or laptops, as well as Android and iPhone devices. As password managers go, True Key is extremely user-friendly and very secure, but it is definitely best for large businesses. Though it offers comparatively few features, and it is not the best for individual users, on the whole, it offers the best multi-factor authentication functionality available. Also, True Key’s essential security tools it utilizes, such as facial recognition and biometric access, are very effective in guaranteeing your data security.

“A highly user-friendly and secure password manager, we hesitate to truly recommend McAfee True Key to anybody except large businesses. While it has the best multi-factor authentication functionality out there, it’s weak on features and a bad fit for individual users.”

Visit True Key site here.

Things We Like

Strong authentication features

Can store more than just passwords

Live customer support

Things We Didn't Like

Poor website design

Only one subscription plan

Cannot be used with Windows phone


One of the best features of True Key is that it’s a simple product to use. From the website navigation down to the downloading, everything is straightforward. To download the product all you need to do is to click on the download button and then follow the instructions. You will be prompted to download a browser extension and then asked to create a master password – this is the only password you will ever have to remember. The software will search for any existing login credentials that are saved within your browser and once that’s done you’re all ready to go.

The mobile version of True Key is simple to use too and the interface makes it easy to jump between the different functionalities such as changing passwords and stored notes etc. The mobile app features additional security measures such as facial recognition and multi-factor identification, which feel intuitive to use.

All in all, this is a simple product that is easy to download and navigate.


McAfee True Key is one of the most secure password management tools on the market. Using AES 256-bit encryption (which is one of the most hardcore encryption algorithms available) the software scrambles your passwords so they are safe from potential security threats – ie hackers. The software also uses 2-factor authentication which means that you will have to get through two layers of security before you have access to your personal data.

True Key also provides flexibility when it comes to accessing your account. There are a number of different signing in methods that you can use which include: facial recognition, fingerprint ID, and master password. When you are using a non-trusted device such as a public computer or friend’s phone you will always be asked for two levels of verification before being allowed access to your accounts. Your passwords should only ever belong to you and True Key will never ask for this personal information. They will never share or sell your data too.


Although True Key provides a password management service, they will never store your password. They use one of the strongest encryption algorithms available – AES 256-bit encryption – to scramble your passwords, so only you can view them. You will only ever need your master password to ‘unlock’ your vault. Think of it like a key that unscrambles your encrypted data.

Your master password is never sent to the servers and no one can access this information but you. Your private data and wallet information is also never stored on the servers, the only information they keep is an encrypted version of your password.

In the unlikely event that hackers managed to get through the McAfee Firewall, then your data would be absolutely useless to thieves without your master password – and True Key don’t have access to these.

True Key take privacy and security very seriously and never store personal information. When you sign up to this service you can feel confident that your private data and passwords are 100% secure.


Whilst True Key doesn’t offer an extensive range of security features, it still provides some excellent basic features that ensure the best security measures for your data. What we liked about the McAfee True Key password management tool was that the free version of the subscription shared all of the features of the paid subscription but with less storage (only 15 passwords).

True Key provides a number of different ways for you to sign in and have access to your accounts which include: facial recognition, biometric fingerprint, and a second device. True Key also provides a multi-factor authentication feature which provides a double layer of security. The product can be used on a number of different devices and syncs them all together so you can sign in to your accounts fast and easily. True Key uses the strongest encryption methods available to scramble your master password and data, so they are essentially useless in the wrong hands. The software gives you the option to manage your passwords safely, use a digital wallet, organize your most used sites and generate new strong passwords for individual accounts.


There are two subscriptions available on the True Key website: paid and non-paid. We feel that the paid password management service offers good value for money at $19.99 per year but offers limited features with only extra storage being offered.

Both subscriptions provide the following features:

  • Biometric Fingerprint Access
  • Facial Recognition Access
  • True Key Trusted Device Technology
  • Sync Access Across Devices
  • Digital Wallets
  • Password Generator
  • eWallets

For the average user, it’s worth opting for the free download as you can benefit from all the above features and never have to worry about losing your passwords ever again. Just a simple master keyword will ‘unlock’ the vault to your accounts and passwords.

Business users should opt for the Premium Plan at just $19.99 per year. This is cheaper than many other password management companies we have seen on the market, but also seems to offer much less. It is, however, good value and for that annual fee, you can store up to 10,000 logins and passwords in the secure system.


Good quality support is just as important as the product itself in our eyes and with True Key, we were impressed with the level of support that they provided. There is an extensive Knowledge Center that has a large list of articles that you can search through to help you with your query. As well as searching through the professionally-written blogs and articles you also have the option to ask a member of the community to help troubleshoot your problem.

There’s an online Virtual Assistant feature that can help with your problems too but as it’s not a real person we felt that this wasn’t as good as online chat. If you are still having issues that need resolving then there is a 24/7 phone line that offers support in numerous languages. The phone feature will give you an estimated response time and the average time is around 5-10 minutes.

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