Best VPN for Syria

Best VPN for Syria

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Summary:  Syria has some of the most restrictive internet censorship in the world, and some of the harshest penalties for those that break those laws.

Their restrictions block access to several news sites, as well as blogs and communication services. To get around these blocks and protect your anonymity, use a VPN while in Syria.

The service provider will encrypt your data and block your IP address, protecting your identity and getting you to whatever content you want.

For the most secure connection, use Express VPN.

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Why Is My Access Limited?

Syria has earned a bad reputation for its intense internet censorship. In 2012 the Committee to Protect Journalists named them the third most censored country in the world.

They also cited their efforts to silence human rights activists, and obtain login information through arrest and even torture.

These content restrictions usually encompass things political in nature, particularly news sites like BBC and Al Jazeera.

There’s even a government employed army of hackers, known as the Syrian Electronic Army.

These use phishing tactics to steal passwords and deface sites, in addition to launching spam campaigns on social media.

To conceal your identity and give you back your browsing freedom, use a secure VPN service while spending time in Syria- your personal safety could very well depend on it.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a clever way to circumvent content blocks imposed in other parts of the world, and even on privately administrated networks.

Standing for Virtual Private Network, a VPN places your connection on a secure network through a host company’s server.

The company then encrypts your data and blocks your IP address, making it impossible for anyone to tell who you are or where you’re accessing the internet from.

A good VPN won’t just get you through Syria’s content blocks and protect you from prosecution – it will also protect your information from cybercriminals.

Top 3 VPNs for Syria

For safe internet use in Syria, use a VPN with a reputation for reliability, and unbeatable encryption. Here are 3 popular VPN services and how they stack up.

#1 Choice:  Express VPN – 4.5/5 Most Dependable Connection

When it comes to encryption, Express VPN does a great job of protecting its customers. Plus, they never log any of their users’ activity, so you can browse in total anonymity.

They offer three different VPN protocols, as well as 256-bit encryption, so your information is always well protected.

If VPNs are a new concept to you, then you’ll love Express VPN. Their software is very easy to use, and if you do get stuck, they have a great customer service team available 24/7 to help you out.

You can reach them through live chat or e-mail, and with an average e-mail turnaround time of less than 30 minutes, you won’t be waiting long.

Plus, they have a rock solid 30-day money back guarantee, and very affordable monthly plans.

If you use their service and get a friend to sign up, they’ll even give you both a month of free service through their referral program!

Best of all, their software is compatible with all operating systems –  even Linux – so you can use it on any of your gadgets.

With servers all over the world, and completely unlimited bandwidth, Express VPN doesn’t just make browsing the internet in Syria secure – it makes it downright enjoyable.

For the best security and privacy while using the internet in Syria, use ExpressVPN, also, make sure to read our ExpressVPN review.

#2:  IPVanish – 3.5/5 Not Compatible with iOS, but Affordable Service

Yes, you read that right. Though IPVanish works with every other operating system, your Apple devices won’t work with it since it’s not compatible with iOS.

However, just like Express VPN, you can use up to two devices at a time on a single service plan, which makes their $10 a month plans an even better value.

They have a customer service set up pretty similar to Express VPN’s, with support staff available through live chat or e-mail 24/7, though you may wait a longer for e-mail responses.

They also have the same great money back guarantee, though there isn’t a referral program with this company.

With unlimited bandwidth, you can use all of your favorite streaming services without worrying about reaching a monthly limit.

Plus, their 256-bit encryption and L2TP VPN protocol offers a great secure connection, though with fewer options than Express VPN.

If you can’t access a server for Express VPN where you’re at, consider looking into IPVanish instead. With servers in 60 countries around the world, they’re a great second option.

IPVanish can be found here, also, make sure to read our IPVanish review.

#3  HideMyAss– 2/5 Unreliable connection, slow service

Though their software is compatible with all operating systems like Express VPN, HideMyAss’s software is not the most user-friendly.

Many customers reported difficult navigating the set up process, making it a poor choice for those that are not quite accustomed to VPNs.

They do have 24/7 customer service available through live chat, e-mail, and phone. However, they have had a number of complaints on really long wait times and unhelpful service reps.

They offer a 30-day money back guarantee like Express VPN, but there is no referral program.

In addition, despite having unlimited bandwidth, many users complain of a spotty, unreliable connection, making streaming services tedious to run on this VPN.

Their encryption is quite comprehensive and secure, but with such a poor connection quality, it almost defeats the purpose entirely.

Unless you can’t find a server in your area for them, I’d suggest using Express VPN or IPVanish before trying HideMyAss.

HideMyAss’s website also, make sure to read our HideMyAss review.

Conclusion: Use Express VPN for Fast, Unlimited Access

Syria is a hotbed of political turmoil these days, and that’s clearly reflected in how they censor their internet.

News sites, blogs, and social media content is heavily filtered and censored, and the government employs an army of hackers to obtain login information to destroy websites.

If you’re spending time in Syria, particularly in any kind of a journalistic sense, make sure you protect your web browsing, for your own safety. A good VPN service will:

Play it safe, and before you go to Syria, sign up for secure, reliable service with Express VPN.

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