How to Do a Free Online Background Check On Yourself

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Online background checks are a great tool to check out one’s background. Do you know what someone will find in your background check? Learn what’s reported in online background checks and how you can run your own check.

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You can never be too safe when dealing with new people. That’s one reason why online background check services have become popular over the last decade. They are a great tool for vetting individuals for a variety of reasons.

Have you ever thought about running a check on yourself? What information would show up about you on a background check? The answer to that question may surprise you.

It’s a good idea to run an occasional online background check on yourself. It will help you discover if there are any inaccuracies on your record that could prove detrimental in the future. You’ll also know what future employers, landlords, or even nosy neighbors will discover and this will allow you to prepare for those situations accordingly.

What Information You Will Find Out About Yourself

Online background checks are more comprehensive than ever thanks to digital record keeping. Here’s what you can expect to find when running an online background check on yourself:

  • County, State, and Federal Court Records – Both criminal and civil court records are included in a report. Some court data may be limited due to local reporting laws.
  • Credit Report – An overview of your credit history, including any collections and judgments, may be available.
  • Driving Records – A general overview of your driving record including traffic violations. Note that you’ll want to do a national search if you have driving records in multiple states.
  • Employment Records – Your work record will show along with any recommendations from bosses, including any you’ve burned bridges with.
  • Address(es) and Phone Numbers – Anywhere you’ve lived plus any current or prior phone numbers will appear in the report.
  • Education Report – If you’re lying about receiving a degree from UCLA, a background check will tell on you.
  • Online Footprint – Any online accounts you have, including social media may be listed on this report, including that long-forgotten MySpace account.

Use the Best Background Check Websites for Yourself

Online background check websites give people the opportunity to run inexpensive, anonymous checks on anyone. In some cases, all you need is a name and a known location. These sites are often used for a wide variety of purposes from simple vetting of a new neighbor to screening tenants.

Background check websites provide all of the information listed previously and may include additional information such as property owned, known business associates, relatives, and more. Below are a few recommended online background check companies that will help you run an anonymous check on yourself.


BeenVerified gives you unparalleled access to public records with access to over a billion data points. You’ll find standard information that you would expect to find in background checks along with additional information such as photos, email addresses, business associate information, and information on relatives.

You can run unlimited background checks on BeenVerified for just $26.89 a month. You can also opt for a quarterly subscription for $52.44, or just $17.48 monthly.

Sign up with BeenVerified here.


Intelius allows you to perform two types of searches. The first is a People Search which gives you basic data on a person, including any aliases, addresses, phone numbers, relatives, and phone numbers.

For a full background check, you can opt for either a statewide or national background check. Statewide checks are $19.95 while national checks are $39.95.

You can run unlimited People Searches with a $19.95 monthly subscription. New members get a $10 discount on their first month.

If you sign up for Intelius Premium Plus, you‘ll get unlimited People Searches and a voucher for a free background check. This costs $29.95 monthly.

Sign up with Intelius here.


TruthFinder is one of the more comprehensive search options out there. They perform a Deep Web search in addition to a standard background check to create a complete background profile. When you’re done, you’ll see everything from criminal records to who lives next door. You may even get a current photo.

For $27.78 monthly, you can get unlimited background reports. You can also opt for their Power Users plan which is $46.04 bi-monthly.

Sign up with TruthFinder here.


CheckMate is a great option for those looking for more information than a standard background search. In addition to standard data such as court records and credit information, you can find a wide variety of specialty data.

CheckMate premium reports include specialty data such as corporate affiliations, business associations, permit and licensing data, property holdings, and more.

If you own an Android device, you can install the Instant Checkmate app that will allow you to run checks from anywhere.

You can run unlimited checks on CheckMate for $34.78 monthly. You can also opt for their Power Users plan which is $27.82 monthly.

Sign up with CheckMate here.

Don’t Forget to Do An Ego Search

In addition to running an online background check, it is a good idea to conduct an ego search on Google and Bing. An ego search is where you search for yourself online. Check up to the first 10 pages of results to see what is floating around online about you.

If you find any inaccuracies or anything that could be incriminating or embarrassing, you can then take steps to have it removed.

Find Out How the World Sees You With an Online Background Check

Our lives are an open book in this digital age and all one needs to do to read your story is to run an online background check. Now that you know what can be uncovered in a background check, it is a wise move to go ahead and conduct your own.

By doing so, you’ll be able to catch inaccuracies before they negatively impact you. You’ll also be able to enter any situation confident that anything you share can be accurately verified. Online background checks can help you ensure that person you present to others is the person they will uncover when they search for you behind your back.

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The problem with doing the above is that these sites gather, confirm, and share more information about you, especially if you pay them for their reports.

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Hi John,

All reputable background check companies have privacy policies which explain exactly what they can and cannot do with your data. It is advisable to read through these policies before entering your information.