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How Can I Watch the CONCACAF Gold Cup?

Last updated on May 19, 2021

It’s time for the best teams in the Caribbean, North and Central America to battle it out on the soccer field once again in the hopes of winning the prestigious CONCACAF Gold Cup. The first game took place on 14th June and USMNT has already launched its attack with a decisive 4-0 victory over newcomers Guyana.

There’s still everything to play for, however, especially in light of the dramatic improvements some of the smaller nations have made to their game. Big guns and former titleholders, USMNT and Mexico, will have to watch their backs. And what will you be watching?

CONCACAF Gold Cup coverage is available in most of the participating countries, but if you’re heading to Europe, you’ll miss most of the action unless you sign up for a VPN. That way, you can convince Fox Sports that you’re still at home in Colorado when you’re really in Cambridge, England.

For the best connection quality while watching the Cup, use Express VPN.

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How to Watch the CONCACAF Gold Cup Online

Those of you planning to watch the CONCACAF Gold Cup from the US have a choice of channels depending on your preferred language. Fox Sports broadcasts all the live matches with English commentary, while Univision caters for the Spanish-speaking audience. Unfortunately, even if you have the Fox Sports app installed on a mobile device, if you venture beyond the US borders, you won’t be able to watch any CONCACAF Gold Cup action at all.

Big sporting events like the CONCACAF Gold Cup are often subject to broadcasting blackouts. These occur when a particular broadcaster only has the rights to screen live coverage in a specific region or country. If you attempt to connect to a streaming site from outside its broadcasting zone, you’ll receive a curt message informing you that the live content you’re after is unavailable in your region.

This is where the best VPNs come in handy. You can travel the world with a VPN without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. As a VPN hides your IP address behind the address of one of its secure servers, you can choose a fake location anywhere that your VPN provider has a server. For example, if you want to watch the Cricket World Cup, you simply connect to a server in the UK and enjoy seamless coverage.

For soccer fans who’re heading out of the country for work or pleasure, a VPN is the best way of making sure you can live stream all CONCACAF Gold Cup action and cheer for your favorite team on until the end.

How to Watch the CONCACAF Gold Cup Online Free

With the final contest of the 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup still some weeks away, watching the CONCACAF Cup online for free is something of a challenge but, as they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Many OTT services, like FuboTV and SlingTV, include Fox Sports in their packages and offer seven-day free trials. Find enough OTT services and you’ll be able to sign up for enough free trials to guarantee you access to all the matches between now and the final on 7th July.

If you don’t want to spend the rest of the year fending off salespeople from OTT services, head over to Reddit and take your chances there. Although Reddit is primarily a social news site, once you’ve set up an account you can start looking around for a subreddit offering streaming links free of charge. Although unofficial, the quality of the coverage isn’t bad and certainly worth the zero cents you invested in it.

Of course, unofficial streaming sites are notoriously unsafe so having a VPN to keep your visits there private and anonymous is almost as useful as having one to fake your location for you. Having said that, not all VPNs are as effective or committed to user privacy as they possibly should be, which is why we’ve put in the legwork and come up with a list of four VPNs that will see you streaming the CONCACAF Gold Cup from anywhere in the world.

Best VPNs to Watch the CONCACAF Gold Cup

#1 ExpressVPN – Going for Gold

One of the best VPNs around, ExpressVPN has maintained an extensive server network and high-speed connections for years now, making it one of the most reliable choices when it comes to streaming live sporting events.

It’s 3,000+ server network enables users to connect even in the most restricted countries, like Russia and China. With zero-knowledge DNS installed on every server, you can be confident that no one, not even ExpressVPN itself, can track your online activity.

While this may not seem that important if you’re innocently watching CONCACAF Gold Cup on Fox Sports, it does impact positively on your streaming speeds. Some ISPs, or internet service providers, throttle users’ bandwidth when they detect they’re streaming in order to control traffic and minimize congestion. Unfortunately, for someone wanting to watch the USA vs Panama on 26th June, that could mean heavily pixelated coverage, lagging and other interruptions.

Getting around bandwidth throttling is easy with ExpressVPN because, with its encrypted tunnel, not even your ISP can see what you’re up to and that means good-quality uninterrupted coverage.

In addition to high speeds and international connections, ExpressVPN has some of the best policies when it comes to protecting user privacy. It’s proven no-logging policy is tough to beat while its privacy policy sets the standard all VPNs should aspire to.

Despite being the best VPN for sports streaming, ExpressVPN’s pricing is surprisingly competitive, especially if you’re willing to make a long-term commitment. Make sure you’re in a winning position for the rest of the 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup and take up their special offer here, or you can find out more with our review here.

To stream the CONCACAF Gold Cup with a fast connection and great support, read our full ExpressVPN review and get Express VPN now.

#2 Surfshark VPN – Best Underdog

Competing with the likes of ExpressVPN is never easy and trying to match its speed, versatility and impressive commitment to user privacy is an uphill battle. Despite having been around for just a couple of years, Surfshark has made some surprising inroads into ExpressVPN’s dominance. Not only does Surfshark deliver highly competitive speeds and navigate geographical restrictions like an old pro, but it also throws in a couple of additional tools you won’t find in ExpressVPN’s stable.

Surfshark VPN is a powerful piece of technology despite having a comparatively limited number of servers to work with. The No Borders mode has proved effective at establishing and maintaining high-speed connections in a heavily censored environment while additional protection is available with the MultiHop feature. This option gives users double the security by diverting all traffic through not one, but two secure servers, taking online anonymity to another level.

Surfshark VPN uses the same industry-standard encryption as ExpressVPN but furnishes its users with the capacity to browse without interference from pop-ups and adverts and without anyone being able to trace their digital footprints thanks to its CleanWeb function.

As Surfshark becomes more popular and its number of users increases, so we may see some negative impact on its connection speeds. So far, however, Surfshark has proved itself to be a competitive and reliable VPN, especially when it comes to streaming live sport. It’s still available at an incredibly competitive price as well, so if you’re looking for a budget alternative to ExpressVPN, you can find out more in our review here.

#3 CyberGhost VPN – Simple yet effective

They say there’s safety in numbers and, given that CyberGhost has around 30 million users, you should definitely feel safe in its hands. CyberGhost VPN isn’t new to the cybersecurity scene and its experience in the field means it is one of the most reliable VPNs around, especially if you’re looking to access US content from overseas.

CyberGhost manages and maintains all its own servers, including the 900 or so it has in the US. This means that no third parties can gain access to the servers or the information on them. Furthermore, CyberGhost’s NoSpy servers include extended bandwidth to ensure you can stream the CONCACAF Gold Cup without pixelation or interruption.

With statistics relating to each server’s traffic available via both the CyberGhost app and the website, locating server with limited traffic and high speeds is extremely straightforward. That’s not the only aspect of CyberGhost that’s child play and its intuitive interface and big colorful buttons make it a pleasure to work with, whether you’re a complete novice or an advanced user with a desire to tweak and customize every available feature.

Once a free VPN, CyberGhost upped its standards and added a price tag in an effort to provide a more transparent service that would protect its users and conscientiously avoid all logging. The latest version of CyberGhost offers impressive speeds, worldwide connections with its ever-growing server network, and ease of use that’s difficult to beat.

With apps available for almost every imaginable operating system, CyberGhost is versatile and effective while its 45-day money-back guarantee is more generous than most. Take CyberGhost for a test drive today and get a simple solution to the problem of how to watch the CONCACAF Gold Cup from abroad.

#4 NordVPN – Best in Goal

NordVPN knows a thing or two about defense and in its seven years of existence, it has tirelessly pursued the best in online security and encryption technology. Using military-grade encryption and the safest security protocols NordVPN provides online security that’s second to none.

Remaining a little ahead of CyberGhost in terms of total server numbers, NordVPN boasts a wide-reaching network of over 5,000 servers. With over 1,700 servers in the US alone, finding one that can carry your streaming traffic quickly and safely isn’t a problem and, with servers in the most far-flung areas of the world, watching the CONCACAF Gold Cup from abroad is a breeze with NordVPN.

In the past, NordVPN has battled to produce the high speeds ExpressVPN users have become accustomed to but it’s worked hard at bringing its products up to speed and now promises a streaming experience free of buffering. NordVPN’s quick connect feature means it will find the fastest and most appropriate server for you, so you don’t have to waste time checking out their comparative speeds and traffic volume.

NordVPN keeps things simple with a graphic interface showing its worldwide distribution of servers. It also has specific servers for specific tasks, so if you want to access the Onion router, you can do so using one of its Onion over VPN servers. Similarly, it has servers dedicated to peer-to-peer traffic and others designed to combat the most restrictive of online environments.

A solid and reliable VPN, NordVPN produces impressive speeds in places other VPNs fear to tread so, if you’re constantly jet-setting or planning a safari in Africa, NordVPN is one of the best options for international travel and is a great option for streaming live coverage of the CONCACAF Gold Cup from overseas.

Bottom Line

With things hotting up in the 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup, missing a match, or even part of a match, simply isn’t an option for soccer fans. A VPN is one of the best ways of ensuring you can watch international sporting events wherever you are in the world. What’s more is a VPN can improve your streaming speeds by hiding your online activity from everyone, including your ISP.

Now you know how to watch the CONCACAF Gold Cup from abroad, you can tune into every match and find out if Mexico and the USMNT can maintain their supremacy or whether the likes of Canada, Jamaica, Costa Rica, and Panama can pull a few surprises out of the bag in 2019. Smaller nations, like Bermuda and Guyana, will be eager to prove their worth as they make their Gold Cup debuts this year.

While USMNT will be keen to defend their Gold Cup and secure their sixth title, at this stage, it’s anyone’s game and competition is fierce. We count our lucky stars that services like ExpressVPN ensure we don’t have to miss a minute of the action, regardless of where we’re tuning in from, and keep us abreast of all the latest goals, tackles, corners and penalties.

For all of that, plus the best customer support in the industry, we recommend ExpressVPN to watch the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

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