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March 2020 Radaris Review & Deals

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Recommended For

  • Property Discovery
  • Criminal Record
  • Sex Offender Look-Up

Radaris is a background search company that offers a whole host of features that will appeal to those that need a simple person search right through to an extensive background check. It also provides customers with the ability to run searches upon entire businesses and corporate entities as well as running reports on properties. These reports prove helpful when making land purchases among many other uses.

Additionally, Radaris provides the rare ability to run people searches internally and even has a number of dedicated international sites. Couple this with the email alert updates when information you have have been provided with in the past changes, and the result is a more than capable background check company. Customers continually return to it owing to the accuracy of the information provided in a very short space of time.

Things We Like

Name-specific email updates

Dedicated international sites

Reports available for individuals, properties and businesses

Things We Didn't Like

International sites not available in all countries

Not all features found on home page

Reports Offered

Radaris offers the following reports that return different amounts of data. Customers can choose which report they want to run depending on their wider need.

Advanced People Search:

  • Full name
  • Age & DOB
  • Current address
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Residence history

Background Check:

  • All info provided in Advanced People Search
  • Criminal check
  • Property records
  • Bankruptcies
  • Liens
  • Judgments
  • Misdemeanors
  • Neighbors
  • Relatives
  • Birth & death
  • Marriage & divorce

Business Background Report:

  • Credit risk scores and detailed risk factors
  • Past liens, judgments and bankruptcies
  • Past business registrations
  • Comprehensive financial records
  • Banking, trade and collection history
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings

Property Detail Report:

  • Owner information
  • Location information
  • Owner transfer information
  • Last market sale information
  • Prior sale information
  • Site information
  • Tax information
  • Property characteristics
  • Extra features

In addition to all this, Radaris is able to offer international searches. This is remarkably rare in the background search engine space. While it is only available in a few countries, the majority of Radaris’s competitors only run searches in the US. Radaris can run reports for clients if they need information on a person who resides in India, Spain, the UK or Germany.

Search Capabilities

Radaris can run any of its reports (be they searches on people, businesses, properties or simply phone and email look ups) with only a small amount of data provided. When a customer has chosen what search they want to run, they tend to only ever need the name, location, and/or address of the person or property. However, it can also generate robust, extensive reports when given varied and scant bits of data on a person or property.

Data Sources

Radaris generates its reports by using many of the different governmental and non governmental public records that are available to search and draw upon for information upon an individual, business or property.

In practice, this means that they search the following:

  • Property records
  • Marriage and divorce records
  • Professional records
  • Criminal records
  • Civil records
  • Federal licenses
  • Social media networks & websites

The government public sources are perhaps the most helpful for a background check company to rifle through on behalf of someone as they are so extensive. They include federal, state and government agencies that all hold different types of data on citizens. This means that Radaris will look through property transactions, postal address change request or voter registration, to name but a few.

Radaris, when also looking at non governmental sources, will look through information that is publicly held by phone companies, public sweepstakes and publicly held contests.


Radaris a competent background search company, there is no denying that. However, one of its main limitations is the fact that it has pared back its website so much that it actually looks a bit rudimentary and dated. Many people will use a background check company expecting them to run a smooth and sleek service. Rightly or wrongly, those same people and potential customers will expect the service to look smooth and sleek too.

Plus its homepage does not offer or make apparent a whole host of the features and functions that Radaris has to offer. This is a great shame as it offers a lot as a company. This means its potential customers could be missing out on a service that would really help their cause. Instead of having a clearly laid out website, users have to search extensively around the site to find what they are looking for, like the international search feature for example.


Radaris offers a different pricing plan to many of its other competitors. Perhaps the most comprehensive search that it runs is the Background check report which comes in at $39.95. This gives customers a huge amount of data to go through, analyze and use for their own purpose.

However, should an individual only want a short report with a limited amount of data, it is possible to purchase the Advanced People Search which costs just less $6 at $.5.95.

Additionally, people and companies can sign up to a membership plan of which Radaris offers two types. The most basic membership is $24.95 a month. Within that package, subscribers are allowed to run an unlimited number of Advanced People Searches as well as an unlimited number of Background Check reports at $9.95 a report only. That’s quite a big saving in comparison to the $39.95 for a standard one off background check report with Radaris. So a subscription is definitely worth bearing in mind if several reports and searches are needed each month by a person or company.

There is also a Premium Membership which costs almost twice as much as the Basic Membership. For $49.95 a month, subscribers to this plan are allowed to run the same unlimited amount of Advanced People Searches for free, but then are also able to access an unlimited number of Background check reports for just $3.95 each time.

If your needs are more specifically related to property, the Property Detail Membership may be worth a try. It costs $24.95 and means that a subscriber can access a property detail report for $5.95. However, if you are more in need of information regarding corporate entities and other businesses, this is also possible through Radaris running a Business Background Report. They cost $49.95, but are only available for purchase on an individual basis.


The support that Radaris offers is totally fine, but it does not go over and above in any way. It has a market standard response to any queries a customer has. The company is contactable via telephone from 9.30am to 8pm Eastern time during the week, and on Saturday and Sunday it runs a shorter service from 10am to 4pm. We would ideally like to see a live chat feature that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but the weekly telephone support lines are open a little longer than many of Radaris’s competitors.

It also offers an online help form through its contact page which customers can use for any questions they may have. These queries will need to be non urgent however. Otherwise, the company has a help page with a large array of FAQs answered. It is so vast that sometimes answers can be a little tricky to find, but the page is fairly helpful in the main.

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