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Radaris combines a comprehensive record search with distinguishing features, including dedicated international sites, email alerts, and full mobile functionality to create one of the best background check sites out there.

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Radaris Review – Pros & Cons


The most comprehensive search that Radaris offers for results on individual people is the Background Check Report, which costs $39.95 per report and gets you access to a wide range of data (see ‘Search Capabilities’ section below). If you need more limited data about an individual, you can get the Advanced People Search for $5.95 per report.

There are also two kinds of membership plans available if you need to use Radaris over an extended period of time to perform multiple searches. The Basic Membership plan costs $24.95/mo and includes free unlimited Advanced People Searches and unlimited Background Check Reports for an additional $9.95 per report. The Premium Membership plan is $49.95 per month and includes unlimited Advanced People Searches for free and unlimited Background Check Reports for an additional $3.95 per report.

If you are looking to research property, Property Detail Memberships cost $24.95 per month, or you can get individual Property Detail Reports for $5.95.

Information about corporate entities and other businesses can also be collected via the Business Background Report. These reports cost $49.95 and are only available for purchase on an individual basis.

How It Works

Radaris’ welcome page allows you to select between People, Business, Properties, Phones, and Emails. After choosing the type of information you want, you can enter the required information into the fields directly below it. This will change depending on what report you want to generate, but will generally include the name, location, and/or address of the person or property you are searching for.

Search Capabilities

Radaris is able to search many different data points to generate its comprehensive reports. The information returned will depend on which report you are looking for. Below is a list of what you can find in various reports:

Advanced People Search:

  • Full name
  • Age & DOB
  • Current address
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Residence history

Background Check:

  • All info provided in Advanced People Search
  • Criminal check
  • Property records
  • Bankruptcies
  • Liens
  • Judgments
  • Misdemeanors
  • Neighbors
  • Relatives
  • Birth & death
  • Marriage & divorce

Business Background Report:

  • Credit risk scores and detailed risk factors
  • Past liens, judgments and bankruptcies
  • Past business registrations
  • Comprehensive financial records
  • Banking, trade and collection history
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings

Property Detail Report:

  • Owner information
  • Location information
  • Owner transfer information
  • Last market sale information
  • Prior sale information
  • Site information
  • Tax information
  • Property characteristics
  • Extra features

Data Sources

To generate its data point search capabilities, Radaris draws upon many different governmental and non-governmental sources including:

  • Property records
  • Marriage and divorce records
  • Professional records
  • Criminal records
  • Civil records
  • Federal licenses
  • Social media networks & websites


Radaris is one of the few online background check companies offering international search capability. The countries available for this feature include India, Spain, the UK, and Germany.


The design of Radaris’ website is clearly meant to be minimalist and easy to use. That goal is definitely achieved, but in some respects they did too good of a job. There is a ton of great functionality available that isn’t presented on the homepage. For example, you need to go digging into the site to find the international search feature.


If you need help or have a question, there is a very large self-help FAQ section available. Phone support can be reached from 9:30am-8pm Eastern Monday through Friday, or on Saturday from 10am-4pm Eastern.


Radaris distinguishes itself by offering more value than the average background check company. The ability to search internationally is rare, and shows a commitment to thoroughness that you won’t find in many other places.

Couple that with the extensive data sets it draws upon to create its reports, and you have a combination of features that allow you to find almost anyone no matter where they may be.

Things We Like

Name-specific email updates

Dedicated international sites

Reports available for individuals, properties and businesses

Things We Didn't Like

International sites not available in all countries

Not all features found on home page







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