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Spokeo provides users with a suite of powerful people search tools to sift through billions of records and create easy-to-read customer profiles that allow you to research and reconnect with others.

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Spokeo Review – Pros & Cons


Spokeo charges a different monthly rate for subscriptions depending on how many months you sign up for. All membership options include unlimited searches:

  • 1-month Membership: $19.95/mo
  • 3-month Membership: $12.95/mo
  • Annual Membership: $8.95/mo

How It Works

The intuitiveness of Spokeo’s search interface really sets it apart from competitors.

The average people search site presents you with a single option on its home page: enter the first name, last name, city, and state of whomever you are looking for and hit “search”. From there, you are at the mercy of what the company shows you.

This is not the case with Spokeo. Spokeo elevates the utility of data you might have to work off for the person you’re trying to locate, without making the search process unnecessarily complicated. It works by placing the four separate categories of what you can search with – Name, Email (called ‘Social’ on its site), Phone, or Address – in a single module on the home page.

This puts you squarely in control of your search. There is no need to wait while the search engine goes through a huge volume of documents to build a report containing a bunch of irrelevant results. Your initial request ensures the return of comprehensive information without you having to wade through things you didn’t ask for and don’t need.

Search Capabilities

Spokeo allows you to uncover a vast amount of information about the individuals you search for including:

  • Names, photos and public social profiles
  • Criminal records
  • Available phone and location information
  • Current address and location history
  • Mobile or landline numbers
  • Family members and other public information
  • Property information
  • Neighborhood information

Data Sources

  • Phone books
  • Social networks
  • Marketing surveys
  • Real estate listings
  • Business websites
  • Court records


Spokeo highlights the power of its search engines to reunite people with one another. It’s unusual among people search services in that it gives ‘Search Angel’ awards to those that dedicate their time to assisting adult adoptees in locating their biological families.

While this might not seem to provide additional value to the average user, it’s always worth mentioning when a company takes time to recognize people who are helping others.


Using Spokeo has been extremely useful for people looking to uncover information about someone. However, it should be noted that the company’s name will appear on your billing statement. If you are looking to check up on a significant other or spouse you expect of cheating, this may be problematic. If someone were to see the charge and wonder what it is, it’s possible your use of Spokeo could be revealed.

It’s also important to note that people can ‘opt out’ of being listed on Spokeo’s site, which may prevent you from locating the person you’re searching for in the event that they don’t want to be located and are aware of Spokeo’s ‘opt out’ option.


Spokeo offers many different ways to contact customer support if you need help. On the company’s website, there is a contact form you can use to request to be contacted either by email or phone, or you can email support directly. A response can be expected within 12-24 hours. There are a variety of options for contact via Spokeo’s various social media profiles as well, and phone support is available every day of the week.

Finally, if you don’t want to contact support directly, there is an FAQ section that can be used to answer the most common questions.


Spokeo’s search capabilities allow users to search with a broader range of data than most of its competitors, while remaining just as simple to use. The database it uses draws on billions of public records, social media profiles, and business documentation.

However, what really sets Spokeo apart is the obvious sense of commitment it has to what its search engine can do for its users. It’s not every day a company honors people just for doing good, and it’s certainly refreshing to see. For that reason alone, Spokeo should be on the top of your list when considering a background search company.

Things We Like

Intuitive website

Diverse search options on homepage

Generates reports faster than competition

Enterprise account available

Things We Didn't Like

Individuals can opt out

“Spokeo” appears on billing statements







Comment Section

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Lola Olsen says:

Hi Simone,
So happy to hear that you are satisfied with Spokeo’s background check service.