Install a VPN on Firestick and Stream Amazon Fire & Amazon Prime TV

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Amazon and Netflix are the kings of internet streaming. The two services continue to compete in TV shows, movies, and streaming options.

But now they must make way for a new kid on the block – Amazon FireTV / Stick, and it has some amazing streaming content as well.

(Man in the High Castle, anyone?) Now you can use a VPN to unblock Amazon and get around those pesky geo-restrictions.

We reviewed the top contenders and tested them for Amazon Firestick and streaming and presented our top choices in this review.

Based on performance, our recommended service is ExpressVPN for Amazon Firestick.

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It’s Friday night, and time for the season premiere of your favorite show. You’ve been following their live tweets for days drooling over their high definition trailers.

You settle down and if you have kids, the thought of wine drowns all snores and last minute get-out-of-bed attempts. You log into your Amazon account – only to be blocked out because you are not in a specific country.

Don’t call it a night yet, there’s a way around it.

What happened is what we like to call “geo blocking.” Streaming companies like Hulu, Netflix USA and Amazon have been working hard at enforcing geo restrictions.

So if you wanted to access Amazon Fire TV content from outside the U.S., you may be blocked because the content isn’t available in your country.

Don’t miss out on that season premiere. Don’t’ just get an amazon firestick VPN, get the best VPN for firestick to bypass those restrictions and gain you access to all Amazon Fire TV streaming options.

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Why Use a VPN for Amazon Fire TV (Firestick)?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) unblocks those nasty geo restrictions. With a VPN, you can use a server in a desired location to gain access to that county’s streaming content.

Thus, if you are in Germany and you want to access Amazon Fire TV content in USA, with a VPN, you can change your location to a place in USA and access that country’s content.

Let’s take a look at how to use a vpn on the Amazon Fire TV/Stick to unlock content.

How to Install a VPN on Amazon FireStick/Fire TV

In order to use a VPN for Amazon Fire TV, you must install a VPN. Many services do not have a Fire TV VPN app and users will have to manually download the VPN provider’s app onto their Amazon Fire TV/stick with a vpn router Amazon-compatible. Other users try to root Amazon Fire TV.

However, users can access a VPN in the apps section. Here, we show how to install VPN on firestick:

  1. Launch your Amazon Fire TV/Stick
  2. Head to ‘Apps’ at the top of your Home screen.
  3. Under ‘Categories’ select ‘Utility’.
  4. Select the Express VPN app and hit ‘Get’ button to begin downloading.
  5. After installation, choose ‘Open’.
  6. Sign in using your IPVanish Username and Password.
  7. Select which VPN server location you wish to connect to.
  8. Once your VPN connection has been established, you’re all set Hit the home button and stream content.

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Best VPN for Firestick 2018

Finding a reliable amazon prime VPN is time consuming so we have tested the best VPN services available that are effective at unblocking content and compatible with firestick.

#1 ExpressVPN Ultra Fast Streaming and work with Netflix as well.

With over 90 server locations, ExpressVPN is a popular choice for unblocking geo restricted content.

Although the service doesn’t offer an app for Amazon firestick, users can still manually install the Android app to access server locations.

The app uses OpenVPN protocol, encrypting all traffic with 256-bit encryption, so your information is secure. For a month subscription, ExpressVPN is $12.95; for six months it is priced at $9.99/month, and for 15 months (one year + three extra months free) at $6.67/month.

It is a great deal for users looking for a range of subscription options. Included in the price is their excellent customer service, unlimited bandwidth usage, and even though they are not a free VPN for Firestick, they offer a hassle free 30-day money back guarantee.

Sign up with ExpressVPN here.

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#2 NordVPN Fast Streaming

Nord has 61 server locations allowing users to gain access to content on a global scale. Their secure connection allows for private streaming and even while there is no NordVPN Firestick app, users can still install it manually.

Their pricing for one month is $11.95, a stretch from their six months price at $7.00/month. For one year, users can subscribe for as low as $5.75/month, and if you want to secure your membership for a little longer, there is a two year option at $3.29/month.

With a 30 day money back guarantee, you can try NordVPN as a free VPN for Firestick and decide whether you want to stick it out with this VPN or try another.

Sign up with NordVPN here.

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#3 PrivateVPN on Amazon Firestick

Unlimited speed, unlimited bandwidth and up to six simultaneous connections, PrivateVPN is another great option for an Amazon Firestick VPN.

They also have an exclusive app with Amazon Fire TV. Their prices start at $10.95 for one month, for three months, users can pay $7.50/month, and for the folks needing this VPN’s secure service for even longer, the 17-month option (1 year + 5 extra months) is priced at $3.60/month.

While PrivateVPN does not offer a free VPN for Firestick option, they do have a 30-day money back guarantee for the users who are looking to try things out before making a commitment.

Sign up with PrivateVPN here.

If you need more info we have a complete test here:PrivateVPN Review

#4 HideMyAss Very Simple to use.

HideMyAss is a popular VPN, so it’s not surprising that many people want to use it for Firestick.

HideMyAss is simple to use, but it’s not compatible directly with the Amazon Firestick so you’ll have to use one of HideMyAss’ options for your router instead. HideMyAss promises not to slow down your Amazon Fire viewing.

HideMyAss offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the service. One month costs $11.52. Six months cost $8.33 per month and one year comes to $6.56 per month.

Even though HideMyAss needs some tech work and doesn’t have a free VPN for Firestick option, it’s still a fast streaming service to unlock Amazon Fire TV content.

Sign up with HideMyAss here.

If you need more info we have a complete test here: HideMyAss Review

#5 SaferVPN 700+ crazy number of servers

SaferVPN is another fantastic option for users.

It offers 700+ servers in over 36 locations around the globe and it can easily bypass firewalls and geo-blocks. It uses the OpenVPN protocol and a 256-bit strong encryption to secure your network.

SaferVPN is priced at $4.99 for a single month. You can sign up for the 12 month plan and pay $2.99 a month, a 75% savings. And all plans come with a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Sign up with SaferVPN here.

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#6 IPVanish Unlimited bandwidth and servers in over 60 countries

IPVanish on Firestick is a great option for users. The service has an easy to download app on the Amazon Fire TV and is a great Amazon Firestick VPN.

With unlimited bandwidth and servers in over 60 countries, IPvanish offers a 7-day money back guarantee for unhappy customers. Their one-month subscription is $10.00. For three months, users pay $8.99/ month and one year is listed at $6.49/ month.

Even though IPVanish is not one of the best free VPN for Firestick options, it is an excellent paid service to unlock restricted content and keep your streaming private.

Sign up with IPVanish VPN here.

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#7 PureVPN Goode customer service

PureVPN is great at unblocking content. With servers in 180 locations, the most in this lineup of Amazon Firestick VPN services, they offer great customer service and login on multiple devices.

Their one month subscription is $10.95. For six months, users can pay $9.00/month and for the two year option, the price is $3.25/month.

Like other Amazon VPN options, PureVPN does offer a money back guarantee, but it is only for seven days. Though, it should give you enough time to try before you buy.

Sign up with PureVPN here.

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Get the Best Amazon VPN to for Streaming

Accessing Amazon FireTV/stick is even easier as more services are working hard at unblocking geo restricted content for your enjoyment. To ensure a smooth streaming experience on your FireTV, we recommend ExpressVPN for Amazon Firestick.

Article comments

Michael Rosen says:

I recently found NordVPN in the Amazon Fire App Store. I recall the date listed was 6/13. Can you please check it out and post an updated review? How does NordVPN do with Netflix?

Sacha - Security Expert says:

Hi Michael,

I did check with NordVPN, they have this new app for Amazon Fire devices, NordVPN will unlock NetFlix USA shows.

Fred Blogs says:

Vypr VPN does not have a firestick installer even though the article CLEARLY says it can be used on the firestick !!!

ST Editor says:

Hi Fred, We don’t have VyprVPN listed in this article for that very reason – it is not compatible (to the best of our knowledge) with Amazon Firestick. We recommend that you try ExpressVPN. Our readers have had luck with this VPN in the past. Thanks!

Peter says:

Streaming videos are here to stay, and if a user wants to keep his activity private and secure, he needs to incorporate a virtual private network into his daily routine. ExpressVPN uses the most secured data encryption to help protect the activity of the user from bandwidth throttling, spying third parties, and information-hoarding ISPs. The user can also access geo-restricted content to stream videos from any country in the world.
While streaming videos on Firestick, if the quality drops, the user might need to connect to a US server closest to his actual location. This shall pull up the streaming quality effectively. But isn’t the switching of servers a hassle for the user while watching TV shows then?

ST Editor says:

Thanks for such a great question! Streaming is a major reason people obtain a VPN, and you’re right that ExpressVPN offers a great solution for both streaming and privacy. Finding the right server can be a problem when you’re streaming TV, as it can slow down your connection and cause buffering and resolution issues. Unfortunately, switching servers is still the best way to ensure you get a proper stream, and it sometimes may interrupt your stream. However, services like ExpressVPN do offer some workarounds. These include the Smart Location feature that offers the best servers for specific activities, as well as recommended servers that are known to offer the most reliable or fastest connections. It’s always good to try out different connections and find those you know work best, which will also help you avoid annoying interruptions during your streaming activities.

Angela Collins says:

Thanks for this article! It’s really informative and helpful. I’ve been able to access Amazon Firestick using one of your recommended VPNs and I’ve not had any problems so far. I’d like to recommend one to a friend so I’d like to know if there are VPNs for Amazon Firestick that can function even in Mid-Africa.

ST Editor says:

Thank you for the great feedback, we’re happy to be of assistance! To answer your question, there are several great options you can install on an Amazon Firestick that will still give you great protection anywhere in Africa. ExpressVPN remains our golden standard, with excellent security features and reliable speeds. However, we also recommend services such as HideMyAss, which focuses on better browsing speeds, and IPVanish which delivers a great blend of security and speed, even on Firesticks. Let us know how it goes for your friend!

Aman Kumar says:

Express vpn is the best vpn for any uses.I used Express vpn for Netflix and i hope that it also works for Amazon Fire TV. And thanks for sharing good information to us.

Michael says:

Does anyone know if using a VPN is a violation of Amazon’s TOS? Before I take the plunge I just want to make sure that I won’t get my account banned or something stupid. Any information you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

ST Editor says:

Thank you for the relevant question! While we’re no lawyers, we haven’t found any reports of regular user accounts being banned or deleted for using a VPN. You may experience some quirks while browsing, as Amazon may detect you’re in another location. The story is a little different for sellers, where there have been reports of accounts being blocked for masking their real location. Hopefully this helps! 

Frank says:

Now for the million dollar question. Which one of these bad boys will work in China? I need to know as I’m heading that way in February for two weeks and I don’t want to try and have to translate my TV.

It would be helpful if I could use the same service on my mobile too, so I need China, Mobile and a raise to afford the expenses on the trip. What do you suggest?

ST Editor says:

Hi Frank, and safe travels! As far as the VPNs we list in the article, ExpressVPN, IPVanish, and HideMyAss all have sterling track records when it comes to functioning properly in China. Moreover, all three have mobile versions which you can install with the same subscription as your computer VPN. Hopefully this helps you on your trip! 

Rayn Gill says:

Thanks, it worked nicely smooth for me. I wanted to access Netflix through Amazon firestick and it was slow (I don’t know the reason why it was slow). After trying Express VPN it’s working smooth and nice for me.

Isabella says:

Amazon Fire TV is my boss for watching TV online. With all the classic and world-class content, I really love the service. Unfortunately, due to geo-restrictions, I wasn’t able to enjoy some favorite contents until I stumbled upon SecureThoughts. Using NordVPN, I’m pinned to Canada right now.

Stephen says:

Thank you! I downloaded IPvanish after reading this and I now stream all my favorite channels whenever I want to. Accessing television have never been easier

LIZZY says:

ExpressVPN unblocks any nasty geo restrictions. It is the best I have tried so far. It is fast and network friendly.

Dominic Pauleta says:

I may need a hand with my installation. I have been trying to install HideMyAssVPN on Firestick but it’s not working. I want to believe it’s everywhere because I can’t understand.

ST Editor says:

Hi Dominic,
In order to use FireStick through our VPN, you will need to use a router as FireStick does not have a VPN client itself. If your current router does not support VPN protocols (HMA! Live Chat support will happily help you with this) you will need an additional router. Please contact HMA! if you need assistance with your router. They will walk you through it until you succeed.

Emmanuel says:

I have used Express VPN on Amazon fireTV and it was Easy to use. Works on win and android. Doesn’t slow down the download. The best I have tried.

Lacy says:

Express vpn and IPVanish are the two best services that i have used. Completely satisfied with the service and offers they provide for the firestick.

Charles says:

How come the only VPN in the Amazon app store is IPVanish? I want a better one than that but they aren’t there.

Nathline says:

Currently, IPVanish is the only VPN that Amazon hosts in their store. There are many potential reasons for this, but Amazon has provided no official explanation. You can use a different provider on Firestick; it just requires more set-up. Other VPN services can be installed via the Downloader panel by entering the app URL. Contact the provider you want to use for a more detailed guide.