Best VPN for HBO Go in 2019

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HBO Go allows users to enjoy some of the best US TV shows on demand. However, those living outside the states are denied access to this impressive catalog. Fortunately, there is a solution! We recommend using ExpressVPN to unblock HBO Go anywhere in the world.

HBO Go allows subscribers instant access to all the best HBO shows and movies, no matter where they are. This popular US broadcaster has produced many classic series, including The Sopranos, The Wire and the recent smash hit, Game of Thrones.

The HBO Go app is available on numerous platforms. You can enjoy its content on any of the following:

  • Mac, iPod, iPhone
  • Apple TV & Samsung Smart TV
  • Fire TV & TV Stick,
  • All Android devices
  • Computer browsers
  • Chromecast
  • PlayStation & Xbox
  • Roku
  • TiVo

With such a range of watching options, you may be wondering why you haven’t signed up already. Unfortunately, there is one small caveat.

You Can’t Access HBO GO Outside the US

If you’re based abroad, or regularly leave the country, you may have already been met with an error when trying to watch. Unfortunately, the service is banned if you aren’t viewing from the states.

To determine how to watch HBO Go outside the USA, you need to understand why it’s blocked. As all media content falls under copyright, streaming services have to attain licenses to share the material. Unfortunately, the license restrictions vary significantly from country to country, instigating a phenomenon we know today as ‘geo-blocking.’

Geo-blocks are digital gateways that exist dependent on your geographical location. By using the IP address on your computer, different shows and movies are offered to users in different countries.

If you’re outside of the US and still want to unblock HBO Go, there are options available.

How to Watch HBO GO from Anywhere with a VPN

All across the globe, TV and movie fans have bypassed these annoying geo-blocking restrictions by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN.) This simple software package allows users to unblock HBO Go on Apple TV, PlayStation, computers, handhelds and all other devices.

A VPN works by taking your existing IP address and assigning another by re-routing your traffic through an additional server. Because of this, when you access a streaming platform, you will gain access to a larger catalog.

However, to ensure best quality service, there are other elements to check as well.

  • Fast Streaming Capabilities: A fast and reliable connection speed is essential for seamless streaming.
  • A range of Server Locations: Each server location offers a different media catalog. Numerous locations, including ample US servers, is essential.
  • Responsive Customer Support: Whether you’re a VPN newbie or veteran, bugs and glitches can be incredibly frustrating. Instant support can provide resolutions quickly.

We tested some of the top-rated providers on the market to determine the best VPN to unblock HBO Go.

#1 ExpressVPN

Notable Features:

  • Fastest connection speeds
  • Large US server network
  • 99% uptime guarantee

Overview: ExpressVPN is our top-rated VPN provider, due to its unmatched speed and reliability. These features ensure you’ll enjoy an uninterrupted stream when watching HBO Go. If you do experience problems, their instant chat support saw response times as fast as 32 seconds.


#2 NordVPN

Notable Features:

  • Up to six simultaneous device connections
  • Additional security features for the privacy-conscious
  • Sleek UI – especially with Windows client

Overview: NordVPN is a great family option due to its multiple connection allowances. Plus, it offers a whole range of additional security features, so you don’t have to worry about kids accounts. It’s easy-to-use and a great option for beginners.


#3 HideMyAss

Notable Features:

  • Automatic start-up when connected to web
  • Cryptocurrency friendly
  • Impressive global server network

Overview: HideMyAss is ideal to unblock HBO Go on Roku devices Smart TVs and Game Consoles. It’s automatic connection means you can watch without going through configuration every time. This VPN has servers in nearly every country; although HBO only works on US connections, this wide range of locations is excellent for accessing catalogs on other streaming services.


#4 SaferVPN

Notable Features:

  • SaferVPN router available
  • Convenient no-download Chrome extension
  • Optimized servers

Overview: Although SaferVPN has a smaller network comparatively, it still offers high speeds. Alongside this, the optimized server features choose the best connection for streaming automatically, for further enhanced performance. SaferVPN offers more than just an app; you can buy VPN router for your home or use the Chrome extension for a no-download service.


#5 PrivateVPN

Notable Features:

  • Fast installation & set-up
  • 25% discount on all plans
  • Remote installation for beginner VPN users.

Overview: PrivateVPN offers a great backup option if you face problems with the above. The provider missed out on a higher ranking due to their restricted server network and occasional performance bottleneck, but overall the service was reliable. It’s incredibly easy-to-use and beginners can even get a tech expert to set-up the software from a remote computer.


HBO GO vs HBO Now – What is the Difference?

Many HBO fans will have also heard of the HBO Now service. It can be difficult to tell the difference between the two, as the programming and geo-restrictions are the same. If you’re wondering which service to buy then here is the difference:

HBO Go is for subscribers of the HBO channel on cable or satellite TV. You have to have a TV package where the broadcaster is available and already paid for. By signing up to HBO Now, you can enjoy all your favorite shows wherever and whenever you want.

HBO NOW is a similar service that is ideal for cord cutters. You don’t need a TV box or HBO subscription to watch. Instead, you can sign up for the service through any provider and get instant access to great HBO content.

Using a VPN will resolve the geo-restrictions on both of the services.

Unblock HBO GO and Watch it Anywhere

HBO Go hosts some of the best content in the world. It shouldn’t just be US residents that get to enjoy this vast catalog of shows and movies. Using a VPN provides a quick and straightforward solution to unblock HBO Go anywhere in the world!

We recommend ExpressVPN as it ranked highest in speed, reliability and customer support.

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