Best VPN for the Samsung Galaxy

Best VPN for the Samsung Galaxy Tab & Phones in 2021

Last updated on May 5, 2021

Taking the world by storm currently is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, while leaked information regarding Samsung’s soon-to-be-released widescreen tablet and a foldable smartphone has gadget geeks champing at the bit.

Our pick for Best VPN For Samsung Galaxy Tab: ExpressVPN

Samsung produces some of the most efficient and robust mobile gadgets around but no matter what they do to secure the device, they can’t keep its users safe which is why it’s critical that proud owners of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 complement their hardware investment with an effective cybersecurity software.

Firewalls and anti-virus software are all well and good but get comprehensive security online, a Virtual Private Network is the only viable answer.

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Top 4 VPNs for Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

A quick visit to Google Play will soon reveal just how many VPNs there are to choose from, but quantity doesn’t necessarily equal quality, which is why we’ve done the hard work for you.

Having rigorously tested and compared a range of VPN services, we’ve selected the best VPNs for your Samsung Galaxy Tab. Not only will these VPNs keep you safe and secure, but they’ll also give you reliable connections and high speeds at affordable prices.

#1: ExpressVPN 

Something of a trailblazer when it comes to cybersecurity, ExpressVPN has developed apps that are compatible with pretty much every operating system out there, including Android. This makes it effective on a range of devices, giving you a safe browsing experience regardless of whether you’re using iOS or Linux.x

Over the years, ExpressVPN has tweaked and perfected every aspect of its product, making it easy to install and a breeze to operate. With such a friendly interface and simple operation, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the technology behind it all isn’t really that advanced… but you’d be very wrong.

ExpressVPN boasts some of the most stringent encryption and security protocols in the business. By utilizing a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard, ExpressVPN gives users the same level of security as that enjoyed by the U.S. government.

Furthermore, you can configure ExpressVPN to operate on a variety of security protocols, from the most secure (OpenVPN) to the mobile-friendly L2TP/IPSec. While some devices may not support OpenVPN, this is the best protocol to opt for and users should find no limitations to using this protocol on the latest Samsung devices.

To save on both time and data, ExpressVPN allows a function known as split tunneling, in which the user can select which sensitive traffic needs to travel through the VPN and which innocuous pieces of data don’t require encryption. Another handy feature of ExpressVPN is its server-based zero-knowledge DNS which encrypts your Domain Name System activity in order to prevent DNS blocking, third-party access, and the recording of any connection or activity logs. In other words, your information isn’t even visible to ExpressVPN, let alone the rest of the virtual world.

The security standards set by ExpressVPN are second only to its speed and reliability. An extensive international network gives users access to high-speed connections from anywhere in the world, while their 24/7 live chat service is both fast and informative.

ExpressVPN has a quiver full of cybersecurity arrows that it fires with alarming accuracy, making it the best VPN to use with your Samsung Galaxy. Get military-grade encryption and lightning-fast connections today with Express VPN.

#2: Surfshark 

Having only been established last year, Surfshark is still something of an unknown quantity but, so far, it’s given us everything to celebrate and nothing to complain about. If you’re not so sure, why not take advantage of its seven-day free trial and see just how powerful this VPN is.

Admittedly, compared to ExpressVPN, Surfshark’s server network is decidedly limited, with just 500 or so servers. Despite this, Surfshark is able to compete with the VPN giants by ensuring that each of those servers is strategically situated and operating effectively.

Like ExpressVPN, Surfshark is situated in the British Virgin Islands, making it impervious to data retention laws and operates private DNS on each server, ensuring high levels of security. That means the two crucial aspects of privacy and security are taken care of. Beyond these basics, Surfshark has introduced a number of additional security features, including:

Camouflage – obscures the fact that you’re using a VPN so that not even your ISP provider is aware of it.

CleanWeb – gives you the freedom to roam without the annoyance of adverts and trackers while protecting you against possible phishing and malware threats.

MultiHop – get double the protection by using this security feature to bounce your traffic through two or more servers.

NoBorders – if you find yourself trying to connect from North Korea or Thailand, where internet censorship is rife, this mode will give you additional protection so you can browse freely.

Whitelister – operating along the same lines as ExpressVPN’s split tunneling, this feature allows you to select certain sites and apps that are safe to bypass the secure VPN connection.

Whether you’ll be using your Samsung Galaxy tab for entertainment or work purposes, Surfshark VPN will give you ultra-fast speeds as well as cutting-edge security, all for an extremely competitive price. While it might not have the track record of industry leaders ExpressVPN, we predict that it won’t be long before Surfshark is giving even them a run for their money.

Extra security features, high speeds, and competitive pricing make Surfshark VPN an excellent choice for your Samsung Galaxy security solutions. Be as stealthy and fast as a Great White with Surfshark.

#3: NordVPN 

When it comes to security, NordVPN has never held any punches  and its OpenVPN protocol operates using an above industry standard 256-AES encryption with an additional layer of protection in the form of a 2048 bit Diffie-Hellman key.

This key exchange method enables two parties to create a shared secret key which is used to encrypt all further communications, making them effectively impossible to hack into.

Unfortunately, NordVPN’s high levels of security come at a cost and their connection speeds can be frustratingly slow, despite their extensive global server network. Having said that, in most populated places, NordVPN delivers workable speeds that allow you to torrent and stream to your heart’s content. NordVPN has gone beyond the call of duty in streaming terms by introducing its SmartPlay technology. This feature gives you all the security features inherent in a VPN combined with the high speeds and stability of Dynamic DNS so you can stream from censored websites without any interruptions or lag time.

NordVPN was one of the first VPN providers to offer a double VPN system. Similar to Surfshark VPN’s MultiHop feature, Double VPN creates a chain of VPN servers, each of which adds another layer of encryption to your data, making your online activities unreadable and untraceable. NordVPN is also one of the few VPN providers that advertises dark web access. Its Onion Over VPN facility means you can enter the TOR network without fearing for your life or your privacy.

In addition to offering solid security and an extensive server network, NordVPN has an inviting user-interface, takes a matter of minutes to install even on the older Samsung devices, and has one of the most responsive and helpful customer support teams in the industry.

With servers scattered all over the world, NordVPN is the perfect cybersecurity solution for the Samsung S4 owner who loves to travel. Make sure your Samsung’s both snug and secure with NordVPN.

#4: CyberGhost 

It may not be up there with the likes of ExpressVPN, but CyberGhost identified a niche in the cybersecurity market and targeted it. A user-friendly interface and simple auto-connect features make CyberGhost perfect for those new to the concept of online privacy and safety.

CyberGhost is an intuitive piece of software that will detect when your Samsung Galaxy is connected to an unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot and automatically connect to safeguard your personal information and files. It also has streaming-optimized servers designed to make connecting to sites such as ESPN, Netflix, Hulu and other streaming sites as effortless as possible.

With over 3,500 servers distributed worldwide, CyberGhost will give you high speeds and consistent connections from some of the most remote places in the world, making it possible to navigate around geographical restrictions and government blocks.

CyberGhost has a range of apps available so is compatible with every operating system from Android to Amazon Fire Stick. With unlimited traffic and the provision for up to seven simultaneous connections, CyberGhost is an excellent choice for those seeking a simplistic approach to Samsung security. Better still, you can try out CyberGhost’s services for free for 45 days before committing to a subscription.

Founded in 2011, CyberGhost has been around long enough to know the ins and outs of cybersecurity. Based in Romania, it remains outside global information-sharing alliances like the five and 14-eyes, keeping your private data safe from prying eyes. With an ad-blocking feature as part of the standard package, CyberGhost VPN gives you an excellent browsing experience without logging any of your activities or connection details.

Although some of its servers struggle to produce the kinds of speeds ExpressVPN users might enjoy, overall CyberGhost VPN is an efficient service that providers complete beginners with a simple way to access all-around protection.

Shroud your internet activities in CyberGhost VPN’s cloak of invisibility and benefit from an ad-free browsing experience with CyberGhostVPN.

Keeping Tabs on Personal Security

Samsung certainly hasn’t been remiss in the security department and the Galaxy Tab S4 has a plethora of security features that place ahead of many of its rivals. You’d expect to find a PIN-activated screen lock on such an advanced device and Samsung doesn’t disappoint. Similarly, the S4 also has a SIM PIN to protect your personal information. These are basic security features that pale into insignificance next to the Samsung Knox security features.

Knox is the first line of defense against malware attacks, hacking, and phishing. By saving all sensitive data, audio and video files in a managed container, Samsung’s Knox security system encrypts and protects sensitive business and private information. Once encrypted, the files stored in the Knox Workspace container can be accessed only if the user enters the correct biometric information, PIN, or password.

An inbuilt granular VPN feature helps encrypt and secure all the data within the container, but it won’t do much in terms of guaranteeing you anonymous and secure browsing, which is why an additional VPN is necessary. Samsung is just as aware of the need for additional security as you are, so they’ve made installing and configuring a VPN as simple as possible, so all you really have to do is decide on which VPN provider is best for you.

What to Look for in a VPN for Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you still feel you want to explore a little further and make up your own mind about the best VPN for your Samsung Galaxy, then we suggest making sure the following points are on your VPN checklist:

1. Cross-platform compatibility – there’s no point investing in a VPN for your Samsung Galaxy Tab if it doesn’t have an Android app. Furthermore, if you’re shelling out for a VPN, you may as well get one that is compatible with all your devices so you can get your money’s worth.

2. Speed – while most VPNs will have some kind of negative impact on your speed, if you’re looking for a service that can provide effective protection whether you’re working or streaming, you need something that can guarantee minimal lag times and constant speeds.

3.  Encryption – the industry standard of AES 256 bit encryption is identical t that used by the military and there’s a reason for this. Cybercrime is proliferating and the offenders getting increasing tech-savvy every day which is why opting for anything less is inadvisable and liable to leave your Samsung S4 vulnerable to potentially devastating malware attacks.

4. Global Network – even though Surfshark VPN doesn’t have that many servers, it still manages to give users international access. This is because the server locations have been carefully selected but it doesn’t mean that every other VPN service out there has been so vigilant. Some VPNs, like the free TurboVPN service, have less than 10 servers, indicating that connectivity will be limited according to server locations.

5. Logging – whatever else your VPN does for you, there’s one thing that you don’t want it to do and that’s to keep track of anything to do with your geographical location, IP address, connection times, or online activity. A no-logging policy isn’t enough to look for VPNs that have proven their no-logging status or have participated in the Signals of a Trustworthy VPN initiative.

How to Setup a VPN on Samsung

Samsung knows its inbuilt security isn’t sufficient to provide unadulterated protection in cyberspace so their new Samsung Galaxy Tab has been designed to make installing a VPN as simple as possible. Whether you’re installing a device-specific app or attempting to set up your VPN service manually, the Samsung Galaxy Tab gives you easy access to the relevant settings, making the process both simple and streamlined.

To install a VPN on your Samsung Galaxy Tab, follow these simple steps:

  1. Close any open apps and go to your Settings menu
  2. In the Connections menu, select ‘More connections settings’ or ‘More networks’, depending on your device
  3. Select ‘VPN’
  4. Choose the ‘Add VPN’ option
  5. Setup your VPN according to the specifications given by the provider
  6. Connect and browse

Conclusion: Securing your Samsung

Clearly, Samsung takes security seriously but even they have yet to have the potent powers of the world’s leading VPN inbuilt into their devices.

While there are many welcome security features on the latest offerings from Samsung, browsing the internet without first connecting to a VPN will still leave your device and your privacy vulnerable to a variety of cyber threats.

We all know that the latest Galaxy doesn’t come cheap, so giving it the best chance of survival in the wicked world of the web is in your best interests. Don’t forget, a serious malware attack or ransomware infection could leave your Galaxy frozen and futile.

VPNs seem to be popping up all over the place, but simply installing the first one that catches your eye is risky business. Not only have some VPNs yet to establish a reliable network of servers or eliminate the threat of DNS leaks, but some less reputable ones have also been known to sell your bandwidth to other users or even give someone else use of your IP address.

Actions such as these can result in some serious consequences so ensuring you have the best available protection is vital … to your device, your family, your career and your own identity.

Don’t leave your previous Samsung Galaxy unprotected against cybercriminals and don’t leave your biometric data lying around just waiting for someone to steal. Get one of our top VPNs for Samsung Galaxy Tab today and enjoy hassle-free browsing for the duration of your subscription.

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