How to Watch the Italian Grand Prix

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Summary:  On September 6th, 2015, the Italian Grand Prix will be starting – but you may miss out, depending on where you’re located.

Using your IP address, websites can block you from accessing certain content, including live streams of the big race. You can get around these blocks by using a VPN.

By blocking your IP address and routing your connection through a remote server, you can access content from anywhere in the world.

For streaming as fast as a Formula One car to watch the Italian Grand Prix, use Express VPN.


Why Is My Access Limited?

As racing fans gear up for the next round of the Formula One Grand Prix in Italy, many viewers are scrambling to figure out how they’re going to watch if they can’t get it to stream in their country.

Using your IP address, websites can determine where you’re accessing from. If the company isn’t licensed to broadcast in that country, your access gets denied.

On top of these problems, people trying to watch on work or school networks will likely find that this content is blocked by the administrator.

Don’t sweat it though, there’s an easy way around both of these problems – just use a VPN.


What is a VPN?

If you’ve never used a VPN before, don’t worry, it’s actually a really simple concept. VPN stands for virtual private network, and it’s basically like a secret tunnel in the internet.

For a monthly fee, you get access to a network of servers around the world that will give you access to any blocked content.

Just choose a country, hit connect, and you see what everyone else there sees. Another nice thing about using a VPN is that they protect your information.

Your connection is secured with military grade encryption, so you can use public networks without having to worry about your information being stolen.


Top 3 VPNs for Watching the Italian Grand Prix

Here Ill break down a few of the most popular VPN options, and how they compare for streaming – you’re going to need a good one to keep up with these races.


#1 Choice:  Express VPN – 9/10 – Fastest, most reliable connection

When it comes to streaming, or really just about anything, Express VPN is my go-to VPN service.

Their connection is incredibly fast, making them perfect for instant streaming – no buffering, no headaches.

What’s really great is you never have to worry about blowing up the bandwidth – it’s unlimited with all of their service plans.

With Express VPN, you can also connect up to two devices simultaneously under one account, using it on both a home and mobile device without incurring additional fees.

Set the kids up with Frozen while you stream the race in the other room. Express VPN’ software is also compatible with all systems, so you can use it no problem on anything from an iPad to a PC.

Where Express VPN really stands out though is with their incredible customer service, with features like:

  • representatives available 24/7
  • live chat and e-mail support
  • average turn-around time of 20 minutes for e-mail inquiries

To top it all off, Express VPN backs their service with a 30 day money back guarantee, and a referral program that rewards you with free service for getting your friends to sign up.

It’s a win-win deal here – for the best way to watch the races overseas, get Express VPN.


#2:  IPVanish – 7/10 – Fast connection, but not compatible with iOS

Another good VPN service worth trying is IPVanish. There are some drawbacks compared to Express VPN for sure, but all in all it’s a service that performs well and is reasonably priced.

Their connection is usually just as fast as Express VPN’s, so they’re a good option for streaming or downloading.

Like Express VPN, IPVanish also comes with unlimited bandwidth and two simultaneous connections, so you can stream the race or anything else without having to worry about hitting a monthly cap.

The only real limitation is with their software compatibility.

Unfortunately, IPVanish isn’t compatible with iOS – just Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux. If you plan to use your VPN on a mobile Apple device, you’ll want to stick with Express VPN.

If you’ve never used a VPN before and think you may need to rely on customer support to give you a hand, it’s also worth noting that IPVanish doesn’t have a live option for getting in touch with them.

You can reach them by e-mail but typically it takes at least a few hours to hear back from them.

So as you can see, IPVanish isn’t quite the total package that Express VPN is.

However, if you just want a bare-bones VPN and don’t need one for an Apple device, IPVanish may be just what you’re looking for.

IPVanish can be found at this website.


#3: HideMyAss– 5/10 – Slow connection, not ideal for streaming

If push comes to shove and you just can’t connect to an Express VPN server, HideMyAss has a large enough network that they might be a good option to try next.

Just keep in mind that their large network won’t necessarily guarantee you a fast connection. In my experience, things always move pretty slow with this VPN, so they’re not great for streaming.

The connection I had with Express VPN was always strong. However, I’ve run into a problem with HideMyAss because their connection is pretty unreliable.

It never seems to matter which server I connect to, I can almost always count on losing my connection at least once – totally frustrating when you’re right in the middle of something.

Also frustrating is their customer support. even though they claim to be 24/7, the reality is you’re going to be waiting at least overnight to get an e-mail response, and on hold for a while too.

All in all, there are just too many better options out there for you to be wasting your time with a VPN that isn’t going to work and be reliable.

You can get all the same features with a way better connection with Express VPN.

HideMyAss is here.


Conclusion: Use Express VPN for Fast, Unlimited Access

With the twelfth round of the Formula One Grand Prix getting ready to start in Italy, it’s time to figure out how you’re going to watch.

If you’re in a country where the broadcasters don’t have rights to air, then their live streaming is likely to be blocked as well.

You can get around these and other content blocks just by using Express VPN.

By routing your connection through a server in a country of your choosing and blocking your IP address, Express VPN makes you appear to be somewhere you’re not.

You’ll have unrestricted access over a securely encrypted, anonymous connection.

Additionally, you get super-fast streaming, the ability to connect on more than one device at a time, and stellar customer support all backed by a 30-day money-backed guarantee.

For the smoothest streaming of the Italian Grand Prix from anywhere in the world, use Express VPN.