Best VPN Apps for Android In 2018

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To browse the internet securely and safely, especially when using public WiFi networks, it is a good idea to use a VPN. A specific VPN app for Android is necessary if you are using a mobile device or tablet with an Android operating system.

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How To Set Up a VPN On Your Android Phone

To use a mobile VPN or phone VPN on Android, you will need to download the app itself from the Google Play store. And that’s it! The app should do the rest of the hard work for you in creating a safe and secure connection while you’re out and about with your mobile device.

Why Do You Need a VPN for Your Android Device

A VPN can help protect yourself from online fraud committed by hackers and cybercriminals. One of the ways that hackers are able to commit such crimes is by gathering private data that a person divulges at some point, for some reason, online. They often do this by hacking into unsecured internet connections and reading what that person is typing.

A VPN app stops a hacker’s ability to do so by providing a new IP address through an encrypted connection to another server. In doing so the VPN creates a Virtual Private Network that is secure.

This Virtual Private Network also provides users with the ability to access blocked content that has been restricted for geographical reasons. This could be Netflix or a competitor stopping an overseas user accessing some of their catalog that only US users are meant to see, or a country with strict censorship laws. As a VPN app hides your IP address, and therefore your location, content is accessible anywhere in the world.

The Best VPN For Android

We have rated and reviewed the VPN android market and gathered a list of the best VPNs for android. The most important characteristics to look out for when choosing a VPN app are:

  • Quick connectivity – this allows for fast web surfing and streaming.
  • Stringent privacy protocols – user privacy can only be maintained if a VPN app is serious about its privacy protocols.
  • Value for money – VPN apps for android need not be expensive but they do need to offer value for money to be worth the subscription.
  • Automatic connection – this stops users from ever having their VPN app connection drop in and out, which can affect their anonymity.
  • Varied locations – for content from around the world to be accessible, a VPN app needs to have server locations in several different countries to be of any use.


ExpressVPN stays at the top of our VPN app lists for many reasons. Here are a few for why it’s a great VPN for Android.

First, it has lightening-quick connectivity, so users can stream content on the go with this mobile VPN and its fast connections. It is also super user-friendly. ExpressVPN’s Android app is very easy to use and install so customers can get set up and start using its secure connections within moments. If a user stumbles upon a problem, any queries are answered quickly through the efficient live chat service. Customers can also enjoy multiple connections so that a tablet, mobile and laptop can all be used with just one subscription from ExpressVPN.

Importantly, none of these great features is at the expense of security as ExpressVPN employs top security protocols. Its high-level encryption techniques, for instance, mean that customers can always be assured of internet safety whilst surfing the internet. However, if users don’t like ExpressVPN for any reason, they can receive a full refund after 30 days.

Pricing per month:

  • One month: $12.95

Sign up with ExpressVPN here.


CyberGhost is a great choice for an Android VPN app. It somehow manages to pack in a whole range of fantastic features for a great price – particularly if you sign up to a two-year deal.

The reason we rate it highly is that it has server locations all around the world, and loads of them too. This is fundamental for quick streaming and other data-heavy usage, as well as unblocking any internet content that is restricted for geographical reasons. You can even use it to stream Netflix content from all around the globe.

In addition to its vast network, its security features are second to none. CyberGhost upholds customer anonymity online by encrypting all of your data using a military-strength AES 256-BIT encryption. This uses a 2048-BIT RSA Key so users are nigh on impossible to track.


  • For a 2-year subscription, CyberGhost charges only $2.90 a month
  • A monthly subscription costs $10.99
  • 6-months costs $7.99 a month
  • A year’s subscription costs $4.99 a month

Every plan you sign up for comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Sign up with CyberGhost here.


NordVPN is a highly reputable VPN Android app. Its wide range of features make it a solid buy. For one, it has very stringent security policies and techniques. In fact, NordVPN uses several methods of encryption at one time, making it one of the safest VPN apps for Android. For instance, it uses a clever double encryption technique for extra protection. It also does not keep any records, as NordVPN has a ‘no logs policy’ to ensure and maintain customer anonymity. Finally, in terms of its security measures, NordVPN’s kill switch feature means that if the VPN app connection drops out, the entire internet connection is automatically cut to preserve customer identity.

NordVPN has a whopping 1000 plus server network so that connection speeds are super quick despite all the security measures in place. It is also very easy to use and install so anyone can use NordVPN’s phone app without any previous technical knowledge. Should a customer have an issue, however, the customer support service is available 24/7 for prompt help.

All of this is offered for a good value price. NordVPN’s 2-year subscription deal is actually super affordable when broken down into 24 monthly payments.


  • $11.95 a month
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Sign up with NordVPN here.


HideMyAss remains a popular VPN app for a whole host of good reasons. For instance, it has a large network of servers so connecting to a server on HideMyAss’s Android app is easy and quick. It also has servers across the globe. In fact, 190 different countries house a HideMyAss server, so any geo-restricted content is available on the go with this VPN app for Android.

Subscribers also like the multiple connections that HideMyAss offers. Users can have up to 5 connections at once for all their different devices.

However, if any customer is not happy with the service there is a 30-day money-back guarantee – as long as you stay under 10GB data usage.

Pricing per month:

  • One month: $9.99

Sign up with HideMyAss here.


If you choose SaferVPN for your Android VPN app, you’ll be getting one of the most secure connections on the market, in addition to a whole range of other features. It has a large network of over 700 servers which, while not across a great many country locations, assures users of a quick connection. Additionally, it has excellent security technology. SaferVPN uses 256-bit encryption technique so those using this phone app can be safe on the go. Furthermore, it has a no logs policy so SaferVPN furthers customer security by never recording their online activity.

Ultimately, SaferVPN is incredibly easy to use – users of this mobile VPN will find it a breeze to set up and run.


  • $9.99 a month
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Sign up with SaferVPN here.


IPVanish is a great VPN app for Android, mainly as it makes accessing restricted content secure. It has many server locations which enables customers to access geographically-restricted content. Additionally, you can connect both your tablet and phone with this mobile app as it allows for two connections at a time.

Above all, IPVanish offers pretty attractive pricing over a number of subscription plans and a 7-day money back guarantee – a bit shorter than many other similar offers, but it is still easy to get a refund if you don’t like this phone app.


  • One month: $7.50

Sign up with IPVanish here.

Is It Worthwhile Using Free VPN Android Apps?

In our view, free VPN apps for Android are not only pointless to use, but they should be actively avoided too.

They simply do not provide the same level of service as paid VPNs do in two key areas. Firstly, they do not have the connectivity speed needed to make them worthwhile using. Capped bandwidths and throttling are often employed by free VPN apps for Android which means users will experience much slower connections.

Perhaps even more importantly, a free VPN will not provide the level of security needed to be a useful piece of software. In fact, they may even be decreasing your security and privacy, as many free VPN providers are known to sell their customers’ data in order to make money.

Is It Legal To Use A VPN For Android

It is totally legal to use a VPN for Android and to have one on your phone in most countries – though it always pays off to check the rules if you are visiting somewhere with strict censorship laws.

What can be illegal is to use your VPN to access content that is against the law in the country you are currently visiting or residing. For example, some Middle Eastern countries have a total ban on pornography, and so if you use your VPN app for Android to watch porn whilst in the UAE, for example, you are technically breaking the law.

While it may be hard for the authorities to find you due to the level of security that a VPN provides, punishments for these crimes can be pretty tough.

VPN Apps For Android – The Bottom Line

If you want to subscribe to a VPN app provider to enhance your online security and give yourself the ability to watch and access content from anywhere in the world, ExpressVPN is the only way to go in our eyes. While it’s not the cheapest on the market, it offers a whole host of features that make it market-leading – especially for Android devices. New users won’t regret their purchase.

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I was also searching for the best VPN service and find out via ReviewsDir. ExpressVPN is the best VPN service.

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What about for iPhones? Do you have any information about VPNs and iOS devices?

ST Editor says:

Thanks for bringing that up! We do have a great article that covers many of the best available VPNs for iOS devices. You can find that here! In short, though, you can try out ExpressVPN, which is our top-rated VPN for iOS, as well as HideMyAss and NordVPN. Read more about each service on our site and find out which works best for you!

Steve says:

Can you use the same VPN on your phone and computer.

Laura says:

If the VPN provider you use offers multiple device connections then you will be able to run it on both, like ExpressVPN or NordVPN, for example.