Why Your Smart TV Needs a VPN

Why Your Smart TV Needs a VPN

Last updated on September 29, 2020

Many households have upgraded their regular TV sets to a Smart TV. Promising access to many top media providers, it’s easy to see why people make the switch. However, the products still have room for improvement. Using a VPN is the perfect solution for Smart TV’s shortcomings.

Smart TVs have transformed our entertainment experience. Instead of one live stream, they offer a plethora of apps and services for video, music, TV and more. As of 2016, 40.2 million US households have switched to the platform.

The allure of the Smart TV is the increased access to content catalogs. All major streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon, and Popcorn Time, offer Smart TV apps, alongside many other niche providers.

For those with smart homes, these innovative televisions can easily synchronize with your internal network. You can use them as a central hub to control devices and employ your phones and tablets to act as a remote.

However, as with any pioneering technology, the SmartTV still has some significant drawbacks. We’ve documented how to set up a VPN on smart TV, and why it’s essential to do so.

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You Need a VPN for Your Smart TV

Virtual Private Network (VPN) software works by rerouting your connection through an alternative server before it accesses online apps and websites. You are assigned a new IP address, and the initial data tunnel is encrypted. Using a Smart TV VPN has dual benefits.

 Unblock Geo-blocked Content

All content catalogs are under the jurisdiction of media licenses. These restrictions limit content based on its geographical location. Streaming providers determine who sees what by using the IP address on every incoming connection.

By using a VPN to allocate a foreign server IP, you are granted access to the catalogs in that place. As a general rule, US subscriptions offer the most media options. However, those with interest in foreign cinema may enjoy experimenting with different server locations.

Extra Security From Hackers

As interconnectivity between devices increases, as does the security risk. Reports of hackers using Smart TVs to monitor your living habits and access your home computers are just some examples.
Understanding VPNs allows increased security awareness, including how to stream on Popcorn Time safely and how to protect your card details when making online purchases.

Keep reading to discover how to use a VPN on smart TV, and what to look for in a premium VPN service.

Get the Best VPN for Your Smart TV

Finding the best VPN services takes a bit of research. Four aspects, in particular, are important to explore to ensure high-quality protection. Many providers also offer additional features that may also be of interest.

  • Fast speeds equate a seamless service with no bugs, lagging or queuing for connection.
  • Some VPNs cut out while you watch, which can be incredibly frustrating. Look for uptime guarantees to ensure reliability.
  • Server Network. A large server network prevents clogging, which affects speed dramatically. Also, check server locations to confirm you can access your coveted media catalog.
  • Customer Support. All services have bugs, so quick solutions are essential. Look for instant customer support options and a fast response time.

Most people automatically opt for a free VPN, but these providers lack many of the above qualities. If you’re on a budget then taking advantage of refunded trial periods is a fantastic compromise.

We’ve compiled a list of the best VPN providers for your Smart TV.

#1 ExpressVPN

Notable Features:

  • Impressive 1700+ servers in 145 cities
  • Active 24hr support with 30-second to 20-minute response time
  • Simple 5-minute set-up process

ExpressVPN is our top provider for its unmatched speeds and streamlined service. It runs unnoticeably while you watch content from all over the world. The software easy-to-use and offers top-grade encryption to protect your Smart TV. ExpressVPN is one of the best Amazon VPN choices for watching Prime video and more.


Get ExpressVPN for $12.95/month.
Save 49% with an annual subscription at $6.67/month – plus, you receive an extra three months free!
Read our ExpessVPN review and try ExpressVPN for 30-days with full money-back guarantee.

#3 NordVPN

Notable benefits:

  • Up to six simultaneous connections available.
  • Additional security features inc. Kill Switch and Double VPN.
  • Specialized Tor and Anti-DDoS servers.

For the security-conscious, NordVPN is the top choice. Although its core service is not the highest-rated, the plethora of extra security features are perfect for comprehensive protection. NordVPN is the best BBC iPlayer VPN as most of its servers – 219, to be exact- are based in the UK.


Get NordVPN for $11.95/month.
Save 41% with an annual subscription at $6.99/month.
Subscribe for two-years and pay $3.99/month – an extra 66% off!
Read our NordVPN review and Trial any NordVPN package for 30-days with a full money-back guarantee.

Bottom Line

Smart TVs are already revolutionary for their capacity to supersize your entertainment experience. However, with a VPN, you are entitled to even more fantastic movies, TV shows, music, and games. Plus, it will keep you safe from the ever-growing and transforming threat of cybercrime. Until Smart TV restrictions and risks have been solved by the source, we recommend every user installs a VPN!

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