IdentityForce vs. ID Watchdog

IdentityForce vs. ID Watchdog

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Even though we constantly improve the ways we protect ourselves and our identities online, cyber-attacks are still a threat. Whether identity theft or deploying malware, hackers continuously find new ways to attack unsuspecting individuals.

However, identity theft protection solutions have also continued to evolve to challenge these threats, and offers an excellent opportunity for people to protect themselves and rest easy knowing their sensitive information is being kept safe.

Today there are several great options for people seeking to protect their identities online. With so many alternatives, however, finding the right fit requires looking under the hood of these products to uncover their real value. IdentityForce is known for its comprehensive scans and easy-to-use interface, as well as around-the-clock protection. Rival, ID Watchdog is also a heavyweight in the industry, winning several awards and offering identity restoration services to accompany its monitoring.

Our team of technology experts wanted to determine which of these offers the best value for consumers. In a close match of IdentityForce vs ID Watchdog, we compared the two brands in a series of categories to better understand their strengths and weaknesses. Although we did find a winner, both IdentityForce and ID Watchdog give customers an excellent solution for identity theft protection and monitoring. Read on to discover who came out on top!

Credit MonitoringLoser
Information Protection
Recovery Services
Additional FeaturesTie
Customer ServiceWinner

Credit Monitoring

One of the most common ways identity fraud is discovered is when people apply for credit and realize their credit scores are far from what they thought. Credit scores are very sensitive to large purchases, and high amounts of debt or unpaid credit balances can negatively affect your score for years.

Credit monitoring tools keep a constant eye on your credit reports and scores, scanning for any irregularities or potentially fraudulent additions you might be unaware of. This helps detect fraud and prevent any long-term damage to your credit score.

Both ID Watchdog and IdentityForce offer credit monitoring services through their tools are slightly different. IdentityForce offers three-bureau monitoring as well as a credit score tracker. Subscribers can view monthly updates and use credit score simulators to understand how their financial decisions may impact their scores. ID Watchdog also provides three-bureau tracking and delivers instant alerts for irregular activity. In addition, the company has the option to freeze credit scores in case any fraud is perpetrated.

Information Protection

An individual’s personal information in the wrong hands could have terrible implications, ranging from inappropriate behavior on social media to potential legal consequences relating to criminal records. Moreover, stolen financial information can lead to emptied bank accounts, unwanted loans, and other disastrous outcomes.

To keep track of your information, IdentityForce presents a strong identity protection suite which scans known harmful sites for potential abuse or misuse. This includes driver’s licenses, email addresses, Social Security Numbers, and court records. Furthermore, the company offers an alert system when unusual activity is detected, including when someone tries to change your personal information.

On the other hand, ID Watchdog monitors 37 billion records, including court, criminal, housing, election, and driving records to check for identity theft. Apart from these efforts, the service also surveys the National Change of Address database to detect if anyone has used your personal details for online funds transfers, non-credit loans, and more. Moreover, ID Watchdog scans dark web black market sites where user information such as passwords and credit card details are sold.

Recovery Services

Companies offer identity recovery and restoration services for those cases when customers fall victim to identity theft despite their best efforts to remain protected. Trained agents are usually available to help customers fill out the proper paperwork and file the right reports, and will also assist throughout the process to ensure individuals can restore their identity without long-term consequences for their credit scores.

We were pleased to see that IdentityForce and ID Watchdog assist their clients should the worst-case scenario come to pass. ID Watchdog’s restoration services are very comprehensive, including an agent assigned to your case who helps throughout the process alongside a guarantee for a full recovery when the process concludes. Additionally, the company offers up to $1 million in fraud insurance to replace the costs associated with the legal process and the theft. Overall, IdentityForce offers many of the same services, including the $1 million insurance, but also adds lost wallet assistance to help users quickly minimize the damage of losing credit cards and IDs from nefarious activities or even just accidentally.

Additional Features

Fraud Alerts. It’s vital that your identity theft protection suite alerts you when it detects your information may be used illegally or suspicious activity is identified on any of your credit reports. IdentityForce offers alerts for a variety of reasons including new items on credit reports, change of address requests, and court record updates. Customers of this service are eligible for real-time alerts via email and SMS. ID Watchdog users also receive alerts via email and SMS if their information is found on suspicious sites or when fraudulent activity has surfaced.

Credit Score Simulators. Customers can benefit from knowing how their financial decisions impact their credit scores without risk, helping form a greater understanding of the implications of their potential actions. This is not a standard feature though, and unfortunately, ID Watchdog did not offer one. IdentityForce does host a simulator, along with credit score tracking tools to keep you informed of your overall progress.

Mobile App. Having access to protection tools directly from your smartphone lets you keep better track of your identity and informs you sooner if something is amiss. We found that ID Watchdog and IdentityForce both offer straightforward applications for both iOS and Android devices to serve a wide range of potential users.

Court Record Alert. In certain cases, identity theft will result in your name being used in court proceedings and potential criminal records being opened with it. In these cases, not knowing can result in relatively severe outcomes. To grant better coverage, both identity theft prevention services scan court records, alerting you if your identity shows up in any records.

Change of Address Alert. When your identity is stolen, one of the first steps fraudsters will take is to change your address to make it easier to apply for credit and other products. We were pleased to see that both suites scan your personal records and alert you to any change of address requests.

Customer Service

If the unthinkable happens and you find yourself needing to talk to someone, a strong customer service team is a must-have. ID Watchdog offers around-the-clock customer support via phone or email and provides individuals with a dedicated support agent if they require identity restoration. IdentityForce is also available all the time but goes the extra mile by providing a live chat directly on their website to grant instant support to users experiencing problems or asking questions.


For many people, the price ticket on the solution is the bottom line when choosing a service provider.

IdentityForce presents two identity theft packages: UltraSecure for $17.95 a month or $179.50 a year and UltraSecure + Credit (including 3 bureau credit monitoring, reports and scores, credit score tracker and simulator) for $23.95 a month or $239.50 a year.

ID Watchdog offers the ID Watchdog Plus plan for $14.95 a month or $134.95 a year and their ID Watchdog Platinum plan (including credit report and score) for $19.95 a month or $219.00 a year.

Why We prefer IdentityForce over ID Watchdog

In the battle of ID Watchdog vs IdentityForce, we have to give the slight edge to IdentityForce.

Apart from delivering more customer service alternatives, the service helps users plan for the future with their credit score tracker and simulator. However, each option hosts excellent solutions for credit monitoring with three-bureau scans, and ID Watchdog remains a great choice for people seeking an easy-to-use and affordable identity theft protection suite.

Article comments

Becca says:

Lack of customer service on sites like this can make the service so overwhelming to use.

Alastair says:

My personal choice is ID Watchdog. Having the option to enact a credit freeze immediately is ideal if you want to stop identity theft after it starts. Also, being able to track my information on the Dark Web is also preferred.