IdentityForce vs IDShield

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Your identity is worth more than all of your money, and losing it can be disastrous. In today’s connected age, no one can ignore the risks of identity theft. Make sure that you know what to look for and make an informed decision by consulting our in-depth review of IdentityForce and IDShield.

IdentityForce and IDShield are two top-quality, highly-rated identity protection solutions which offer similar levels of protection. Our experts have tested IdentityForce vs IDShield in order to compare the credit monitoring, recovery services, information protection, and additional features offered by each service.

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IDShield Pros:

  • Plenty of ways to receive alerts
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Up to $5 million insurance against identity theft

IDShield Cons:

  • No lost wallet assistance
  • Credit reports from just one credit agency
  • Mobile apps look a bit outdated

IdentityForce Pros:

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Support removing personal details found online
  • Lost wallet assistance to help cancel credit cards

IdentityForce Cons:

  • Prices are higher than some alternatives
  • No live chat
  • Identity theft insurance up to $1 million

Credit MonitoringWinner
Information ProtectionWinner
Recovery ServicesLoser
Additional FeaturesWinner
Customer ServiceLoser

Credit Monitoring

Credit monitoring is important, so you’ll know if anything changes in your credit rating, which is an early sign of attempted fraud or identity theft. IDShield regularly checks your credit rating with the TransUnion credit report agency and scans the internet for your personal information to check that it isn’t used to take out payday loans. It also tracks your Social Security Number, credit card, and bank account numbers and store cards.

IdentityForce keeps regular tabs on your credit standing with all three major credit agencies, checks that no one has tried to change your address in order to get a hold of your sensitive mail, and scans the internet for signs that your personal details have been used to get a payday loan or traded illegally in dark web chatrooms.

Winner: IdentityForce

Information Protection

IdentityForce and IDShield both offer ways to keep your information protected online and offline. IDShield alerts you to any suspicious activity regarding your personal information, passport and drivers’ license numbers, email addresses and medical ID numbers. It also keeps a sharp eye out for anyone trying to change your physical mailing address to get their hands on your mail. You can also keep all of your passwords safe using its password vault for encryption.

IdentityForce permits users to use two-step verification for all important logins, which drastically reduces the risk of hackers. You can also access IdentityForce’s anti-phishing and anti-keylogging software which stops hackers from installing malware on your device and identifies phishing sites.

Winner: IdentityForce

Recovery Services

As much as we hope that our identity will never be stolen, the chances are high that it will be at some point. Fortunately, both IdentityForce and IDShield have powerful plans to support you. IDShield promises to hire a private investigator who will restore your identity. That includes notifying and coordinating with creditors, banks, credit card companies, law enforcement authorities, and federal offices for your social security number. IDShield also helps you remove fraudulent negative reports due to the theft of your identity. Finally, IDShield offers up to $5 million in insurance to cover stolen funds.

IdentityForce provides comprehensive identity restoration services from its team of certified protection experts. They are available 24/7 to contact banks and credit card companies to notify them about the theft. They complete paperwork and make phone calls on your behalf to restore your identity. IdentityForce also guarantees stolen funds and lost wages of up to $1 million.

Winner: IDShield

Additional Features

Feature #1: Mobile App. A mobile app lets you keep track of your identity no matter where you are and includes an emergency contact button to contact your identity protection company in an emergency. Both IdentityForce and IDShield have a mobile app, but IdentityForce’s app is a bit more user-friendly.

Feature #2: Social media monitoring. This means checking your social media accounts for signs of hacking, looking for privacy risks, and checking your reputation online. IDShield monitors Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to let you know about any posts that could present you in a bad light. IdentityForce checks your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and Instagram for the same risks.

Feature #3: Sex offender monitoring. IdentityForce regularly checks the sex offender registry both to be sure that no one has illegally used your identity and to let you know if a sex offender moves into your area. IDShield lets you check for sex offenders moving nearby.

Feature #4: Junk mail opt-out. Junk mail is a big personal security risk since hackers like to steal your personal details from your mail. IDShield and IdentityForce both help you to get your personal details removed from marketing databases, opt out of junk mailing, and get rid of personal information stored on junk mail websites.

Feature #5: Lost wallet assistance. This helps you to cancel credit cards if you lose your wallet. IdentityForce assists you in quickly canceling your credit, debit, and ATM cards and ordering replacements. IDShield doesn’t offer this feature.

Winner: IdentityForce

Customer Service

IDShield and IdentityForce both offer 24/7 emergency customer service support. You can call IDShield from a toll-free number, and you’ll be answered quickly. You can also request support from a specialist in identity theft who will give you advice regarding identity protection or get information from live chat. IdentityForce lets customers get in touch via a toll-free phone number or by email round the clock, or you can consult the well-organized FAQ section.

Winner: IDShield


IDShield has two plans on offer. The Single Protection Plan costs $9.95 per month without any extra surcharges, or you can add your whole family for $19.90 a month.

IdentityForce is more expensive at $17.95 a month for the regular plan with all the features mentioned above, or $23.95 per month to add credit monitoring and reports. IdentityForce also offers a 14-day free trial.

Winner: IDShield

Why We Prefer IdentityForce over IDShield

Choosing between IDShield vs IdentityForce was a tough decision, but in the end, we chose IdentityForce as our preferred identity protection service. The extra features like lost wallet assistance and credit monitoring from three credit bureaus won us over, along with the strong anti-malware, anti-phishing, and anti-keylogging software. Customer support is excellent, too.

But, IDShield is still a good choice if you’re looking for a less costly option or for anyone who primarily wants the recovery assistance and relies on existing software to protect them from malware and phishing attacks.

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