Top 10 Horniest US States

The Top 10 Horniest US States and Their Dirty Little Secrets

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If you’re wondering whether your state supports Trump or how the next election is going to swing, then buddy, we may have some bigger news for you. With a bit of help from Google and Pornhub releasing their yearly stats, you can now find out which state watches the most porn, and better yet, what your neighbors are really searching for.

Some of the search terms will have you raising an eyebrow (or other things) – we guarantee you didn’t see this coming.

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Let’s Get Down and Dirty

Pornhub is the 21st most popular website in the US: with a massive 64 million daily visits, it’s the world’s most popular website for porn. T

he United States claims the number one spot and is responsible for driving a whopping 40% of visits to the site, with the UK and Canada coming in second and third place.

And as for the most popular search, then rest assured that worldwide, both men and women alike are really into ‘lesbian porn.’ But, stateside, the preference seems to be slightly, uh, closer to home.

‘Stepmom’ kicked ‘lesbian porn’ the curb for the number one spot…and ‘step sister’ took the third place. Otherwise, ‘cartoon porn’ made a surprising debut in fifth place.

It seems that the nation has clearly moved on from the standard ‘in-out, in-out,’ be it a result of curiosity or boredom, the people have spoken and they are clearly looking for something outside of the box nowadays. Something a bit fantastical; something a bit…in the family, or on TV, perhaps.

With 44 thousand visits to Pornhub every passing minute (or, 729 visits a second) it seems to be that no matter the time of day, somewhere, someone is going at it.

Zooming into the US further, while you would think more densely-populated, liberal-leaning states, such as New York or California, would make it to the top 10 states hungry for porn, the two didn’t actually make the list.

When delving into the porn-related Google searches, we found it was the more traditional, right-wing states which came out in top place.

The Top 10 Horniest States

So here it is: the top 10 states that watch the most porn – and a few more details that are probably WAY too much information, but here we go. You have been warned – things are about to get…weird.

1. Mississippi

Coming (aha!) in at number one, Mississippi remains the most religious state in the US, with almost 60% of residents classing themselves as ‘very religious.’ It would seem that the conservative state is not so conservative after all.

The most searched for porn term is ‘black porn,’ followed by ‘ebony’ and then ‘gay porn’ – sexual repression, much? It looks like being told you can’t have something is just going to make you want it more.

Not only did Mississippi claim the top spot for watching the most porn, according to Pornhub’s stats, but users stayed on the site and technically ‘lasted the longest,’ at an impressive average of 11 minutes – that’s way above the average 5.4 minutes it takes men to get off, so we’ll give them bonus points for that at least.

2. West Virginia

Coming in at number two is good old West Virginia. The top search term from the rural state (other than the word porn itself) was ‘gay porn.’

followed closely by ‘lesbian’ and ‘teen porn.’ All pretty normal apart from the concerning increase in searches for the term ‘horse porn’ – should we be worried?

3. New Mexico

Good news everyone, this year saw a 200% rise in the search for ‘futurama porn’ – Bender would be proud, although searches for ‘gay’ and ‘teen porn’ still took the win.

Films from the ‘bareback’ category are also viewed much more often down south.

4. Oklahoma

Other than Oklahoma’s top search being for HD porn videos (gotta’ keep that quality high after all) surprisingly the second most popular search was for ‘rape’ followed by ‘ebony’ (raises eyebrow at the former).

And when it comes to gay porn searches, Oklahomans definitely bend towards ‘cowboy’ videos – giddy-up – and up and up.

5. Arkansas

Arkansas just squeezed into the top five and strange enough, there was a huge rise in searches for ‘Moana porn’ this year. It seems like kids films just can’t remain as kids’ films anymore – only ‘Murica could turn Moana into something so filthy.

There was also a big rise in searches for virtual reality porn. Porn and tech are meshing together – something that could possibly take over the porn industry in the future so watch out, as virtual porn star movies are on the rise – coming (in more ways than one) to a screen near you.

6. Louisiana

Black porn is unsurprisingly one of the most-searched terms in Louisiana, a pretty normal trend we noticed in the Deep South.

And according to Pornhub statistics, Louisiana came in third place for spending the most time on the site – those horny rednecks!

7. Kentucky

Most of Kentucky’s porn searches are concentrated in the center of the state (Lexington and Bowling Green), with the outskirts being a lot more, shall we say, conservative. Especially when searching for ‘gay porn,’ it turns out that they’re really into their fellow ‘redneck’ videos.

And here we go again with the ‘Moana porn’ on the rise – what is it with this movie?

8. Texas

The thing about Texas is that three of its cities are among the top in the US to google the term ‘porn,’ San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston are all up there.

Coupling that with the fact that the majority of porn stars in the US are from Texas, we’re surprised Texas only came in at number 8!

9. Alabama

Another southern state that made it to the top 10! Coming in at number nibe, Alabama (unsurprisingly) is really into ‘black porn.’ With the top gay search also being ‘big black dick.’ We also saw a huge rise in ‘porn and chicken’ searches and whether that’s the name of a new band or something else entirely – we will just leave that to simmer in your imagination.

10. Indiana

Indiana just about made it into the top 10. And here’s an interesting one for you, the top gay search in Indiana is ‘chub’ and with a staggering 65% of Indiana’s population classed as overweight or obese, the chub effect seems to be rubbing off on their porn trends. Who would have thought?! So much for fantasy.

While on the topic of gay porn, those states (27 in total) that have passed laws banning gay marriages actually boast 100% more porn subscribers than those states that don’t restrict gay marriage – another example of ‘if you can’t get it, you’ll want it more’.

If you’re finding it hard to gain porn access, you should probably get yourself a better router, maybe try searching off peak hours or better yet, read some VPN reviews and get a strong-ass VPN to make all of your surfing totally private (yes that IS possible) – or, in other terms, ‘hide yo keys, hide yo wife’.


Well done mankind. With single men watching porn an average of 40 minutes a week (that’s 2,080 minutes a year) that could be spent on curing cancer, striving for world peace, or even catching up on some actual Futurama (that isn’t pornographic – what is up with that anyway?).

Meanwhile, us ‘Muricans are going to town on ourselves, which is clearly more important.

Congratulations America and especially to Mississippi, who can take home the award for the state that searches the most for porn.

God Bless America!

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