Get Cheap Hotels Online by Faking Your Location

Summary: The price of individual hotel rooms vary as a result of data from your device and internet connection. We recommend ExpressVPN to get cheap hotels online as VPNs allow you to hide this information. Using this software, it’s possible to ensure the very best price available.

Best VPN for Finding Cheap Hotels Online

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Get the best hotel prices online with a vpn

Finding cheap hotels online can be a nightmare. Different sites offer the same accommodation for an array of prices and each of these individual costs changes on a regular basis. This problem arises from a practice commonly used by online booking websites; they take information from IP address to create a personal profile of each user. Different rates are then offered accordingly. Fortunately, it’s possible to bypass these problems and book cheap hotels online with a VPN.

 Where to Book Cheap Hotels Online – Best Hotel Search Engines

To find the best online hotel booking site, aggregator sites are ideal as they compare prices from numerous providers. We recommend:

  • Trivago
  • Expedia
  • Kayak
  • Priceline
  • Hostelworld

Travel Portals Make Use of IP Addresses

Your IP address tells online bookings websites valuable information about you. From this data, they can identify your location to an individual city and zip code. When making an online hotel reservation, providers create an economic profile based on where you are. Cheap hotels are often reserved for users from areas of lower affluence. Similar discounts are also often given to people who live in that area.

Other details are also relevant to online booking websites, such as what device you use to make the booking (PC versus laptop versus mobile) and the operating system (Android versus iOS, and Windows versus Mac). In fact, a 2012 study revealed that online hotel booking websites offered more expensive options to Mac users, as it is often assumed they spend more than their PC counterparts.

This kind of targeted advertising often stands in the way of finding cheap hotels. Most online booking websites also store cookies, to track the choices in which you show the most interest. Don’t be surprised to see a significant price hike on hotel rooms you view regularly.

Using a VPN you can overcome these issues.  

Don’t OverPay – Use a VPN for Online Hotel Booking

It’s easy to book cheap hotels online with a VPN. This type of software works by masking your IP address and assigning you with a new one every time you reconnect. One obvious advantage of this is that it makes it harder for websites to track you using cookies. However, by connecting to servers in different countries when searching for cheap hotels online, you can also beat location price discrimination and ensure great deals!

VPN providers own servers in numerous countries. Once installed, you can manually select the location and adopt an IP address from that area. By trying a number of different options, you can find cheap hotels anywhere in the world.

Here is a list of our top recommended VPN service providers.

#1 ExpressVPN – Best VPN to save money on hotels online

ExpressVPN is our number one choice to find cheap hotels. It is well-rated all across the web and has a loyal customer following. It has many great features to ensure you find cheap hotel deals.


  • Servers in 94 countries mean you can search hundreds of hotels as a local – and enjoy the reduced fees
  • 24-hour live chat support guarantees accessibility for all users, not just the tech savvy
  • High-encryption levels and unlimited bandwidth ensure a reliable service


  • Sometimes logs connections for the privacy-conscious

With no substantial drawbacks, ExpressVPN is worth its price tag. Usually $12.95 for a month, and $8.32 if you pay annually. You can now get the reduced price of $6.67/mo for 15 months with their popular offer. If you to ensure the service is top-quality before you part with your money, their 30-day free trial comes with money-back guaranteed.

Sign up with ExpressVPN here.

Best VPN for Finding Cheap Hotels Online

Exclusive Limited Time Deal: 12 Months + 3 Months FREE for a yearly subscription.

$6.67 $12.95

#2 NordVPN

As a close second choice, NordVPN matches its competitor on service quality and speed. It also offers 62 servers locations, which is a less impressive scope but still sufficient to find cheap hotels.


  • High server density in Europe makes it our top choice for hotels on the continent
  • Multiple-device connections allow you to search hotels conveniently, wherever you are.
  • Extra privacy features ensure you can book safely and securely


  • No instant support means any technical difficulties are frustrating to overcome
  • Fewer IP options than some competitors

Although NordVPN has some drawbacks, its pricing makes it a great budget option. The monthly offer of $11.95 can be reduced to just $5.95 with an annual subscription, or $3.29/mo for a 2-year subcription. Plus, their 30-day trial money-back guarantee means you can try before you buy!

Sign up with NordVPN here.

Find Cheap Hotels Online

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#3 PrivateVPN 

PrivateVPN is still a relatively unknown provider. Although its service quality may not rival some of the best providers, it still provides proficient features to find cheap hotels online.


  • Servers in 55 countries – a substantial scope for researching prices
  • Largest multiple connections package, with six devices allowed at once


  • Occasional downtime and slower connection speed
  • Live chat is often offline

While PrivateVPN is not an industry leader, its ideal for those on a budget. At just $4.15 a month for 13 months, it still offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the service.

Sign up with PrivateVPN here.

Find the Best Hotel Prices Online

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#4 IPVanish 

IPVanish may not be our top choice, but it is a good backup option should the others not work for you.


  • A substantial search potential, with servers in 60 countries
  • High-quality privacy features


  • Intrusive software slows down computer
  • Their 24-hour tech support is not always active

While IPVanish provides good service, the biggest drawback is value for money. At $10 per month or $6.49/mo for a 1 year suscription, it’s one of the pricier options. Fortunately, the 30-day trial means you can download and use this option for no cost at all.

Sign up with IPVanish VPN here.

Get Cheap Hotels Online

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Find Cheap Hotels Online with a VPN

When searching for cheap hotels online, don’t settle for the first price you see. Get the best VPN you can compare and research deals to ensure you are getting the best available. We recommend you use ExpressVPN to find cheap hotels as it offers the widest range of server locations.

Sarah Turner is a digital nomad and travel lover, who specializes in tech and online security.

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