ExpressVPN Review - Are They Truly the Best VPN?

May 2020 ExpressVPN Review & Deals
ExpressVPN is a top class VPN, with an enviable list of features including compatibility including a vast selection of operating systems, built-in speed testing, and the ability to run only on certain apps. With very few drawbacks to its name, this service is arguably the top in its class.

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Compatible With

  • Amazon
  • ESPN
  • Hulu
  • Sky Go
  • BBC iPlayer
  • HBO
  • Netflix
  • Android
  • iOS

Recommended For

  • Streaming
  • Connection Speed
  • 30 Days Money Back
ExpressVPN likes to boast about being the world’s fastest VPN. But in the highly competitive VPN market, it’s easy to fall behind. Does its bold claim still hold true? And how do its other features stack up to the competition? In this review, we looked at its features, pricing and server speeds to see how it ranks against the rest of the market. We rated ExpressVPN the highest out of all the VPN services we’ve reviewed, with a 96 out of 100. Here’s why.

 expressvpn review

As in previous years, there’s extremely little to find fault with ExpressVPN and its features continue to place it at the cutting-edge of the VPN market.

ExpressVPN is a feature-packed provider providing solutions for practically every VPN user out there. The majority of its server network lives up to the company’s claims. Minimal logs are kept but transparently so and the company’s customer support is deservedly highly regarded.

ExpressVPN Review – Pros and Cons

ExpressVPN is a top class VPN, with an enviable list of features including compatibility including a vast selection of operating systems, built-in speed testing, and the ability to run only on certain apps. With very few drawbacks to its name, this service is arguably the top in its class.


Things We Like

Easy setup

Huge platform support

No P2P restrictions

Speed testing feature

Unlimited connection bandwidth

Excellent streaming quality and supports all services such as Netflix

Things We Didn't Like

Not the cheapest provider

Based in a British overseas territory

No phone support

Is ExpressVPN Reliable?

Users have three methods of getting in touch with ExpressVPN’s team of technical experts: a contact form (average response time: several hours); live chat; and email.

In addition, there’s an extremely well-crafted library of tutorials available to guide users through both common issues such as setting up applications and advanced ones such as verifying the integrity of installation files.

These make use of video, text, and screenshots to provide even novice users with all the instruction they could ever need to get up and running quickly.

ExpressVPN’s support is also consistently ranked highly on independent customer review forums.

Servers and Performance

ExpressVPN proudly bills itself as the “fastest VPN service around”. Do its servers live up to that claim?

We started the test on a fairly impressive baseline connection of 84.15 Mbps download and 19.19 Mbps upload from a connection point in Ireland.

ExpressVPN Review - Connection speed before VPN

Connecting through Frankfurt, speeds dropped to only 75.17 Mbps download (a roughly 10.7% slowdown) and 16.54 Mbps upload.

ExpressVPN review - Test speed through Frankfurt

Routing traffic the algorithm-chosen ‘smart location’ in the UK resulted in an equally minuscule drop to only 75 Mbps.

ExpressVPN review -Connection speed through smart location UK

Although when we routed traffic through more distant climes, such as Pakistan, the drop in performance was a lot more significant (19.85 Mbps), we found that the vast majority of servers – including, importantly those in the US – yielded the most impressive speed results of any company that we have tested so far.

ExpressVPN review - Connection speed through Pakistan

How Secure is ExpressVPN?

Based in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), a British overseas territory, ExpressVPN may draw some raised eyebrows from privacy aficionados concerned about that country’s  participation in international signals intelligence collection alliances, such as those party to the Five Eyes agreement. As we have covered, however, governments taking an interest in innocuous browsing activity is an unlikely possibility.

More important for users is ExpressVPN’s logging policy.

First, lets specify the following regarding connection logs.

A connection log means:

  1. Timestamp of connection
  2. Source IP from which the user connnected
  3. VPN IP the user connected to
  4. The ability for the VPN provider to go back and query on those data.

But ExpressVPN engineered their systems to specifically never possess any such information (and can’t query on data they don’t have).

Their Privacy Policy discusses in depth what they do collect (connection times, apps used, and VPN server locations). None of the data can be used to tie a user back to any specific activity or connection on their network, meaning the user’s online activity is private, anonymous and unknown to them as the VPN provider. This information is transparently collected in order to provide better customer support and to improve the user experience, and we would have no hesitation in recommending the service as a suitable tool for the privacy-conscious user.

Furthermore, ExpressVPN crash reports remove all personally identifiable information, so they can’t be mapped back to customers, and sending crash reports is an optional setting in all ExpressVPN apps and can be turned off by the user.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the company has even set up a .onion site to prevent exit node tracking in countries where users’ browsing could be easily tampered with by rogue actors.

Setup and Usability

To get ExpressVPN up and running, we tried out the program on both Windows and Ubuntu, the world’s most popular Linux distribution.

ExpressVPN Ubuntu downloads

Installing the VPN on Windows is as easy as downloading an executable file and proceeding through the installation prompts. In the Windows install, we did have to click ‘yes’ to installing ExpressVPN’s network adapters.

ExpressVPN Review - WIndows security prompt

After that, however, the program was up and running in seconds.

Expressvpn review - First installation stage

ExpressVPN review - Initializing setup

ExpressVPN review - Product successfully activated

Ubuntu users simply download and install the Debian file through the user account area and pass their activation code to the terminal program.

ExpressVPN review - ExpressVPN activation procedure

Once that’s complete, users can simply type ‘expressvpn connect’ followed by the city or country they wish to connect to. For users of any major operating system, it simply doesn’t get much easier than that.

ExpressVPN review - ExpressVPN Berkshire configuration file in network manager


Besides its famed server speeds, ExpressVPN has also developed a reputation for having a seriously impressive feature line-up. Here are some of the functionalities that make ExpressVPN stand out against the competition.

Feature 1: OS Compatibility

ExpressVPN really covers the gamut when it comes to the variety of platforms that it supports. In fact, we haven’t come across such a variety in any other provider that we have reviewed.

While there are the old favorites such as Windows and Mac, ExpressVPN has also provided dedicated apps for less common choices such as Blackberry, as well as ExpressVPN MediaStreamer which supports Playstation, Xbox, AppleTV, and Amazon FireTV. There’s also a router install and browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

ExpressVPN review -Browser extension options

Even if your router isn’t supported, it’s practically inconceivable that any device you own will not be able to install the VPN.

Feature 2: Connections:

One ExpressVPN subscription can be used simultaneously on three devices, including virtual machines and routers.

The simultaneous connection support means that it’s possible to provide geolocation protection for your entire family via a router installation and still have two simultaneous connections to use while you’re at work and on the move. That kind of versatility makes it the perfect choice for customers wishing to roll it out as an ‘always on’ functionality for their home or office.

Feature 3: Server Locations

ExpressVPN has provisioned a sizable server network which features over 1,500 servers in 94 countries throughout the world.

ExpressVPN Review -VPN connection locations

Its server information page offers users comprehensive information on exactly which protocols each server can handle and – in many cases – which cities the machines are set up in.

ExpressVPN Review - VPN connection locations

Geographically, ExpressVPN offers a pretty wide-spread across and within continents. There are seven servers located in the UK and over 25 in the US – the latter important, of course, for accessing Netflix. More exotic and privacy-neutral locations available for users’ access are Panama, the Bahamas, and the Isle of Man.

Feature 4: Bandwidth

ExpressVPN offers unlimited bandwidth on all its connections.

Because using a VPN involves creating an encrypted tunnel between your connection point and the internet, using a bandwidth-free VPN is also a pretty clever way of working around any bandwidth restrictions that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has levied on your connection. Given that some providers impose limits low enough to limit your ability to stream significant amounts of multimedia, that’s a pretty nice bonus.

Feature 5: P2P / BitTorrent Capabilities

Peer to peer software, such as BitTorrent, make transmitting large files between users fast and easy. However not all VPN providers allow such traffic on their servers. While some ban P2P activity altogether, others allow it only on a certain pool of servers. Thankfully, ExpressVPN has traditionally taken a more permissive approach and has confirmed that they intend to maintain their current policy of not interfering with users’ online activity in the near future.

Feature 6: Apps

ExpressVPN has clearly devoted considerable effort to ensuring that the user experience on mobile devices is as reliable and fast as that available on desktops. ExpressVPN is one of the few companies that offer apps that will work with Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Windows Phone meaning that practically no matter what smartphone or tablet you use, you’ll be able to take advantage of your ExpressVPN subscription on it.

Feature 7: Split Tunneling

Besides encrypting internet activity, VPNs’ primary use is directing users’ internet activity through servers in different countries in order to give websites the impression that they are located elsewhere. This allows geographically restricted content to be freely accessed no matter where users are located.

Because VPNs tend to result in a slight slowdown in browsing speed, many users will want to limit which apps route traffic over a VPN and which connect directly to the internet. Split tunneling provides this functionality.

ExpressVPN offers this feature both at the device and router level. This means that users can specify which devices, device types, or apps connect through a VPN. Want desktop and laptop to connect directly to the internet but to force all your multimedia center’s traffic through a server in the US? With Express VPN’s split tunneling capabilities, this is easily achievable.

Feature 8: Server Switch

ExpressVPN makes it easy to connect and disconnect from the VPN – and to switch servers – within all its user interfaces.

To accomplish this, users simply click on a button with the power symbol to toggle the VPN connection on and off and select a server from the geographical navigation menu to identify their best connection choice. There’s even a ‘smart location’ feature which automatically selects the best connection server based on an algorithm which considers factors such as download speed, latency, and distance.

Feature 9: Built-in Speed Tests

Every long-time VPN user will be familiar with websites to test key parameters of internet connection speed, such as Knowing the download speed, upload speed and latency a VPN server achieves is vital to achieving optimal performance under various browsing conditions.

ExpressVPN Review -Speed test tool in progress

While a fast download speed is important for multimedia streaming, a strong uplink might be more important for securely uploading large files, or seeding them on a P2P network.

ExpressVPN review - Speed test tool in progress

ExpressVPN packages this functionality directly within the user interface. Its ‘Speed Test’ tool polls all the servers in its network from the connection point and ranks them according to latency, download speed, and a ‘speed index’ (an aggregation of the two). The feature is available on the Windows, Mac, and Android versions of the app.

ExpressVPN review - Finished speed test

Feature 10: ‘Preferences’ Feature

ExpressVPN’s Windows client also bundles some additional goodies within the preferences menu of the program. Some useful ‘under the hood’ features that can be configured include:

  • Launching the program on startup. This is perfect for users that want the VPN connection to run all the time.
  • Connecting to the latest used server when relaunching the program.
  • Only using ExpressVPN’s DNS servers while maintaining an active connection.

ExpressVPN Review - Advanced options

Feature 11: Network Lock Feature

In certain situations, using a VPN at all times is an imperative rather than a nice bonus feature. Think repressive regimes, activism, and browsing activity that simply must be kept under wraps from ISPs and government censors.

Network Lock is ExpressVPN’s kill switch for Mac and Windows and will automatically block internet traffic whenever the VPN connection drops. The feature is enabled by default, giving new users added peace of mind.

ExpressVPN review -General options

Feature 12: ExpressVPN Leak Testing Tool

DNS leaks are a possibility that every security-focused VPN user should be aware of.

Even while browsing activity is encrypted within a VPN tunnel, DNS queries (which map the websites you type into the search bar with their public IP address) may not be.

Because leaked DNS queries also leak entire browsing histories, it’s important to be sure that they are not happening. ExpressVPN’s website features an online DNS leak test tool which users connected to the service can use to make double sure that they are not only half protected while connected.

Rating: 9.8/10 – The best compilation of features in any major VPN, in our opinion.

Can ExpressVPN Unblock Netflix

Although many VPN users are drawn to the idea of the programs by their ability to unblock Netflix, the company attempts to enforce its content copyright by blocking traffic from certain providers.

Thankfully, Netflix appears to have the upper hand in this game of cat and mouse – at least thus far. The company provides high-quality multimedia-suitable servers in eleven US-based localities and even provides a comprehensive dedicated guide to using them to stream Netflix.

ExpressVPN Price

ExpressVPN can be acquired for $12.95 (billed monthly), $9.99 for six months, or subscribed to for just $6.67 for 15 months (that’s a promo price with 49% off the monthly rate and with three months thrown in completely for free).

Although ExpressVPN’s cost per month is a bit higher than their competitors, we have concluded that its price-to-value ratio is the best in the market. You can try the service for a period of 30 days with a full refund on your money if you decide not to commit to a longer-term contract.

Comment Section

Bear E says:

Im shopping for a more than excellent vpn. Only problem is where I live we have Connection speed only 25mbs. This isnt my choice but its not my plan. Im currently using a trial version of private vpn. Its so slow. Im in communication with private vpn tech for best way to increase my speed. Its being anylized. Would express vpn work faster? Looks to me any vpn will slow connect speeds. Will I have to get a seperate phone plan with my own internet? Starting to look that way.

Lola Olsen says:

Hi Bear,
Yes, ExpressVPN has some of the fastest speeds in the VPN industry. It should work best for you.

Geoff says:

Express VPN will not work in Dubai on Etisaslat ISP. The only way you can get traffic through is by using L2TP protocol which is not offered in any of the apps or flashed routers, so if you are looking to use fireTV, setup a vpn router you are out of luck. Live support can be suspect at best, depends on who you get to answer your query. The usual response is to “see our tutorial”
Spent over $400 on routers recommended by Express but still cannot get traffic through. I did manage to setup my phone and mac using manual L2TP configuration but still doesn’t help if you want to use fire TV nor if you want to watch BBC Iplayer which has been out of action for alsomst a month. I do not recommend Express VPN if you live in UAE.
To be fair, after numerous hours on live chat trying the fix the problem, they did offer to refund my one year subscription after the30 days had expired.

Lola Olsen says:

Hi Geoff,
We’re sorry to hear about your experience will ExpressVPN, but we are glad that the company did give you back your refund.

Cherie says:

I am looking at getting express VPN for the purpose of being able to watch American Netflix shows in Australia. I already have Netflix account but want access to all the other movies/shows available. Does the cost cover multiple devices and will it work on all the following… smart tv, fetch tv box (optus), playstation 4, chromecast and ipads/tablets, smart phones? Also, I am not as technology savy as most of you, I don’t know what half the words mean when reading comments. I just want to know if it will work for that purpose. Thanks.

ST Editor says:

Hi Cherie, Thanks for your comment. ExpressVPN is one of the top-rated VPNs for unblocking US Netflix, allowing you to stream all your favorite TV shows and movies. One ExpressVPN subscription covers three devices, including different operating systems for your computer, smartphones and tablets (both iOS and Android), PlayStation 4, and Chromecast. Though, with the last option, you will need to connect Chromecast to a VPN-enabled router. If you are confused about anything else, please let me know, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Bee Jay says:

Spent several hours researching VPN companies. Selected Express VPN. Paid for subscription and then tried to connect only to find out that it is not compatible with Xfinity’s Arris TG1682G router. Support technician then tried to convince me to connect via computer, laptop, and Firestick. I want the VPN for my TV and two other devices. He just didn’t get it. Very disappointed. Since Comcast has 40% of the market, why doesn’t ExpressVPN devise a way to work with Xfnitiny’s router?

ST Editor says:

Hi, and thanks for letting us know about this! As far as we can tell, the problem seems to stem from the hardware side of the equation. The Arris router you described is one of the newer models on offer from Xfinity, and according to some users on the company’s support forum, connectivity with some VPNs is a known issue, at least on the user side. You can visit a more in-depth conversation here, or attempt to contact Comcast directly, as they may have a better idea of the situation. In terms of a workaround, ExpressVPN does tend to update their procedures and connection guides frequently, and as more users describe the issue you’re having, should include a workaround shortly. Let us know how you solve your issue!

Claus E. says:

Sounds like an excellent VPN. Can I install it on a Fire TV Stick and does it support Kodi?

ST Editor says:

Hello, and thanks for reading! ExpressVPN is among our top choices for VPN providers in several categories. The service is available for installation on a Fire TV stick (you can get a full tutorial on how to do so here, and works with Kodi as well.

A says:

What’s a comparable VPN in terms of speeds that will be good for the Middle East?

ST Editor says:

Hello! We recommend ExpressVPN as a great provider for the Middle East thanks to its combination of speed and privacy protections. We also recommend NordVPN and HideMyAss for their high speeds. You can read more about our recommendations for each region here, here, and here. Let us know which provider you end up going with!

Levi says:

Sure the service is pricier than other services, but it is also a lot better IMO. I’ve been using it for close to four years and won’t use anything else. I’ve used “cheaper” services and find they are hardly adequate. I am able to do most everything I want on ExpressVPN and their network is large enough where I don’t have a problem finding a fast server. Can those of you using cut-rate providers claim the same?

Jennifer Fradley says:

Love this service! Swapped from CyberGhost a few months back and it’s a whole different product! Smooth, sleek, reliable and the customer support is the best I’ve seen for any purchased software. Definitely recommend. Great article! Well written and researched. And truly does justice to ExpressVPN!

3-day-notice-florida says:

It’s actually a great and helpful piece of info. I am satisfied that you simply shared this helpful information with us.
Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

Harriet says:

The logs policy and BVI location does make me nervous, but other than that…I’m only scared to commit because when something seems too good to be true it probably is!

Marcus M. says:

Just goes to show you that you get what you pay for. After trying a bunch of ‘cheap’ VPN’s that either kept dropping my connection or slowing my speeds to a crawl, I decided to just get one that I felt reasonably certain would work. I hopped on ExpressVPN and boy can I say it’s been worth every penny. Easy to use, quick speeds, and a kill switch if something does go wrong (though it rarely does). I’ve looked through all the reviews on this site and just had to say this is the best one.

Cristina Meng says:

HI dear,I’m Cristina Meng from China.Now i cant use this VPN Idon’t Know why!Use my iphone cant down,Its so bad things

ST Editor says:

HI Christina, we’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing difficulties! Browsing the web without a VPN can be risky, and especially in China. Our first recommendation is to attempt to contact ExpressVPN’s customer support. They are well known to be helpful, and can surely help you set up your VPN to continue browsing safely. You can also visit their support center online to find the answers on your own if you prefer. We hope you can resolve this quickly, and let us know how your experience was with ExpressVPN’s support team!

R. Girdle says:

Is it possible to pay for ExpressVPN using Bitcoin?

ST Editor says:

Hi, thanks for your question. Yes, ExpressVPN does offer a payment option via Bitcoin.

Mark says:

Thanks for the information! I am a very happy customer with ExpressVPN. Honestly, the high price of the service doesn’t bother me because the quality of the product is great.

James says:

ExpressVPN is known for its fast speed, excellent software and solid tech support. In the past, ExpressVPN has stated that they don’t log IP addresses, however their ‘Terms Of Service’ currently doesn’t mention IP addresses at all. The list of things they don’t log clearly doesn’t list IP addresses. We can only assume this means that ExpressVPN is not truly a ‘Logless’ VPN, unless they commit publicly to such a policy in their privacy policy.
Even though ExpressVPN alows torrents, it does keep metadata logs. So they aren’t truly a log-free VPN. “Zero-log” VPN is preferred for downloading torrents as it provides the highest level of privacy. Is ExpressVPN the preferred choice then?

ST Editor says:

Thank you for such an in-depth question! We are very happy with how ExpressVPN has performed in all our tests, and we’ve had very few issues with privacy. While the Terms of Service may not list their logging policy, we found instances in both the company’s privacy policy and their logging policy page where they mention that IP addresses are not stored, either from the source or the VPN server. We strive to always give our clients the best information possible, and we still believe that ExpressVPN offers a great solution for torrenting needs. However, if you are still concerned about your privacy, there are several other alternatives you can explore here which also offer great torrenting capabilities. Let us know how it works out for you!

Janine says:

I’ve been using ExpressVPN for a while now, and I’ve never had issues. My only “complaint” is that many of the competitors have more simultaneous connections than Express, and Express is the more costly option. However, everything else about it is great, which is why I continue to use it.

Ramon ItapiI says:

You state that ExpressVPN is US based and that is why it logs gross usage. However, everything I can find about the company states they BVI based. Which is it? Likewise, even if they are only logging gross usage, they cannot qualify as truly no log and should not have gotten a 5/5 in that category.

ST Editor says:

Hi Ramon, in the review, we actually state that the company is located in BVI and outside UK / 5 Eyes jurisdiction as far as log policies are concerned. Thanks!

Morreson says:

I don’t use Xfinity but I would like to use VPNs for another reason entirely. How well does ExpressVPN work with going around other barred websites? I’d like to use it to ease of my restrictions at work.

ST Editor says:

Hi, and thanks for the interesting question! Generally, we’ve found that ExpressVPN ranks at or near the top of VPNs in terms of by-passing geo-restricted or blocked content. Major services like Netflix, Hulu, and other local websites are available when using ExpressVPN, and the large number of server locations available through the service means that you can access a large swath of geo-restricted content, regardless of where it is located in the world. While no VPN is 100% successful all the time, having the option of attempting a connection through multiple servers means you have much better odds of accessing the websites you want!

Daniel says:

When I see “Amazing Customer Support” about anything computer related, I instant think of a bad reality TV home improvement show. “Oh,it’s so amazing!!”

However, I can attest that the support with ExpressVPN is solid. I work for a company that locks down their PCs and apps pretty tight. I had requested that they set my work laptop up so I could use it freely since I travel a lot.

So I go to install ExpressVPN and after about a dozen attempts to install, I could not get it to complete and my IT guys were unwilling to help me because they assumed I was up to no good. I call Express VPN support and in about 5 minutes the guy asks me “Are you sure you have admin rights?”

He walks me through checking and sure enough, I am not even an admin on my own computer. Took me a week to convince my boss to get the IT folks to get my admin rights established (which is like a 2 minute process normally) and afterwards things were fine.

I’ve had no problems using it since. I’ve traveled to several countries and this has worked fantastic.

Gallentine says:

I’m also using Express vpn since a very long time and i did’t find any problem while using it but it is much expensive then other related vpn present in the market.

Wilson says:

I have been testing different VPN services and I will definitely give this a try. Also, the split tunneling feature sounds great. Great article

Andy says:

Can someone explain the “no logging” policy to me a bit more? I don’t understand what it means? How important is this?

ST Editor says:

Thank you for asking such a pertinent question! When people browse the web, they leave a ‘paper trail’ of their activity online, including when they connected and disconnected, as well as a basic record of their activities. Some VPNs collect this information and may be compelled by governments to hand over data. Companies that have no-logging or zero-log policies promise users that they do not keep any record of their online activity, including their IP addresses and connection data. This means that even if forced by legal measures, they can never reveal information about their customers. If you’re using a VPN for privacy, you should exclusively use services with strict and transparent zero-log policies!

Farooq NH says:

My private information was exploited a few days back by a hacking group and some important data was stolen. Now I am going to use Express VPN service and hoping for some revolutionary results. My company really needs a secure VPN.

LIZZY says:

Without mincing words, ExpressVPN is the King of VPN. It has never failed me. It is very fast and highly responsive.

Yoan Chang says:

ExpressVPN never fails. I have used it in four different country now. It stays connected all the time and it has become indispensable.

Ben says:

This is the best VPN I may have used in a long time… ..very fast, severs are stable. Easy to use. Good product

Richard says:

ExpressVPN is a very high-performance VPN provider with high connection and speed. Although a little bit too expensive compared to others, their services is worth the prize.

Thomas Chloe says:

The amazing thing about ExpressVPN is that it is simple to use; a single subscription serves my PC and my phone. What else do I need? It guarantees a secure network coverage. Rocking it!

sam says:

Great speed, very consistent. One of the fastest VPN’s i have used so far. It uses AES 256 data encryption and CEA 4096 encryption which are both strong. Great stability on my system, haven’t had any crashes.

Edward Rincon says:

expressvpn is a great VPN with good respect for privacy and enough servers to
accommodate most users. It is fast, all around a top notch service with excellent

Marc says:

Awesome VPN, I have been happy with it for the past 6 months.
There is one huge issue that the ‘lesser’ VPN providers have addressed but ExpressVPN doesn’t seem too concerned about… tvOS support. There is no support for Android or apple tvOS.

You have the option to use OpenVPN but that requires you to manually download the .ovpn files and set it up yourself, a mammoth task for someone no too ofay with technology. To address this issue I am advised to set up a router but that is not an option if I want temporary connections to the VPN service… I have my reasons.

Bare this in mind should you chose this VPN provider

ST Editor says:

Hi Mark, after consulting with their customer service, you can also try to install ExpressVPN app for Android based Smart TV’s (only for Android based TV box). Click here for more info.

Mel says:

Does ExpressVPN have IPv6 and DNS leak protection?

ST Editor says:

No VPN service can claim ubiquitous leak protection as it simply doesn’t exist. However, ExpessVPN does offer a DNS leak tool, which allows you to test your connection for runaway data. While it does not yet offer IPv6 protection, it’s easy to disable the protocol and run IPv4 – which does not produce the same issues.

Maggie says:

I have been living and teaching in China for three years now and ExpressVPN has not let me down yet!

ST Editor says:

Hi, we’re glad you’ve had success with the service. Living in China without it would definitely pose some difficulties!

Gary says:

Very interesting reviews and comments, i myself have been using expressVPN for over 3 years, i travel the world on business and without expressvpn my business would not operate. I do business and banking transactions while traveling, as i travel Middle East, all of Asia and Europe l have never experienced any problems with expressvpn, it’s fast, l have full access to Google and other sites while in all of the above countries i have never had problems with any banking transaction or hacking issues.
From my personal experience i would give them 10 out of 10
Great job Express VPN

Henry VLad says:

Has anyone noticed how similar Expressvpn, ipvanish and others look very similar ? Just look at their sign up page that shows the pricing options – looks l,ike the same company. Has anyone noticed how they dont accept Vanilla visa debit card ? NordVPN does, but their support is as bad as any of the other VPN services all of which use some remote chat service agent most of whom would not know a network or the OSI stack if it bit them in the gluteals. Why are all of these VPN services so incompetent ? When is the marketplace going to provide a VPN service with experienced support, with reliable service and reviewers who are not a part of some sales organization that can’t be trusted.

Harold says:

ExpressVPN unfortunately does not give you the browsing anonymity that you would expect of a VPN since, when active, it allows IP connections between your computer and DropBox, OneDrive to pass identifying data through your supposedly anonymous VPN IP address. So any NSA or FBI data sniffer could simply look at your DropBox account to see who is using the ExpressVPN IP address. Very bad.

Harry says:

How easy is it to cancel? I only need it for 1 month, and want to cancel with no more billing. Possible?

Admin says:

Yes very easy to cancel if you need it for 1 month. All you need to do is inactivate your account and their support is very responsive.

Klimer Mat says:

The reason I signed up was, because I heard they had great speed, great customer support and great uptime.

Turns out though that their customer support is the worst, they are far from experts and just read from manuals which are similar the articles they already have online. They can’t actually troubleshoot any problems.

Initially I liked the service and the software, but I’ve been plagued by slow speeds, all servers closest to me perform poorly and 1 doesn’t connect. So I have to choose between low ping and low speed or high ping and high speed.

They don’t support 1 single travel router, I still got one and I’m not getting more than 1mbps when its 12mbps normally. Customer support couldn’t do anything to help.

The extra price doesn’t get you more sadly.

David says:

I am from Denmark and i have used Express VPN for almost a year now. Overall, I think that ExpressVPN and Nord VPN are the best VPN services on the market, Yes, Express VPN sometimes have some speed issues and it is pricey, but the usability, support and server options makes it a superb VPN provider.

marie says:

Went with this service because of their “no logging” policy and overall have been very happy. I always leave the vpn connected and most of the time I don’t even notice it’s on. Occasionally I’ll check my IP to be sure it’s working.

The app itself is pretty cut n dry, which I actually like. Connecting to a server takes less than a min. I was experiencing slow speeds at first and wasn’t sure what all the different protocol options meant, but after a few minutes of chatting with their customer service they helped me understand how the protocol options were different and when to use them.

I strongly recommend ExpressVPN.

William says:

Have been using ExpressVPN for well over a year and everything that this article says, is true, at least for me. Did have a single issue yesterday when I was getting page redirects while connected to Vancouver. Turns out the guy who was doing it was a convicted felon, well known to law enforcement and living in Florida (where else?). Suspect he has ties to both the mafia and the cia. Anyhow, I just connected to another server. Then this morning after logging into and out of Facebook, I received a notice from them that my account had been hacked. It was a weird kind of thing because the notification came the instant I logged off, so I suspect a glitch with Facebook rather than ExpresVPN. Nobody should be using Facebook or Google or Gmail anyhow because the NSA and all the spooks have free back doors into those products.

J.Hall says:

There is something VERY wrong with the Express VPN service. The speed reduction experienced when it is turned on is almost 100%. Tech-support are unable to identify the problem, & have zero explanation. I’m talking completely beyond snails pace- 570MB file would take LITERALLY over a week to download- when VPN turned off it downloaded in less than 10 mins. Luckily I had the 30 day money back option or that would have been a complete waste of $100. When I first started using it, it worked fine, then after approx’ 2 weeks the problems started- made no difference what time of day I used it, the speeds would drop off to 0.3KB/sec or even 0.0KB/Sec. Really disappointing!!

paul says:

Signed up for Express vpn and bought brand new WRT3200crm router even I already had Linksys ea 9500,
They have firmware to change on your router and then you are stuck because they said go and check online how to fix. I was so shocked because I was thinking if they do this so they might also know how to go back to original firmware and made me stuck, I had to change VPN from router to computer because my POS system and bank does not work on VPN, Then I thought I might talk to someone who maybe don’t know how to do. Then I contact again and same answer. Then I had to talk to Linksys and they will have alert on their site because its open source and does not mean make anyone stuck and yes not even cheaper at all.

The biggest surprise was this they also turn my VPN key to expired I had 6 months but only had service for maybe 2 months.

Just be careful do not make yourself make mistake as I have done.

jacques says:

Don’t buy a U.S. based VPN !!!! too dangerous …
Prefer NordVpn , PureVpn or Cryptostorm

ST Editor says:

They made a mistake on the review that has not been revised unfortunately. It is not based in the US, it is based in the BVI. Still, it does have its flaws like ridiculously not being compatible with certain individuals’ computers, sometimes having bad customer service, and not being honest. The dishonesty can be proven when you try to connect to a VPN IP address that does not match the state or country that you wanted to connect to in the first place. You can check by going to an outside source online to look up your IP address that you ACTUALLY connected to instead of relying on what ExpressVPN tells you.

reybontang says:

The support they gave me is incredible, Ive never seen any websites help me so much, everyone on that website is extremely helpful! They deserve a five star on everything just based on how kind ExpressVPN are!

CA_Construction says:

I’m not at all happy with ExpressVPN. We’ve had them for less than a month and already we have a major problem. The Internet leak problem–data getting through before the VPN has a chance to connect–is supposedly fixed via an access block that prevents all traffic outside the VPN. But when the VPN fails or is removed from your computer, it’s not easy to switch settings back to access the Internet. ExpressVPN started shutting down my computers, so I disabled the program, only to find that none of my machines would access the Internet.

So I contacted support. And then the fun began. They ran me around useless “fixes” and when they realized they didn’t understand the problem or how to fix it, they told me they’d have to contact their higher uppers for help. I never heard back from support–even after multiple more attempts to contact them–or the higher uppers. I’d asked for their corporate headquarters contact, and they told me my only recourse was to email their standard support desk. Searching on Owler for the owner(s) turns up “unknown.”

Good luck to you if you have anything but a rudimentary problem. The support staff aren’t engineers, but technicians with extremely limited knowledge. And if your machine is your livelihood, and something goes really wrong, then you may face lost revenue from downtime AND an expensive expert fix (paying an expert to undo whatever ExpressVPN does to the machine). When you remove a program from your machine, the original machine settings ought to be restored–not just leaving the once-customer on his/her own to figure out how to get the machine back to the way it was.

ExpressVPN earns a “poor” from me for customer service, to say nothing of what I think of an internet disabling feature that remains active even after the program has supposedly been removed from the machine.

Mike says:

Didn’t work out for me, but their customer service was better than expected. I gave them a try thinking that they had the best speeds available. Maybe they did since i haven’t tried anything else, but once I started using them, my interest speed slowed down to back the the dial up modem days. Even loading just simple websites would take a minute or two. I chatted with their service rep which I got a hold of via their live chat quite fast. Changed a few settings, but it was still slow. Changing locations of different servers didn’t help either. So a few days later I cancelled and asked for a refund. A few days after that, I got my refund back. Overall, it didn’t work out for me, but at least they didn’t try to scam me out of my money and their customer service was pretty good.

Nick says:

Issue with Express VPN I emailed support about; I thought I would share.

I tried a few different things. I’m on the Playstation 4 system. We play Grand Theft Auto 5 and Call of Duty a lot, they are shooting games and people seem to get really angry over those games. I have never pulled an ip or booted a day in my life and don’t plan on it, but some of the people who play those game do pull ips and boot people offline who are better than them. I’m a victim of that. I contact my isp and got a new modem in order to get a new ip address, I also ordered a vpn router from tp-link. I have the tlr600vpn model and purchased your vpn service because of it high bandwidth speeds. I did not get back on the Playstation 4 until I had everything setup and my vpn running. At that point I had a friend who recently acquired an ip sniffer (Wireshark) and several different booters. I decided I wanted to test how well my vpn works and if I’m able to be booted. We went into a party chat on the Playstation 4 system and I had him to sniff my ip. He was only able to see the ip of whatever vpn location I was connected to and the port. I told him to try and hit me offline using what he pulled. 1st he used a weak booter and I could hear the party chat lag a little bit but I did not go offline. 2nd he said let me use this stronger booter and he would stop it as soon as I went offline. As soon as he started it I heard the party chat lag and a few seconds later I was completely offline. He immediately stopped it, I got back on and he told me my vpn ain’t sh**. We continued the testing: I would switch to different locations, he would sniff the ip and boot. He used the port that was provided and some of the other more popular ports booters use such as (port 80) when he sniffed the ip of my vpn location. Each time I went offline when he booted me. The only way he was not able to boot me is if I switched vpn locations and he attempted to boot me before getting my new ip location. We have pretty much come to the conclusion that if someone were to pull my ip even though it would be to the vpn location, if they ddos me they would be able to knock me offline even through a vpn. I was also thinking ‘what if’ without ddos protection everyone that’s connected to that vpn server may be getting knocked offline as well. I know there are a lot of people who play games and depend on vpn servers to keep them safe and worry free when playing games whether causual or competitive, I even recommended this to all my friends online, but after all the testing they have reconsidered. I tried tweaking every setting I could think of on the vpn side, as well as in the vpn router. I feel lucky it was a friend helping me test it and he stopped as soon as I went offline. If it was an actual a**hole online I could possibly be off for hours.

James Hooker says:

So far, after what? 2/3 months? Everything is slick as snot. I’m in Spain and ExpressVPN takes me back home (US) with ease. I’ll keep them – until and if it stops working. Only then will I comment to discuss their parentage.

Jim says:

You state that ExpressVPN is US based and that is why it logs gross usage. However, everything I can find about the company states they BVI based. Which is it? Likewise, even if they are only logging gross usage, they cannot qualify as truly no log and should not have gotten a 5/5 in that category.

Lyndon Seitz says:

Hey Jim,

We Did make a mistake about the US versus BVI company. ExpressVPN is a British Virgin Islands company and does not come under the 5 eyes laws.


Juha says:

I fought 3 months with IPVanish.In that time i couldnt get openvpn work. Plus not single mail or any help from support and i asked it 6times send mails with errorlogs and got nothing back. Last night changed it expressvpn and in ten minutes i was surfing using openvpn and zero problems.

Lyndon Seitz says:

Great to hear!

Juha says:

Hi. Heres some thoughts of expressvpn. Couldnt be more Happy! Zero problems,fast reliable connections,Only 2 times i have lost connection in EVPN IPVanish lost connection constantly..around 8-10 times a day.
Really think that im customer for life.So big thanks to ppl at ExpressVPN for great and easy to use program. +fast stable connections 🙂

Hugues says:


I choose ExpressVPN based on this sort of pseudo independant-even-if-sponsored review.

It works as described … when it works ! Servers in Canada, specifically in Montreal, are not always up for OpenVPN and in PPTP the throuput is often so bad that even a youtube video could not bee seen.

Yes the support team is fast to answer you … that you can use all the other servers thru out the rest of the world … Thanks for this useless answer that doesn’t solve the trouble with canadian servers.

Lyndon Seitz says:

Hi Hughes,

It seems to be a very fluid environment at the moment. As you say it works when it does. The Express team is constantly working to make sure all server locations are open. Perhaps try one of the other services we recommended and see if they have an open server ?

Manarth Shah says:


How is that not a 5/5..? Im going with tunnelbear; 3 connections, less than $5 a month, and idgaf about customer service.

Levitsky says:


Billy says:

Sorry, but there is no way I can trust a review being paid by the product one is reviewing .. Even as you say “However we get paid by most of the VPN services” I can`t help but think who pay`s the most goes to the top .
It is very frustrating that one can`t find a legit review site on line about VPN`s .Good luck everyone

Dan says:

Pouring over VPN reviews it is hard to weed through who is getting paid to review or use the product and who is actually independently reviewing a service. All those “Top 10′ sites appear to be paid advertisements. I like what I have read so far regarding ExpressVPN, but is this a real review? Are you really offering up independent information? Not being a pain just asking the question. I currently have VPN Unlimited and it is not the best of relationships. Thanks

Lyndon Seitz says:

Hi Dan,

Yes we get paid by Express VPN for our review. However we get paid by most of the VPN services so in theory it is a level playing field. We have reviewed around 100 VPN’s to date. Some get really bad reviews. Checkout our VPN unlimited review, we gave them 67/100. This seems to be in line with your experience with them.

We try to stay independent. We have the same staff member review each VPN for consistency. Express VPN is one of the largest if not largest VPN com[any by total customers on the internet. They have a great service for the average user. If you are looking for no log VPN for privacy we suggest AirVPN.

John says:

I work in IT and after doing some research decided on ExpressVPN. I am concerned that they have US based servers


Can’t do without… Allows for stable access to all my needed sites in the states, when I am overseas. A large selection of possible countries to connect to. Great product guys.