VPN Unlimited Review

March 2020 VPN Unlimited Review & Deals

Today I reviewed VPN Unlimited, to see how they compared to some of the competition out there.

Overall, VPN Unlimited was really easy to use, but had some drawbacks, particularly where customer service was concerned.

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Compatible With

  • Google
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Skype
  • WhatsApp
  • Gmail

Recommended For

  • Connection speeds
  • Downloading
  • Easy to use

VPNs have quickly taken the internet by storm as one of the easiest ways to protect your online security.

More and more people are turning to this simple solution to protect their sensitive personal information, block surveillance attempts, and access any content they want anywhere in the world.

By blocking your IP address and encrypting your activity, VPNs give you a totally anonymous browsing session, and open up your access, completely bypassing regional content blocks.

This means that not only are you protected from hackers, but even government surveillance programs can’t see what you’re up to.

In addition, even if you’re somewhere like China or the UAE where a lot of content is blocked, with a VPN you get access to all of it.

The growing popularity of this service has spurred a number of new companies to join the fray, and the options can seem a bit overwhelming to someone new to the concept.

Here I’ll show you how to shop smart for the best deal around, while we take a closer look at VPN Unlimited to see how they compare to the competition. Let’s jump right in.

The X Factor

This final category is more of a feeling that anything else – just that general vibe you get from a company that either tells you if they’re shady scammers, or the real deal.

This is an entirely online service and industry, and things like advertising, quality of information, and even website design can do a lot to put you at ease with handing over a payment.

I really liked the professionalism that came with VPN Unlimited. Despite their poor customer service, they presented themselves and their product really clearly, and I never felt like I was being led on.

Their website is well designed and easy to navigate, and their software has a clear cut appearance that makes it both simple and slick.

The only real improvement they could make would be to be more upfront about their services, and have the features included with their service packages more clearly displayed.


So now you’ve got a general idea of what you can expect from a VPN provider, and hopefully you have a bit more confidence to shop smart for this service.

We put VPN Unlimited to the test – let’s see how they stood up:

The good:

  • compatible with all operating systems
  • up to 5 connections
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • no data logging
  • easy set-up, with built in use tutorial
  • simple to use software
  • very fast connection
  • low monthly rates
  • slick, professional website

The not so good:

  • no referral program
  • limited servers to choose from
  • can only reach support by e-mail
  • unresponsive customer service
  • security details are suspiciously absent

VPN Unlimited definitely had some great selling points.

They also had some pretty severe drawbacks that would make me think twice before signing up for their service, especially given their poor customer service score.

In addition, I find it disconcerting that their website was completely lacking in any details at all about the strength of their security, and then that they scored so well on the speed test.

Typically the stronger the encryption, the slower the connection, so the fact that theirs was actually faster makes me worry about the strength of their security.

Things We Like

fast connection

low monthly rates

up to 5 connections

unlimited bandwidth

Things We Didn't Like

bad customer service

security is questionable

What If I Need Help?

With online services, great customer support is an absolute must.

The bottom line is, you’re buying from a stranger somewhere out there in cyberspace, so it really helps to know that they’re there to help if you need it.

24/7 Support?

No doubt the most important part of assessing a VPN’s customer service is determining whether or not it’s 24/7.

There’s just nothing more frustrating than submitting endless support tickets and waiting for assistance, all the while not being able to use the product you’re paying for.

This wasn’t something that was specified on their site, but given the poor response (or lack thereof) from their customer service,

I’m going to say it’s a safe bet that VPN Unlimited’s support is definitely not 24/7. It looks to me like you’re lucky if you get a response at all, let alone within 24 hours.


This refers to the ways you can get in touch with customer service, and the more channels they have, the better.

The most important one is definitely a live chat feature, since that will usually get you faster service. Then you want to make sure they have e-mail, and even phone support is a nice plus.

Unfortunately, there is no live assistance feature with VPN Unlimited – only e-mail support. While this is definitely better than nothing, it means that assistance is not going to be instantaneous.

Customer Support Test

Well, here we go. What better way to see just how great customer support is than by trying it out myself? I put VPN Unlimited to the test by contacting their customer service a couple of times.

I wanted to see how fast they responded, and how helpful their service was altogether.

E-mail Support Test #1-Tuesday/9:28 p.m.

I decided to give VPN Unlimited’s customer service team my first inquiry around 9:30 at night.

I was hoping to get a response within 12 hours, but it’s now 36 hours later and I’ve still heard nothing back. Fail.

Result: No response

E-mail Support Test #2-Wednesday/12:42 p.m.

I thought maybe I would have more success with this inquiry, and perhaps it would even draw VPN Unlimited’s customer service to my other inquiry.

However, no such luck. Once again, a full day passed, and I never heard anything back. I even sent a third request a few hours later, and still nothing!

Result: Still no response

Overall I was really disappointed with the quality of VPN Unlimited’s customer service. Not once did I get a response, even after 3 inquiries in a 24 hour period.

There was only one way to get in touch with them, and it wasn’t even a form I could fill out on their website – I had to copy and paste an e-mail address into my own e-mail account.

It was a total hassle, and very frustrating.

How Fast is VPN Unlimited?

It seems like everyone out there claims to have the fastest connection around, and it’s hard to know just how much truth there is to that.

To see for myself just how fast VPN Unlimited was, I ran a speed test on their connection and my own, to see how the two compared.



Without VPN Unlimited



With VPN Unlimited

Well, I was pretty surprised to say the least. Usually the connection with the VPN is at least a little bit slower due to the encryption, but with VPN Unlimited it was actually faster. Nice.

How Secure Is It?

Security is secondary only to privacy with a VPN, so make sure the one you’re using is airtight.

While every company brings a little something different to the table, what you’ll want to look for is 256-bit encryption, which is the strongest there is.

In addition, settings and features that protect your privacy in the event of connection failure are a big plus.

Again, I was unable to get in touch with VPN Unlimited’s customer service to verify a few details, and unfortunately the strength of their security is one of them.

Since they don’t run the OpenVPN program, I can only assume that they’re using the base encryption strength of 128-bit.

Don’t get me wrong this is still good, but there aren’t any VPN protocols to choose from, and very little information is given on their site about the security of their connection.

Is it Easy to Use?

Once you get the software set up, you need to make sure you’re not going to have to jump through a bunch of hoops to use your new connection.

Bottom line, it should be as simple as selecting a server and hitting connect – anything more than that is a hassle you shouldn’t have to mess with.

VPN Unlimited’s software is super easy to use, and even features a tutorial that walks you through its features after the installation process.

Everything is laid out really well, and there isn’t an overabundance of options and features to confuse you.

Logging In

Logging in to VPN Unlimited’s software is a snap.

One feature is that you can enable a setting that will either keep you signed in even after you’ve closed the program, or prompt you to enter your credentials each time for extra security.

Either way, you get to decide.

Changing Servers

Changing servers is super straightforward. On the software dashboard with VPN Unlimited, there’s a simple drop down menu that you can see peruse to pick a preferred server location.

Switching servers doesn’t require you to disconnect from your current one either, so it’s a one step process.

What’s the Set Up Process Like?

Since a lot of people out there are still learning about VPNs and what they’re for (hey, no shame in that), it’s important that it all remain pretty user-friendly.

Software that’s easy to set up and frees you from manually configuring connections is what we’re looking for here. With VPN Unlimited, it’s exactly that simple.

Just go to their website and download the software that’s compatible with your operating system (or look for them in the app store if you’re on a mobile device).

Once you have it downloaded, run the installation wizard and log in.

Will VPN Unlimited Work on My Operating System?

Okay, so the very first question you need to ask yourself when you’re looking at a VPN provider is will their software work with your devices.

Keep in mind that you access a lot of personal information on the go (online banking, eBay, etc.), so you’ll really want to be able to use it on both your home and mobile devices.

This is where VPN Unlimited is awesome, because their software is completely compatible with every major operating system out there – even Linux.

They have mobile apps for everything from iPhones to Droids, and great desktop software for Windows and Mac systems.

What Features Does VPN Unlimited Have?

This is a pretty broad-sweeping category, but the features of a VPN are really what make them unique. The more they have, the higher they score with me.

I’ll detail what all of these terms mean to you, and what you want to look for in the very best services.

Feature #1: Multiple Connections

This refers to the ability to connect the VPN software to more than one device at a time. Why is this important?

Not only is it great for people that use both home and mobile devices (that’s about everyone these days), but it’s great for families that have a few people in the household accessing the internet.

VPN Unlimited is really awesome for people that use a lot of gadgets, because they allow up to five connections per account.

That means that for one service plan, you can use the connection on five different devices without paying for an additional plan.

Feature #2:  Money Back Guarantee

This one’s a feature we’re all pretty familiar with – if things go awry, is the company going to give you a refund? Hopefully it’s a feature you’ll never need, but it’s an important one to look for.

Not only can you get your money back if you need to, but it really holds the companies accountable to their customers, making them work harder for your satisfaction.

The details of their money back guarantee are quite difficult to find, but after a few back and forward conversations, I managed to find them. Their money back guarantee, which last for 2 full weeks, is buried in the terms and conditions of their parent company.

But, you can rest assured that it exists.

Feature #3:  Number of Servers

Servers are the hubs where all of the VPN providers route their users. The more they have to offer, the wider their customer distribution.

This is likely to impact the speed of your connection, and even the availability of the VPN.

The closer a server, the stronger and faster the connection is likely to be, so look for companies that not only have servers in your country, but at least 30 of them worldwide.

VPN Unlimited doesn’t have a ton of servers, just 24 worldwide. However, they do have them in the places that count, with the most open access to internet content.

Plus, their software has a setting that automatically selects the one that will offer you the best connection.

Feature #4:  Referral Program

While this isn’t the most common feature out there, some VPNs do actually offer free or discounted service to their customers that send more business their way.

Sure, it may not affect your service, but everyone loves a freebie. Unfortunately, this isn’t something you’ll get with VPN Unlimited.

While they have a program for people interested in being a part of their business, as far as referring customers to them, don’t expect any freebies.

Feature #5:  Data Logging

Since privacy is the name of the game with VPNs, you need to make absolutely certain that whoever you go with isn’t going to log any of your internet activity.

While it’s understandable to maintain IP addresses sometimes for tech support, and account information for billing purposes, but anything involving sites and services is strictly off limits.

True to the nature of their business, VPN Unlimited never logs or tracks any of their users’ activity, so your anonymity is guaranteed.

Feature #6:  Bandwidth

Bandwidth refers to the volume of data you can pass through a server, and the more you have, the smoother your connection is going to be.

Things like instant streaming and downloading are greatly affected by this, so make sure there aren’t any unreasonable limits that will keep you from your usual activities.

With all of their service plans, there are no restrictions on bandwidth.

VPN Unlimited gives you unlimited bandwidth, so you can stream and download as much as you want without worrying about hitting a cap.

How Much Does VPN Unlimited Cost?

When it all comes down to it, cost can be the real deciding factor for a lot of customers.

Though the real value of their service can vary with the amount of features a company is offering with their monthly packages, there are plenty of fish in the sea – don’t settle for anything too pricey.

Anything above $15 a month is pretty well above average.



I really like the pricing model that VPN Unlimited uses.

They offer a ten day package for people needing temporary protection, and then incremental discounts as you purchase more and more of their service.

The base price is about $4 a month though, making them one of the lowest priced VPNs on the market.

Comment Section

Tom_S says:

I’ve been with them for about 2 years now and have found that the service is easy to use, functions well and that their customer support has generally been prompt and helpful. My only issue is also the geolocation obfuscation – an issue I have raised with them on several occasions to no avail.

Mbox Man says:

I’ve been Keep Solid’s (paid and locked in) customer for VPN Unlimited for some weeks now. I have some issues with the mechanical functionality of the Android client software on good common Android (Kodi) media boxes. It has annoying operational quirks that they should / could fix but that they have not. Aside from those annoying in-app navigational issues, it functions.

Now then let me shift to the context of “fitness for purpose” IF the reason you are buying a VPN solution is to obfuscate your geolocation to bypass regional service barriers-> LOOK AT ANOTHER SOLUTION. Every time I use VPN Unlimited on Android the streaming service knows that I am using it and tells me to shut it off. I have tried other VPN solutions (SaferVPN, VPN.asia, tigerVPN – most all in “free” test relationship mode) and found that their VPN endpoints do not typically get rejected (by Netflix, Channel Pear, etc) as often. In fact the others (not never, but) rarely are blocked..

If you are looking for a cheap (Stack Social has a VPN Unl… Lifetime 5 connection plan dirt cheap) solution to using open wireless connections and not being naked, this is a decent solution.

MB says:

Works from China – but apparently the Great Fire Wall notices when you connect to FB and then blocks the connection. Streaming using amazon worked fine though.

Lyndon Seitz says:

Hey MB,

Thanks for the feedback, the situation has likely changed and if this is a major concern then it might be best to try a different VPN service.


jae says:

it doesnt work in china.. i threw my 39.99 for nothing.

Fabiola says:

Avoid this dreadful service at all costs! What is the point of having a “secure” VPN service if it continuously drops service while you’re using it and DOES NOT resume from sleep mode? The support staff is horrible – when I expressed an issue, I was ignored 3 times and the moron agent refused to refer me to anyone else! I paid $19 for 3 years of service and returned to Private Internet Access in just 6 months of using this garbage. I just threw my money down the toilet.

Scott says:

Reasonably well-organized review, but I have doubts about the accuracy of the information… or perhaps level of commitment to the truth. Here’s why:
One of the big concerns about VPN Unlimited is the level of security, and suspicions about the level of security based upon the fact that the speed tests improved when using VPN Unlimited.
From a simple search of the VPN Unlimited (KeepSolid) Terms and Conditions of Use:
“KeepSolid Inc. services use one of the most advanced and strong encryption algorithms AES256-bit cipher, which is approved for export by the U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security under license #5D992.”
So this now makes it as secure, faster, and much cheaper than the “highest rated” VPN reviewed.
Yeah… clearly there are plenty of “review” sites created and used to sell. This seems to be one of those.. and if it’s not, it’s just plain wrong.

Stéphane says:

I’m not linked to them, just happy to choose them after seriously trying 8 others, analysing conditions, warranty, reading lots of users and white-hat hackers/specialists comments about 50+ other VPN on my list which counts 135.

I am a bit surprised by some negative points, BTW great review!

I was also happy to see several of their servers increase my 65 Mbps speed by 10-20 %, great!!!

Support answers to all my questions, technicals or not, within 1 to 4 hours, 7/7 days…
The applications for MAC, iOS and ANDROID are really great, simple to use, yet configurable if needed, did not try other OS.
On Macintosh, did not tried others, after installation of servers, you can even just use the usual mac network tool/menu in menu bar without their own app.

Moneyback, if you pay with a credit card, you can fill a complaint, no need to worry so much, I did once for another service provider, went perfectly well.
And you can try them for 10 days, long enough to test if it suits you.

I don’t understand why a referal program is required… has nothing to do in such an evaluation.

If you allow me, what’s missing is tests from foreign countries like China.
I have tested 5 VPN while I was there, all under X days free trial period, I live in Belgium but I need one which works in China with a good speed and no interruption.
VPN Unlimited was the only one which was working, fast, constant and reliable, thanks to the possibility to use port 443, stealth mode!

Also how constant and reliable (no drop) are the speed and connection, some VPN show huge differences at 5am or 5pm…

For me, I would say VPN Unlimited worths a +5 for its stealth mode, +4 for support (and +5 to ignore affiliation)
I would then say 76/100.

But such quality at that price, that’s really a bargain!
Go to stacksocial.com to get huge discounts for lifetime subscription, wait few weeks for another offer if its no more there.

Don’t trust all the reviews (securethoughts is great) on the net, some are totally biased just to get money from the more profitable affiliates programs.

For DJ Bolger

Don’t worry, all current encryptions, even 128, are safe for every day, protect privacy.
If you want to protect your new invention how to drive a car with only one drop of water, go higher 🙂
If you worry about your privacy you should also check their warranty, legal actions, country laws, warrant canary, which servers providers used or their own…

Don’t forget about using another DNS, google, opendns or you will leave a trace, aka VPN-DNS leak, which most people forget to do… Use namebench to find one fast nearby, code.google.com/p/namebench
VPN Unlimited do this for you automatically.