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What’s the Best Home Security System for 2020?

Last updated on January 1, 2020
Keeping your house or apartment safe and protected is of the utmost importance to any individual. That’s why you need to weigh your options carefully when choosing which home security system to install.

2019 has seen some major improvements in this industry, and we’ve narrowed down the choices for you.

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Here are the five best home security systems this year:


SimpliSafe stands out from others in its category due to its affordable and flexible price packages. This brand allows you to customize your equipment, so you’re not paying for what you don’t need. Additionally, you won’t be tied down to a contract with SimpliSafe, just pay as you go and cancel at any time. They’ve also got a few neat features that distinguish them from competitors, such as soundless alarms for medicine cabinets, multiple codes for guests, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Protect America

A DIY option, Protect America gives homeowners flexibility, ease of use, and protection all in one. They have some impressive features like motion-activated video recording cameras, two-way voice functionality on the control panel, and a full guarantee, regardless of which plan you choose. Also, Protect America has super clear and loud alerts so you can hear an alarm going off no matter where in the house or apartment you are.

What’s more, Protect America offers a 30-day free trial. This really gives you a chance to get a feel for the system without having to make a large investment upfront.

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The longest-standing home monitoring system in America, ADT has been around for almost a century and a half. Over that time, they’ve learned exactly what makes a remarkable home security system, and they’ve put those lessons to work for them, delivering quality service, advanced technology systems, home automation features, and theft protection guarantee. ADT also has a lot of confidence in its products, offering a full equipment and satisfaction guarantee.

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Vivint was known until recently to be among the highest quality and priciest monitoring systems available. In 2017, this company rolled out a new pricing plan to give its customers a more affordable option for the same quality service. Today, clients can opt for the month-to-month plan or the flex payment plan that allows customers to pay out the equipment fee over time (with 0% APR).

Additionally, Vivint has fast response times, total remote control via a comprehensive mobile app, 1 TB data storage for its 30-day video surveillance recordings, and voice controls for all its systems.

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MONI Smart Security

MONI stands out for professionalism and advanced technology. All of its staff members are professionally trained by the CSAA, so no matter who you are dealing with, you know they have a security pedigree. Though they send a technician, MONI doesn’t charge an installation fee, which makes for a huge savings. Also, their false alarm protection is unique in the industry. MONI will pay for two false alarms each year and cover costs as well. Compared to others on their level, MONI even has competitive rates. So you’re getting superior quality for less.

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