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ADT is a security brand known throughout the industry for integrity, reliability, and speed. It’s difficult to compete with 140 years of experience, and their many customer testimonials speak to the fine service this company continuously provides. In addition, ADT is known for its attentive customer support staff.

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ADT Review – Pros & Cons

  • Longest standing (and largest) company in the security industry
  • Advanced security technologies used
  • Loyal customer base

  • Charges monthly fee for extended warranty
  • Long contracts

ADT offers customers a lot of flexibility with their plan options. Four plans are available to choose from:


The Basic plan comes with a console, motion detector, and door/window sensors, which cost $99 to install. Once installed, customers have a 36-month contract which is billed at $36.99/month. Automatic payments and paperless billing are both available via credit or debit card.

Basic Wireless

Next, ADT has a Basic Wireless plan. Equipment and contract length are the same as the Basic plan, but then things get interesting. For $48.99/month, a wireless connection allows customers to connect to ADT’s security system via mobile device as opposed to traditional telephone lines.

ADT Pulse & ADT Pulse+Video/Home Control

ADT Pulse and ADT Pulse+Video/Home Control plans are meant to give you comprehensive, mobile control over all of your home’s security features. Via the app, homeowners can remotely activate security systems, check motion sensors, turn on and off appliances/lights, control home temperatures, watch live video feeds, control automated door locks, and view technical details of their accounts from anywhere at any time. These plans costs $52.99 and $58.99/month respectively, and are available for both Android and iOS.

Which plan is right for you will depend on your security and technology requirements.

Monitors For…

  • Burglary
  • Fire
  • CO2
  • Flood
  • Medical emergencies

ADT’s medical alert packages are available in two types of systems: one that works all around the house (range of approximately 300 feet from the base unit), giving seniors and other monitored customers the ability to move freely about the home without fear of going out of sensor range, and one for out of the house.

Event and Trigger Response

The response triggers will vary based on which device you have installed. When the system is activated, any trigger will set off an alarm response that is immediately sent to ADT. Triggers can be the opening of a window or door, crossing a motion sensor, a temperature increase, etc., depending on the system and triggers you’ve set up. Here is a quick video to help explain the system:

Other Cool Features

In addition to what we’ve already mentioned, here are a few features that customers appreciate from ADT:

  • Same-day installation (available in almost all geographic areas of the United States)
  • Theft protection. In the improbable event that your home is broken into, ADT will reimburse you up to $500.

System Setup

When you order an ADT alarm system, a qualified technician will come to install and set it up. They’ll walk you through the system and help you tailor your security preferences. All other setup questions are handled in the ADT manuals that are delivered with the equipment.


ADT offers an extended warranty for replacement parts at an added cost of a few dollars each month. Additionally, this company has:

Mover’s Guarantee

If you move any time after six months of consecutive service from ADT, the company will give you a comparable system to the one you currently have in your new location as well as waive the installation fee. What’s more, if your new home requires more equipment than the previous location, you’ll receive a 25% discount on all equipment pricing (provided you sign a new 36-month contract). ADT customers also accrue moving credits over time that are used towards the new equipment needed after a move.

Money Back Guarantee

Dissatisfied customers can receive a full refund anytime within the first six months of the contract.

Equipment Warranty

If parts are damaged or found faulty, ADT will replace the equipment at no extra cost to the customer.

Customer Service/Support

In addition to the extensive service manual that is provided for each customer upon delivery, ADT’s website is stocked with an informative customer support section that answers nearly any question that arises.

Customers can also reach a service representative via the toll-free number (800-257-8274), live chat, and social media links ( or, or they can fill out the online form on the website and have a staff member call them directly.


ADT is the security company with the most experience in the industry. They have locations nationwide, answering 15 million security triggers annual, serving 8 million customers, and staffing 200 branches with almost 17,000 security professionals. With full guarantees that include theft, relocation discounts, and money back satisfaction, ADT certainly puts up a good argument for being the top home security firm available today.

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