Vivint Smart Home Security Review

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Vivint is known to be one of the most professional home security services available on the market today. They are also known for being on the more expensive side, making this option less accessible to a wider audience of homeowners. In response to these latter accusations, Vivint has rolled out new pricing plans and packages for their current and future customers.

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Vivint SmartHome Review – Pros & Cons


– Fast response times – Month-to-month contract option – Energy-efficient smart home settings


– Expensive equipment packages – Persistent sales reps – Former reputation for inconsistent customer support


Vivint has two pricing plans for their new customers:

– Month to Month Package

This plan offers customers no commitment, paying only for each month of service at a time. The downside to this package is that homeowners have to pay the entire equipment fee at once ($550).

– Long-Term Package

The long-term package is the solution for homeowners who don’t want to pay the large upfront costs of equipment immediately. This flexible payment plan allows customers to pay off the equipment fees over the length of their contracts. People can choose 42 or 60-month contracts and have the fees distributed accordingly (0% APR).

Customers can choose between the Smart Home and Smart Home Video plans for $39.99 or $49.99 per month respectively. Both plans offer alarm notifications, remote access via the mobile app, smart home connections, and syncing with current systems such as Nest and Alexa. The Video plan also syncs up cameras and saves video recordings.

In general, Vivint doesn’t charge an installation fee, except for outdoor or doorbell cameras, for which there is a $99/$29 installation charge.

Monitors For

Vivint includes monitors such as:

– Carbon monoxide detection
– Flood warnings and freeze protection
– Burglary detection
– Fire safety and prevention
– Motion detectors
– Outdoor surveillance cameras
– Door and window sensors

Event and Trigger Response

When a sensor is triggered, a small alarm will be sounded. If the alarm is not responded to within a specified amount of time, the nationwide home security monitors will send a message to the local emergency department relevant for that alert (fire department for smoke alarm, police for burglary, etc.) Vivint is known for having extremely fast response times as well.

Remote Management and Surveillance

Vivint’s system is easy to control via their mobile app. You can set up preferences, rules, and notifications according to your circumstance.

Additionally, Vivint offers 30-day continuous video recording, so customers can monitor their homes even while away or on vacation for an extended length of time. Customers can choose up to four cameras for multi-camera recording to get a more complete picture of what’s going on.

Other Cool Features

In addition to the features mentioned previously in this review, Vivint has several other options that make them particularly attractive for homeowners:

– Voice control for most of the system’s functionality including door locking, arming the security system, adjusting thermostats, and turning on or off lights
– Unlike other security companies, Vivint provides touchscreen technology for all their packages, not just the premium ones
– Amazing mobile application
– Energy-efficient features such as occupancy-based temperature controls
– Systems that are totally wireless and cellular
– 1TB of storage with auto backup

System Setup

Installing and setting up the Vivint systems is fairly simple. If you have only ordered the basic door and window sensors, you can really handle the installation on your own, so don’t bother hiring a professional. Each sensor comes with an instruction manual, and these can be connected and configured within a few minutes.

Otherwise, Vivint will send a trained professional technician to install your equipment and configure it to sync with your current smart home system. The company doesn’t charge for relocation services if you have been a customer for longer than one year and start a new contract in your new home. Otherwise they charge a $99 moving fee.


Vivint offers a limited lifetime warranty on all parts for as long as you are a customer.

Customer Service/Support

Vivint’s customer service is available 24/7 and can be reached by phone, their online contact form, or live chat. It should be noted that Vivint had a reputation for poor customer service in the past. They have recently taken active steps to correct this issue, and customer experiences have generally been better recently.

Vivint has a tremendous amount of informational resources in the form of blog articles on their website. These articles are filled with tips on how to keep your home safer, how to find trustworthy technicians, and what to do to keep your house secure while you’re traveling.


Vivint’s packages can be more expensive than other competitors, but many homeowners find it a worthwhile tradeoff for the reassurance of using their high-quality equipment.

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